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Headpats Man

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  1. >Reading novels on your laptop
  2. >Catgirls mewling like mad in your grandmother Kitsune's backyard
  3. >You've offered several times to "take care of them", but she's fine with having them there
  4. >Along with the fact that her backyard is a part of a forest kind of makes it a bit hard
  5. >So you settle with reading the net instead
  6. >Your kitsune nieces, one a powdery white and the other with dark curls decide to hop onto your bed
  7. >They're kind of weird, they never talk, or ever when you're around
  8. >But they always want one thing from you
  9. >The one thing that makes you feel like a cheap whore
  10. >Headrubs
  11. >You try to ignore them and continue reading
  12. >They decide to use their favorite tactic
  13. >Rubbing themselves all over you
  14. >All over your legs, laying on your back and twisting around your torso
  15. >The darker one has a tendency to nibble anyplace she can
  16. >While the powdery one prefers to rub her head on your back like a window wiper
  17. >After five minutes of whining and inappropriate behavior you just give
  18. >You can't focus on your shit with them around
  19. >With your foot on the mouse to scroll through the pages
  20. >You use your free hands to scratch both of the their heads
  21. >Efficiency son
  22. >About hour or more has passed and they were content
  23. >As soon as they have their fill they hop off your bed and scurry off to parts unknown
  24. >You thought it was over
  25. >Then the catgirls came to your window
  26. >You immediately slam your window shut
  27. >And put the stopper and locks on it
  28. >They mewl and mewl, enticing you and rubbing their heads on the glass while others scratch at the tempered glass
  29. >You were about to put up another lock before something strange happened
  30. >The glass fell
  31. >No shattering it just fell forward towards them in one rectangular chunk
  32. >You stared in disbelief
  33. >They stared back with their bright teardrop eyes
  34. >You took a step back
  35. >They took one forward
  36. >Then another and another
  37. >You went full sprint, shouting all the time for your grandmother and siblings to help you
  38. >No one seemed to hear, despite there being a dozen catgirls chasing you, some on all fours, some clawing everything in site
  39. >The vases, the paintings and the tapestry was not left unharmed
  40. >You made an unexpected lunge and hid in the cellar
  41. >But they had a particularly burly one among them
  42. >She pulled the hinges wide open and tossed you right in the center of them
  43. >Catgirls of all shapes and sizes and colors
  44. >Some had tuxedo patterns on their tails, other had striped and striations like sandbars
  45. >But all had one goal, getting your headrubs
  46. >They weren't even interested in your dick, thank goodness but this was still bad
  47. >You were constantly teased with their paws and they grabbed your hands
  48. >Wiping their cheeks with them like towels then sucking on every digit
  49. >Your legs weren't spared and were used like toys and catscratchers, their scent was rubbed on your legs like a painter does to varnish his work
  50. >Then they stopped, and you knew what you had to do
  51. >You scratched their elegant neck, their strikingly tanned lined skin, using your digits to trace the edges and base of their ears
  52. >Every rub down was from the top of their scalps to the tips of their tails that batted at you like a rug
  53. >Soon their loose fur fell on you like snow, and your world was the shades of earthen tones
  54. >And just like that, they were satisfied, and walked away, leaving you covered in catgirl musk & fur
  55. >You try to pick your tired self up, your member at full mast with balls bluer than the sea
  56. >Every step you drag on, hoping for the closest couch to crumble on
  57. >Suddenly, fire
  58. >Blue, sickly fire everywhere, repairing the broken furniture and displays
  59. >Smokeless fire that looks almost gray and dessicated speeding throughout the walkways
  60. >Terrified yelps from catgirls can be heard as the flames lick their sides in mocking gesture
  61. >When the flames went out like a light, your grandmother appeared in a nightie
  62. >Her entire seven foot height looming over your tired body
  63. >"Well, well, well, I was mistaken Anon", she says, carrying you over her shoulder
  64. >She takes you to her quarters, a contradiction of sorts
  65. >While all her things were of the highest quality, it was all things she determined necessary
  66. >There were no decorations other than drapes and you could almost make out rubber nubs sanwiched between the bed and floor
  67. >The bed itself was oversized, your grandmother insisted when she had you order it that it was for her tails' comfort
  68. >She plopped you back first into the down-filled mattresses with an audible pomf squeezed from the bedding
  69. >"Here you go"
  70. >She gives you something you could never possibly give
  71. >A single, wooden, handcarved brush
  72. >Bristles stiff as pillars from local boars
  73. >If you were professional as head rubs, she was the aficionado who appears on every relevant magazine
  74. >She traces the lines of your back with her manicured nails, picking up the fur from your body
  75. >With the brush on hand and a lint roller in another she meticulously removes every last hair on your being
  76. >The sound of brush's bristles grazing against the fabric of your clothes
  77. >The sliding motions of the lint roller slow and audible
  78. >Combined they made the feeling of being assaulted by all sides of stimulation and ASMR
  79. >"I can make it all better, now relax and let me handle it for you" she whispers into your ear, her lips almost close enough to touch your lobes
  80. >"I know what I can and can't do with my tails. I know using them for, other purposes would be quite, painful for you, so I'll simply just use them like so"
