Base Description

Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. He had a good view of the entire base from up here.
  3. On the western side of the base, was a large beer hall, which served alcohol only to light cruisers and above. Outside, in a patch of clearing of oak trees, a dozen picnic tables dot the grassy field, with strings of light tied to the trees, giving it a Gem├╝tlichkeit feel.
  5. On the east, the warehouses and other essential auxiliary facilities, like the dry docks and dockyard for the ships of the girls in the base. Here, Manjuus are out and about, some were sorting the tech boxes from recent commissions while some repaired the damage from the recent air raid.
  7. Walter sighed deeply, from here, he can see the damage afflicted to the base by the Royal Navy's bombers. He can see a ship in the docks with a severe list and one of them burning where they float. One of the warehouses was still on fire and Manjuu firefighters used hoses to douse the flames.
  9. The east side of the port was always where the highest concentration of bombs was dropped and he can see the enemy's strategy. By taking out the riggings and other equipment of the shipgirls, they can theoretically keep his fleet tied to port without any casualties.
  11. Last month, he already had to send Admiral Scheer back inland to have another rig built for her, after an airstrike destroyed her cruiser riggings. But there was an unwritten rule in the book that prevents the girls to be directly bombed but precautions were still made.
  13. His headquarters and the dormitories of the girls under his command were in the North, protected by 20mm Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft guns that have been strategically placed outside, giving the place a militaristic look. Despite these, the shipgirls who lived there tried their best to make the place look less hostile. Patches of cornflowers have been planted around the guns and lavenders tread the stone walkways.
  15. And in the middle of it all, a massive golden anchor rumoured to have been made from melted down ingots recovered from a sunken Royal Navy light cruiser. The anchor was placed on top of a marble fountain, which for the time being was turned off to conserve water.
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