School Sucks

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  1. Twentyfirst december, 12024
  4. Dear diary, it is now my third year at Hogwarts and i finally found you, my journal to jot down my experiences...
  5. I will make sure to treat you right with my long, elegant flowing script, befitting of a Ravenclaw diary
  6. Ever since i first set foot in the castle, i knew i wanted to drain this place dry.
  8. I started small, in more ways than one, as i pushed my first boyfriend into the bathrooms, making my way up his robes as my heart was thumping a thousand times a minute, letting my well manicured fingers slip off his adorable little panties, smelling that cute cock as he stood hard against my nose, just thinking about those sounds that he made as he came in my mouth makes me shiver with excitement today, the first of my house to fill my mouth... mmmm...
  11. Today i cornered a tall, dark and handsome teacher in the cleaning closet... god he made me gape so much... i do not think anyone has been so
  15. Bird black long hair, Big blue eyes, Black lipstick, Magic fingerpaint saying "FUCK ME" across my lower belly, Enchanted tie constantly concealing my facials
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