  81. >She wraps around and traps you in her ten, yellow and black tipped tails
  82. >One wrapped on each arm and leg, two for the torso and the rest to cage you in with her
  83. >"It's been so long since I could do this with someone, don't worry about those mangy cats, you'll be gleaming with a much more refined scent than theirs"
  84. >Her flawless hands with perfectly manicured nails like talons make their descent
  85. >Starting from her neckline she tugs at her nightie and pulls it downards, deliberately delaying the fall to a crawl
  86. >When the silken cloth dips to her breasts they are stuck for a brief moment on her aureolae before making an audible "plunk" to her navel
  87. >Like a pattern the disquiet of her dress rubbing down her hips quiets to a crawl
  88. >Her hands find their way to your shirt, lightly scratching circles on your shoulder blades before pulling off your shirt
  89. >She gestures you to her neckline and you oblige, hugging her and noisily suckling and licking her nape and scruff
  90. >Her mounds are pressed on your chest and her nipples poking and rubbing almost to the tune of latex
  91. >In this realm of Eiderdown, lit by the few warm rays of windowlight, you want, no need to please her
  92. >Procuring a bit of saliva from your mouth you cease your nape munching and make a trail with your wet tongue, slathering a line from her left side of her neck to her left breast
  93. >Making sure you do it right you circle around her left mountain and spiral towards her peak, lightly nibbling the pink snowcaps before doing the same with the right mountain
  94. >With one last suck of both tops at once you pull back with a pop and continue your silken road to her smooth belly down the the glistening valley flower
  95. >With a finger on each hand to spread the flower wide, you press your roseate spear up, down and around, her moans respond like a music player to his instrument
  96. >Then you began your symphony of strokes and sweeps, each one accompanied with louder coos and sighs with her hands pressing on your scalp, urging you
  97. >"more, rougher, harder"
  98. >Finally you are rewarded with the tart taste of womanhood in small, modest spurts
  99. >In an sudden act of aggressiveness she pushes you down on the bed, her cage loosening enough for her to make her way to your exercise shorts
  100. >She wrenches, no rips her shorts apart with her teeth and lets her heaving breath and heaving breasts dip and touch your member
  101. >She works a finger up and down your cock and dances along your dick with her fingernail, pressing enough to induce stimulation but not enough to get off
  102. >"Wouldn't you prefer to use all my assets?"
  103. >You nod vigorously
  104. >"Then tell me this, what do I like to hear?"
  105. >You respond "Please, madam. Use your plump tits, your succulent lips and delicate hands to pleasure me, please. I beg of you." Your voice even wavered at the last few words
  106. >"Well I can't even resist if you're THAT polite Anon. I'll have to try extra hard."
  107. >She proves exactly that, pulling her hair aside to wrap her luscious, plump red lips down your shaft. Every suck unique all their own, with their own twists and pressures and longing looks are you
  108. >And each one stops just when you are ready to get off
  109. >"And now for a little more excitement"
  110. >Conjuring a small flame on her breasts she crushes your cock in her cleavage, the soft flesh wrapped around your phallus
  111. >Where her tongue was slow and deliberate, her chest was fast and unrelenting
  112. >Her speed was unprecedented and you knew right there that she wants your cum. right. this. instant.
  113. >With a crescendo of your arching back and aching balls you finally, finally find release.
  114. >Like a wild streak it lands all on her chest
  115. >Scooping out your manhood with her nails and fingers she spreads your sperm around her bosom before enticing you once more
  116. >Heaving up her heavy breast she begins to collect your cum on her tit
  117. >And begins to suck and lick with zealous ferver
  118. >With a wet smack she lets her breasts fall and jiggle
  119. >And does so with her other chest, smiling at how your tired dick rises again
  120. >"Enough with this", she commands, "I want more", she crawls towards you on all fours, her free tails pulling apart your hair and brings you closer to her
  121. >"I want you Anon, I hope you're ready"
  122. >You nod, it begins once more
  123. >She positions herself in front of you as you sit up straight, and slams her snatch on your throbbing cock
  124. >Grinding and pumping she indulges in her primal lust as you try to endure each slam, attempting to control the tempo with your hands on her hips
  125. >It only gets her wetter and soon she is shouting base lines while pressing her soft, milky thighs into your back, with her tails aiding in keeping up the pressure
  126. >You grit your teeth and expunge your spunk in a violent burst
  127. >And she bites down onto your clavicle in response, clenching you tight with her thighs, calves, arms and tails
  128. >She leaves a bite mark on your body and steadily dismounts from your tired dick and falls back into the mattress
  129. >Content in the afterglow she has a tail press on her womb to let out excess cum with another to catch it
  130. >That tail brings your leftover cum and she licks off every last drop with a steamy, humid slurp
  131. >And then crawls back to you to lick the rest
  132. >"Well Anon, you certainly wore this old fox out. Could you be a dear and hand me that glass of water?"
  133. >With what's left of your strength you bring it to her
  134. >She swishes the water in her mouth for a moment before swallowing and wiping her face with a napkin
  135. >"Why did you do that grandmother?"
  136. >"So I can do this" and kisses you in embrace
  137. >"It would be quite rude for a man to taste his own fruits."
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