Smoke's Wincest Adventures Day 4

Aug 15th, 2014
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  1. >Seemingly shocked into cardiac arrest you abruptly shut of the water and starts adjusting the temperature to make sure you don't die.
  2. >The hell was sis thinking, pranking you like this.
  3. >You expect to hear a guffaw outside, but the only sound you hear is someone rushing outside, smacking the door hard behind them.
  4. >Huh, that's odd. She usually would gloat when she got you like this.
  5. >You chalk it up to her late for her meetup or whatever.
  6. >Wait, it's still like only 7 or so in the morning, what the hell was her friends even doing up this early?
  7. >Shaking your head to clear it you proceed to continue your shower.
  8. >In the end, trying to understand what the hell goes on in the head of your sister or her friends is an effort in futility.
  9. >It's good to hear that she's got multiple friends though.
  10. >Last time you heard anything about her and friends, she only had that one. The shy kid that grew up in our neighborhood.
  11. >In the end, she was the only one who could stand your sisters abrasive attitude.
  12. >Seems the last few years has upped the count though.
  13. >You're glad. Not that you'd ever tell her, but her lack of friends and 'go at it alone' attitude had always worried you.
  14. >Even a head strong girl like her, would eventually feel the emptiness around her.
  15. >Friends had never been an issue for you.
  16. >Considering that your attitude at most times were pretty close to your sisters.
  17. >The only difference really, was that when the same words came out of a guy it was cool.
  18. >People respected that.
  19. >At least back in the day.
  20. >Shutting of the water, you get back out of the shower and start drying yourself off.
  21. >You cover yourself with the towel and head over to your room.
  22. >As you get dressed in something seemingly normal, you hear the telltale sound of your father waking up.
  24. >Now fully dressed, and your shaggy hair still damp, you decide to head out into the living room.
  25. >You head over to the fridge and grab yourself something to drink.
  26. >And here comes the train wreck.
  27. >The sound of stumbling reaches your ears as your father comes halfway falling out of his bedroom.
  28. >'It's too fucking early for this shit.'
  29. >The grumbling sound of your undoubtedly still drunk father is grating on your nerves.
  30. >You've been home for less than a week and his voice is already causing you to imagine ways of murdering him.
  31. >How the fuck this waste of space ever managed to hook up with your mother is beyond you.
  32. >Your mom was the pinnacle of a successful woman.
  33. >She had gotten her ass through college, juggling two pregnancies and your deadbeat ass of a father.
  34. >All the while having to manage to sneak off the money needed before your dad could turn them into beers.
  35. >Not only did she manage all this with almost perfect grades. She also managed to raise both kids while being gone most of the day at work.
  36. >After all, couldn't expect your father to step up to the plate. Seeing that he was busy 'searching for work' and all that.
  37. >Funny enough, even at the age of 5 you understood that there was no job to be found at the bottom of a beer can.
  38. >That the marriage lasted as long as it did, was a fucking miracle.
  39. >No... No that was unfair towards your mother.
  40. >It was no miracle. It was patience... Patience and hope.
  41. >Your mother never lost hope in your dad. Not until her dying breath did she give up on the fucking drunk.
  42. >It was why she allowed your sis to live with him.
  43. >It was why you currently found yourself here.
  44. >It was why she kept sending him money every money until the day she died.
  45. >She always hoped he'd drag himself out of the shit hole he'd firmly planted himself in.
  46. >Even if she couldn't convince herself to be married to him anymore, she still held onto hope that he'd save himself.
  47. >That was her only fault. Her naivety...
  49. ~ Warning. Depressing shit!
  51. >You look over at your father.
  52. >His face was dirty. A beard had grown in that was suited more for a homeless person than on the face of someone who had any and all opportunity to fix himself up.
  53. >The biggest point of frustration you had with your father was that, if he just wanted to. He could have gotten a job by now.
  54. >From your mother you had learned that your father had used to be a mechanic. Not only that, but a pretty damn good one.
  55. >His field was trucks. Which in the end made him very qualified for work.
  56. >According to your mother he wasn't always a dead beat. He had a good job, and was respected there. It wasn't unlikely that he would be the leader of his establishment if he'd continued on as he did.
  57. >That was until he received the news.
  58. >Your mother had been in the first period of pregnancy with your older sister at the time.
  59. >She was waiting at home with a cold dinner at the table, wondering where your father had disappeared to. Considering he was usually done at work at the same time everyday, and if not, always made a phone call explaining his absence.
  60. >She had waited until way past midnight before heading towards bed.
  61. >Just as she was about to fall asleep, she had heard the main door open up.
  62. >Coming out into the living room she'd found your father leaning up towards the entrance door. He stank of alcohol and looked like he'd gone through hell and back.
  63. >His fists were bleeding and tears were streaming down his face.
  64. >Your mother managed to coax him into the shower where she cleaned him up and got him to tell her what was wrong.
  65. >At work that day, he'd gotten a phone call.
  66. >His father had been found dead in his home.
  67. >He had shot himself.
  68. >Your father had idolized him.
  69. >It was the reason he was a truck mechanic.
  70. >His father was a truck driver.
  71. >Finding out that his father had shot himself. Without even reaching out for help, or letting others know he'd been down was a smack to your fathers face he never really got over...
