Announcer - 31

Jun 9th, 2020
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~ Announcer ~

아나운서 --- Publisher Link

By 허스키팀 & 유지로

TAGS: #Announcer #Broadcast_Station #Workplace_Romances #Weatherman #Baseball_Goddess #Office #Career_Woman #News #Drama #Romance #Revenge

Synopsis: Once a promising announcer, Jaewoo is caught defending his beliefs and is reduced to a news junkie.
Announcer Kang So-Yoon, she is Jaewoo's girlfriend and the goddess of the broadcasting company. She's Jaewoo only hope to take back his previous job.
Meanwhile, Park Won-Bin is trying to covet So-Yoon, threatening to expose her romantic relationship with Jaewoo.

Chapter - 31

FMC is crying... She thinks how she was so stupid to believe MC still had her in his heart.. She scolds herself for her naivety thinking MC wouldn't have left the city without telling her a word if he was feeling something for her.. MC is shouting her name.. FMC keeps crying while saying she even became crazy.. How she's now having hallucination..
MC grabs her arm and puts her in his embrace while saying he missed her, she hugs his back too and says she missed him a lot too..

MC brings FMC to his home.. The mood isn't great, both of them are silent during a long moment. FMC breaks the silence by asking him if it's okay to bring another girl to his place when he already has a girlfriend. He can't help but sigh, knowing Bomi already told her everything.
FMC is clenching her fists while standing up saying how she just wanted to know how MC was doing and since everything seems fine she'll just go. MC quickly stops her by grabbing her arm asking her where she thinks she's going at this hour and how there is no way to go back to Seoul before tomorrow. FMC sighs saying he possibly thought she was a one night stand the last time but confesses how she really liked him at that time and wanted more than just have fun for a single night.

She adds how her feelings remain unchanged even now.. MC is surprised by such a confession and lets go of her arm. She tells him she wouldn't mind having sex with him a second time if she hadn't feeling for him but can't do it.. It's too painful..
MC tells her wait to wait.. She turns her head towards him asking what he wants to say, he tells her to leave after having a meal with him. How it's been awhile since someone came to his place and doesn't want to eat alone. (Some joke about not leaving without eating some rice.. You all know what it means..)

Later, 2 pots of instant noodle are laid on the table before FMC. She looks at MC asking him where is the rice.. MC rubs his head saying there is no convenience store here like in Seoul so.. FMC looks dispirited and asks MC with some concern if it's really alright for him to live in such a place, he answers how there is no best offer for him and can't do shit about it.
She tells him how he didn't do anything wrong and how she knows a bit about what happened.. MC doesn't want to talk about GF and Senior love affair and tells her to worry not how life is beautiful since he still can eat and sleep etc.. How stopping broadcast isn't such a bad thing.

FMC tells him how it's not like him.. Not like the 'Oppa' she loves so much.. How in the past he would always stand for his beliefs even when he was facing the higher up. She asks him why he changed so much and to stop running away from his difficulties.
He stands up and walks towards the fridge asking her if she really thinks he chose to run away. HE tells her while picking up a bottle of soju how it's a fight against the Boss of the company.. How even his girlfriend who was his fiance betrayed him, he doesn't have anyone by his side. He drinks the bottle in one gulp and says this fight is already lost. FMC takes a sip of soju too saying he isn't alone since she'll remain loyal to him and will always be on his side.

She puts the bottle down and walks towards MC complaining about his foolishness.. She keeps going saying she's even more foolish than him since she's in love with someone like him. MC wonders if she really loves him that much and why..
FMC hugs his back.. She tells him when she sees him like this it hurts her a lot and can't help but feel sick. MC is totally lost and doesn't know what to do. She looks at him asking him if he knows they still haven't kissed yet.. MC rubs her lips with his thumb before kissing her.

The clothes are falling down while MC's and FMC's tongues are intertwining.. MC thinks how he never thought he'll fall in love a second time since what happened with GF and promised to never give his heart to another bitch..
He pushes a naked FMC on the bed and looks at her beautiful figure while wondering why his heart is beating so fast.

To be continued..
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