Supatroop vs 0Achieve0

Apr 10th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Supatroop vs. 0Achieve0
  3. R1 Supatroop wins 10-9
  5. Round starts by supa getting a shoulder punch and checking an off-balance roundhouse. Supa goes into a microwave pivot and both fighters clash ~100 frames later. Supa blocks a punch and trades with a punch to Achieve's OTHER shoulder before SLUMPING poor Achieve. Unfortunately Supatroop kicks the air and turns his back on downed Achieve. Both fighters again need a moment to get themselves together and clash with Supa doing an odd double arm push weird thing that I will ignore and Achieve tearing off Supa's kneecap with a flying kick. Supa then grazes a punch and lands another just before the round ends.
  7. R2 Supatroop wins 10-9
  9. Supa goes for a jab, pulls it back and instantly tries to jab again, landing an awkward hit. Achieve kinda lands a jab and then uses some nice head movement to dodge a hook, but Supa throws another and lands awkwardly with his wrist. Afterwards something comes over Supa and he attempts to make out with Achieve and they wriggle on the floor. Neither fighter benefited from this ordeal on the ground. This is somewhat hard to judge since neither fighter did much effectively offensively, but Supatroop's landed hook won him the match.
  11. R3 Supatroop wins 10-9
  13. Supa came in with a plan and underhooked Achieve. He performed a slam and afterwards... kind of just wrestled around with Achieve.
  14. Supatroop seemed to have really wanted top mount but keep in mind you can have top mount and not be gaining points if it's not effective :P.
  16. Overall Supatroop wins 30-27.
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