Asriel x Anon: Dorm Room Lovie Dovies

Jun 26th, 2020
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  1. Asriel x Anon: Dorm Room Lovie Dovies
  2. (Requested by Anonymous)
  6. Soft music plays from your portable speaker, adding to the atmosphere you currently share with your boyfriend, Asriel. You were both in bed, cuddling together underneath the sheets on a cool and slightly windy afternoon.
  8. The next class you had to be at didn't start for a little while and though you simply came back to your dorm for a quick snack, Asriel was already inside. Next thing you knew, you were both cuddling in bed, you playing with his chest fluff while he played with your hair.
  10. You didn't know how much you needed this today until now. He knows as much as you do how draining these classes can be sometimes.
  12. Embarrassingly, your stomach growls a little and Asriel can't help but chuckle, "You hungry babe?"
  14. "A little… I was gonna get a snack before your fluffy butt dragged me to bed."
  16. "Jeez Anon, you really should have eaten something first. You can't go to class on an empty stomach you know?" He playfully scolds you.
  18. "I know, but I can hold it off for a little bit. Especially if it means cuddling with my fluffy goat."
  20. Asriel huffs and rolls his eyes, lifting your head up and meeting your gaze, a loving smile on his face. You slowly lean in and smooch each other softly. A simple kiss, but most definitely a welcomed one, those soft firm lips of his connecting to yours, it always made you shiver in delight…
  22. "I think I'm going to order us some takeout once our classes are over. I've been meaning to take us out to that new Chinese place, but I'm too lazy to walk."
  24. You stick your tongue out playfully at your boyfriend and he chuckles a bit, booping your nose with his snout in return.
  26. "I'd like that, Azzy. Maybe we could spli-" Right before you could finish, the alarm on the phone begins to go off loudly. With an annoyed grunt, you reach over for a moment to check the time, then shut the timer off. It was just about time to begin to head to the next class.
  28. You turn back to face Asriel, who also looks a bit annoyed. Not at you of course, but the fact that the cuddling session would have to be cut short for now.
  30. Unless…
  32. "Hmm…"
  34. "What is it Anon?"
  36. "Would your professor care if you got to class a little late?" You ask him, pulling him closer and looking up at him.
  38. He responds only with a squeeze and a gentle kiss to the top of your head, causing you to laugh a little.
  40. Classes could wait, if only just a little while longer.
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