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  1. ----- MVL version 0.98c TEST, compiled on Tue Jan  8 16:46:13 2013 -----
  2. MSG: Global misc XML file detected - loading it.
  3. Warning in CMvlSettings::ProcessIdLimits: Model, TXD, COL and ANIM limits totalling over 32767, switching to experimental long model ID mode.
  4. MSG: Global vehicle XML file detected - loading it.
  5. Error in CHelpers::PngFileToTexture: Could not open memory stream for PNG file.
  6. MSG: Successfully loaded weapon 103 from file mvl\weapons\w103_spikes.7z
  7. MSG: Successfully loaded weapon 104 from file mvl\weapons\w104_nailgun.7z
  8. MSG: Wave file gunshot.wav - using channel 0 for both left and right samples.
  9. MSG: Successfully loaded weapon 112 from file mvl\weapons\w112_explshotgun.7z
  10. MSG: ID 26001: 'Hydra' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26001_hydra.7z'
  11. MSG: ID 26002: 'Shamal' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26002_shamal.7z'
  12. MSG: ID 26003: 'Dodo' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26003_avn.7z'
  13. MSG: ID 26004: 'Rustler' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26004_mustang.7z'
  14. MSG: Loaded 7 anims from IFP file for vehicle.
  15. MSG: ID 26005: 'JetSki' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26005_jetski.7z'
  16. MSG: ID 26000: 'HPV1000' from archive 'mvl\vehicles\x26000copbike.7z'
  17. MSG: 6 pickups registered, now creating them.
  18. MSG: Ped head model index set to 8.
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