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  1. Nature's laws are forever. They are the only real immutable truths. Humanity has discovered laws of motion through the kinematic equations, as well as the laws regarding the relationship between electricity and magnets, and many laws detailing the reactions that chemicals have. These laws will be just as true a million years from now as they are now. Even after our current universe dies by heat death in trillions of years, some future organism in a future universe may rediscover nature's laws and find them just as true as when we discovered them. Nature's laws don't change.
  3. Right now, the Aryan race has been coerced into a suicidal opposition to natural, biological law. Biology tells us that an organism's purpose is to survive and to procreate. And, not only to survive, but prosper and expand as much as it can. To conquer and achieve maximum potential. It is an organism and a race's destiny. So, logically, and following nature's example, the Aryan's racial destiny is to expand and ensure its survival, at the expense of the mud races. There is no fairness nor good in nature's laws, might makes it right. We are nature's finest, and as nature's finest, we are to ruthlessly claim our sovereignty on this planet.
  5. What is keeping us from this sacred destiny? Like I said, a suicidal and unnatural belief that all humans are one race, and that there is no difference or uniqueness between them. The tools that our natural and racial enemy, the Jews, have used to deceive us are many, but the main culprits are Christianity and lately Cultural Liberalism (cultural Marxism in /pol/ish). These two unnatural beliefs have turned 98% of the White race into self hating lemmings. The remaining 2% are fighting a frustrating and desperate battle to awaken everyone else. Remember, the Jews are quite weak, and the muds are pathetic. They rely on being propped up and coddled by Whites, so an entirely awakened Aryan yeomanry would completely destroy the System.
  7. But, that's what we're up against, an organized, well-planned System for the destruction of the White race. And there is one way to destroy it- Rahowa! Rahowa stands for RAcial HOly WAr, that phrase is our battle cry as White people. Muslims have Jihad, we have Rahowa. The Rahowa only ends when: the System is completely and irrevocably destroyed, and when Aryans own all of the good land on Earth. Right now, because of our own foolishness, this has to be a much more violent affair than previously necessary.
  9. So… now that you know our destiny… you're wondering what you can do?
  11. Become who you are, a Creator. Creativity has this simple objective: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White race.
  12. Creators are supposed to be lights in cesspools of niggers and multiculturalism. Behave yourself with pride. Be proud of yourself and show respect to your ancestors.
  14. Our golden rule briefly can be summarized as follows: that which is good for the White race is the highest virtue: that which is bad for the White race is the ultimate sin.
  16. So, show yourself. Forget Obama and his jackbooted thugs, forget the FBI and the CIA, forget the Mossad and the ZOG, and forget liberals and the professionally offended. Do not ever worry about any of these people. Their time for glorifying themselves is soon at an end…
  18. Creativity Movement Website:
  20. http://creativitymovement.net/
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