autism package insert debunk

Apr 30th, 2016
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  1. Sempena cerita pasal congenital condition in Malaysia ni saya buat shameless plug la ye pasal autism. Besok pon dah 1st may so since the whole of April is Autism Awareness Month coming to an end saya share skek personal experience regarding autism.
  3. Saya ada dua cousins yang severely autistic. Both boys. RA (Born in 91) and AH (born in 89). Back then it was still considered part of 'juvenile schizophrenia' based on DSM III classification. Only later in the late 80s yang mereka reclassify it and used the term 'autism'. Especially with RA, saya part of the caregivers(penjaga). Drpd kulit dia merah2 lagi lepas lahir. Sampai la skrg. Love both to bits. Sebab i literally saw them grew up. Back then takde lagi OT or ST nak help them out, information pon tak banyak, permata kurnia pon takde lagi. So since then i have been handling my severely autistic cousins.
  5. I wouldnt call myself an expert to it but ive seen all of it. The meltdowns. The tantrums. Ada sekali tu saya salah peluk one of them punch me so many times i nearly got several broken ribs. Nasib baik je tak kena liver laceration. Tapi takpe silap saya sendiri salah approach. Kena liver blow. Both of them pon kuat makan and both are 3 times my size. They are however the the most gentle souls around.
  7. The reason i know alot about these antivaxxers ni sebab once upon a time i also used to think vaccines causes autism(zaman muda2 dulu). Tapi bila sendiri dah study up about it, i found that most of the claims ni anecdotes je. Saya copy paste ye reply post lain cerita pasal ni.
  9. Yang dalam vaccine insert yang list documented effects of taking vaccine adalah autism yang selalu disebut oleh oleh antivaxx ni tak silap saya Tripedia, a DTAP vaccine yang produced in 2005 and stopped production in 2011. Dalam tu memang ada tulis autism as documented effect at page 3 of the insert. What MOST antivaxxer WONT tell you though is that at page 4, ada jugak list ade jugak accidental drowning(lemas) and road accidents(kemalangan jalan raya) are also listed as effects of taking the vaccine.
  11. The reason all of them are included adalah sebab vaccine makers are mandated by law and the FDA to report any thing that happens during clinical trials phase 3 of that product. So ade yang lemas dan eksiden pon ada skali dalam list sebab budak2 tu mmg kena bende2 tu walaupon takde kaitan.
  13. Contoh saya buat clinical trial seminggu. Saya kasi 100 kek kepada 100 orang untuk makan. Behtu seminggu lepas tu sy tanya balik 100 org tu. Apa yg berlaku kepada mereka.
  15. 5 orang x sempat makan kek sbb cair.
  16. 45 orang sakit perut
  17. 20 orang pengsan
  18. 15 orang dpt bisul kat bontot
  19. 5 orang spender koyak
  20. 5 orang tetiba support Man U
  21. 4 orang jatuh cinta dgn Mira Filzah.
  22. 1 orang kena autism.
  24. Nak taknak vaccnie producer tu kena include dalam insert post marketing sebab bila melibatkan human clinical trials everything must be documented. Walopon takde kaitan. Bila dah list down mereka akan investigate lg bley replicate the same result ke tidak. Lagi merbahaya atau lagi severe effect yang diketahui dan lagi tinggi incidence( bape byk kes) lagi tinggi position dia dalam insert tu. Itu je.
  26. For your information, research pasal vaccines adalah research PALING BYK SEKALI DALAM DUNIA. None of it found causal relationship between autism and vaccines. Big pharma ke, NGOs ke, even parents/researchers yang ada anak autism sponsor the research. Go to any research database you can see it for yourself kalau tak percaya. More than anything else. Sebab tu ramai orang medical community bengang dengan antivaxxers ni depa asyik merapu vaccine cause autism. Duit buat research tu lagi elok buat research pasal cancer ke, NCDs ke etc.
  28. That is why they will investigate it to see ada causal relationship ke tidak. Ade kaitan ke tidak they still have to list it down. Itu je. Plus Wakefield's studies. Yang smp skrg TIADA SIAPA dalam dunia pon yang dapat recreate or duplicate findings research dia yang tak dapat diverify tu. So you extrapolate all those who claims congenital diseases are caused by vaccines similarly.
  30. Go right ahead you can google this up if u dont believe me. This thing is not new. Dah basi dah. I used to roast American antivaxxers over this a few years back. Atleast derang bukan penunggang agama nak justify fahaman mereka walopon dead wrong.
  32. Alot of support can be gained by joining group Autisme Malaysia FB group. Do join them for the latest stuff. And most importantly, for support. Banyak juga group2 dalam FB congenital conditions yang need your support and awareness. Do take a look. Thanks.
  34. Raise the awareness.
  35. Stop the ignorance.
  36. Embrace the love.
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