  73. >It's not like you didn't understand why your father had turned out like he did.
  74. >Had you been told that your mother had suddenly killed herself, your not sure you would have ever gotten past it.
  75. >She was your hero after all.
  76. >The strongest person you have ever met.
  77. >Even the strongest can fall though.
  78. >And a weak heart was all it took.
  79. >Shaking your head you attempt to break the line of thought you had been spiraling downwards with.
  80. >With a sigh you look over at your father.
  81. >Any anger you had felt had evaporated.
  82. >Now, all that was left was pity. Pity for a sad broken man, unable to climb out of his depression.
  83. >'Don't you look at me like that boy! I will not be pitied by either you or anyone else! Have I Made Myself Clear!?'
  84. >Your father was staring at you with a piercing glare.
  85. >Even if he was stumbling as he said it, and clearly not in much control of his own facilities, he scared the living daylights out of you.
  86. >Your father might have been a drunk loser, but that didn't make him less of a formidable presence.
  87. >He was decently tall, and broad shouldered.
  88. >If not for his beer belly, he would have looked like he had just come back from the military.
  89. >It says a lot of a man, if he can be dead ass drunk, with poor balance to boot, and still cut the very image of a disciplined soldier.
  90. >Yet another point of annoyance towards your father.
  91. >He could have been so much more...
  92. >'Sorry dad, I didn't mean anything by it, promise!'
  93. >He snorts, and stumbles towards the bathroom.
  94. >Closing the door behind him, you soon hear the sound of the shower turning on.
  95. >The entire situation was starting to make you feel claustrophobic.
  96. >'Hey dad! I'm heading out for a while okay? I'll be back later!'
  97. >You yell out to your father, and not waiting for an answer head out towards your bike.
  98. >It was a racing type. Not really suited for the roads out here, but considering you bought it back at your mom's that wasn't much of a surprise...
  100. ~ Depressing shit ends
  102. >The bike was parked at the side of your 'house' with the rest of the cars.
  103. >Dash had already taken her car out so you couldn't see the sky blue sedan.
  104. >You're dad's old beaten pickup was standing at it's usual spot, covered in mud and rust.
  105. >The bike was parked in front of it with your helmet hanging on the steering.
  106. >You put your helmet on, throw yourself on your bike and sigh out loudly.
  107. >Nothing in this world could ever make you feel more at ease than your bike.
  108. >It was freedom on two wheels.
  109. >Taking a few seconds to let the distress of all that happened today flow off your shoulders, you kick your bike into gear and gun it out of there.
  110. >It wasn't the fastest bike around. It didn't need to be.
  111. >You got it for the sleek design, not for the speed.
  112. >Rushing down the country road that lead out of your property was exhilarating. It was as if all the worries in the world didn't exist.
  113. >You weren't going at top speed, considering the road wasn't really suited for your kind of bike at all. In fact, it wasn't suited for a bike what so ever.
  114. >It doesn't bother you much. Right now, nothing really matters. You're out, you're free. And the only thing that could stop you right now was an empty tank of gas.
  115. >It was bliss.
  116. >Pure unadulterated freedom.
  117. >It was a feeling that could not ever be put in words.
  118. >Soon enough, the road ended at an intersection with the main road. You slow down just enough to see if there was any traffic coming, and seeing none, you gunned it downwards toward the local town center.
  119. >The good thing about living out here in the middle of fucking nowhere was the high speed limits.
  120. >Back home at your moms, you were in the middle of a large city, you had to get out of the city limits before you could really crank it up in high gear.
  121. >No such limits here.
  122. >Small pleasures you guess.
  123. >With a smirk on your face, you accelerate
  125. >It's a decent drive to town, but in between being distracted by the exhilarating wind whipping past you, and the speed you had the drive ended earlier than you anticipated.
  126. >You slow down considerably towards the end, considering you were closing on civilization, the danger of speed traps and such were increasing.
  127. >A couple of more minutes and you were in the town proper.
  128. >It wasn't a big place, just a couple of stores and a gas station or two.
  129. >There was also what you considered to be the countries smallest Wall Mart.
  130. >You take a right turn and head over to the gas station, you still had like half a tank left, but decided it was fine to just fill up while you were here anyway.
  131. >It's not like you actually had any plans for what to do while you stayed in town.
  132. >In the end, you just went because you couldn't stand the thought of being stuck back home all day.
  133. >You realized you never actually asked your sister if the town had a training studio.
  134. >Considering the size though, you pretty much doubted it
  135. >Having filled up the tank, you head inside to pay.
  136. >The inside of the station was your typical layout. The clerks desk at the far left with various wares placed in the way so as to have people buy more than they intended when entering.
  137. >You head over to the right side of the store and open the cooling units grabbing yourself a cold coke.
  138. >Looking over at the clerks desk, you notice that nobody seems to be in at the moment.
  139. >Moving over to the desk, you take a good look around. Nothing much out of the ordinary, it seems like your typical gas station. The only thing you notice is that they in general have less wares than your used to, coming from the big city and all.
  140. >After a couple of minutes of waiting, you grow slightly annoyed and start rapping the desk, hoping to gain the attention of whoever is supposed to be watching the station.
  141. >You hear a low dunk, and some muttering from the back room.
  142. >'Oh, sorry! I must have dozed off!'
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