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  1. [18:51:10] You are joining a chat with Me
  2. [18:51:11] Patrick: Thank you for chatting with Verizon Tech Coach! My name is Patrick. How may I assist you today?
  3. [18:52:20] Me: If I want to buy something how would buy it with my own debit card
  4. [18:53:04] Patrick: It's definitely important to be able to purchase things with your own personal card. If I may ask are you wanting to purchase music or applications from your device using your debit card, or something else?
  5. [18:54:02] Me: Something else like if I want to buy clothes or stuffed toys
  6. [18:54:12] Me: Online
  7. [18:55:02] Patrick: Typically any time you make a purchase online for example on when you go to checkout for your purchase it has the option to enter your debit card information..
  8. [18:56:24] Me: I've already have Amazon debit card information already in my account I'm talking like EBay and other shopping places
  9. [18:58:22] Patrick: Ebay should work in a similar way to Amazon. However on Ebay you have to look for items that are not an item that is being bidded for. Once you have an item in your shopping cart and you check it out it should ask for your billing information. Just like Amazon I believe that Ebay saves that information if you have an account on there.
  10. [18:59:27] Me has exited the session.
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