How to train your changeling

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  1. How to train your changeling
  3. Lesson 1.
  5. "Alright, settle down people, class is starting," you say, clapping your hands to get the ponies attention.
  6. >Taking their places in a circle, you look over them all.
  7. >A rather interesting array of ponies, all here for the same reason.
  8. "We can start with introductions, my name is Anonymous, and I will be your teacher."
  9. >Turning to the first pony, one everyone here knows, you motion for her to start.
  10. >"My name is Celestia, I'm one of the princesses of this land, and I'm eager to learn."
  11. >A flurry of hellos come, and the next pony starts.
  12. >I'm Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's disciple, and I can't wait to learn too."
  13. >Down the line it goes, with Nurse Redheart, Big Macintosh, Fleur de Lis and Braeburn making up the rest of the small class.
  14. >Rolling over a chalkboard, you quickly write your name and the date in one corner and the class, Changeling Pet 101 in the top middle.
  15. "To start today's lesson, we'll go over what you should already know."
  16. "Changelings, for many centuries have been outcasts and enemys to ponies, and only very recently, with my help, have they come forward in peace to pony society."
  17. "Most have agreed and been allowed to settle near major settlements, where ambient love can feed their population."
  18. "Others have come to me specifically, looking for some way to be closer."
  19. >Giving a whistle, your pet changeling comes prancing out of the side room, taking a seat at your side.
  20. "After some research and discussion, we found the perfect solution."
  21. >"Pets!" Twilight says, waving a hoof in the air.
  22. "That's correct. Pets are almost always loved unconditionally, and not only that, the changelings can do more than a pet can."
  23. "For example, they can clean the house while you are gone, or tend your garden," you say, and your little lovebug nods happily.
  24. "And they especially love cuddling with you."
  25. >Most of the class seems to be taking notes, Twilight especially.
  26. "Laws have been passed granting them status similar to a citizen, and there are a few that pertain specifically to petlings."
  27. "One, they can't refuse to do work told to them by their owner except for if it endangers them."
  28. "Two, even when being left outside as a punishment, they cannot be chained up, or in any way trapped or bound."
  29. "Three, punishments can be no more severe than one day without food, being left outside alone for one day, or a mild physical punishment."
  30. >Stopping to make sure they can keep up, you see Twilight with a hoof raised.
  31. "Yes, Twilight?"
  32. >"What is defined as a mild physical punishment?"
  33. "Things like swatting them with a newspaper, or light spanking. Things that won't cause any lasting harm."
  34. >She nods and scribbles down more in her notepad.
  35. "Being intelligent like us means changelings don't need much training, but learning how to communicate with them is key."
  36. "Each of you has already gone through the selection process, and found a changeling who agrees to be your pet, right?"
  37. >Everyone nods but Fleur, and you nod quickly in response.
  38. "Alright; since they all live here for now, I'll bring them in. Fleur, for today, you can practice with Squeaks here, and we'll find you one after class."
  39. >She nods, and Squeaks moves over next to her.
  40. "The rest of you, come with me and we'll get your new pets."
  41. >The five follow you through the halls of the school turned changeling house as you lead them to the living quarters.
  42. >Immediately upon reaching the area, a bunch of them come rushing out of various rooms, all happy to see you.
  43. >Making sure to pet or acknowledge each one, you spread the order to gather everyone.
  44. >Leading your group to the main hall, a sea of black chitin and blue eyes greets you, all sitting and waiting patiently.
  45. "I'd like those of you who were chosen to be these five's pets to please come forward, we're doing training today. The rest of you, there will be a pony coming to chose a pet later today, so be sure to get cleaned up."
  46. >Five collared changelings step forward, and after a quick check to match names on tags, you give each one a pat and lead your group and their pets back to the class.
  47. >The classroom is quiet, and as you enter you see Fleur cuddling with Squeaks on a cushion, both looking quite happy.
  48. >Everyone takes their place again, changeling in front of their owner.
  49. "We're going to start off with some basic commands, like sit, stay, and stand."
  50. "With changelings, the command itself isn't as important as the emotion behind it."
  51. >Snapping your fingers, Squeaks slinks over, ears flat before prostrating herself in front of you.
  52. >Reaching down, you pick her up around her waist, giving her a light squeeze that makes her let out her namesake squeak.
  53. "While the command was simply come, because I was feeling 'Anger' at the time, she thought she was in trouble, and acted accordingly."
  54. "All depending on the emotion I was feeling, she would act differently. Fleur, if you could, please call Squeaks back."
  55. >Setting your pet back down, Fleur calls to her, and she trots over, sitting down in front of her.
  56. "Now, I want you  to practice with basic commands, and I'll wander around and help."
  57. >The pairs move about the room, and soon the air is filled with the sounds of voices.
  58. >For a few minutes, you just sit back and watch as they start to bond, ponies and changelings, masters and pets.
  59. >Just watching, you can start to see the communicationally challenged pairs start to appear.
  60. >Heading towards the first pair, you watch Big Mac rather stoically ask his changeling to sit, and the changeling only tilt her head.
  61. >Despite the failure to communicate, neither party seems rather put off, and you can see why they chose each other.
  62. "Big Macintosh, I have a comment that may help. I'm not sure how you are anywhere else, but the best way to develop good communication with a pet changeling is to open yourself to them."
  63. "Don't be afraid to let your emotions show, they will always follow you as long as you care for them."
  64. >Big Mac contemplates your words before taking a step back and a deep breath.
  65. >Looking at the changeling, he smiles and says, "Hi, mah names Big Macintosh, and ah hope we can be friends."
  66. >What happens next reminds you of why you started doing this in the first place.
  67. >The little changeling, barely half his size, rushes forward and wraps around his neck on a hug.
  68. >Stunned by the changelings reaction, Big Mac just stands there a second before hugging back.
  69. >Little green wisps float off Big Mac, and you reach out and tap the changeling on the nose.
  70. "Not yet, little miss, that's lesson number two."
  71. >She steps back, nodding with her head lowered submissively.
  72. "Back to practising you two, I'll check back later."
  73. >Both nod, and you head to the other problem pair.
  74. >Twilight Sparkle; Newly appointed princess and your biggest backer in the Changeling Pet Program.
  75. >Even from across the room, you can hear the excitement in her voice as she tells her pet to lie down.
  76. >For some reason, the changeling won't though, her eyes flickering to you for assurance.
  77. >"What's wrong, Anon? She won't listen to me. She was fine with come and sit, but she won't lie down."
  78. >Looking at the changeling, you see her nod, looking for assurance.
  79. "It's alright, I trust Twilight and I promise nothing bad is going to happen."
  80. >Twilight takes this as a signal to give the command to lie down, her voice regaining its excited tone.
  81. >After a moments hesitation, the changeling turns around, lifts her tail and lowers to the ground, presenting to Twilight and you.
  82. >Reaching out, you immediately lower her tail and turn her around.
  83. "NO! Bad! You know you don't do that in public," you scold, tapping her on the nose.
  84. >Turning to Twilight, you cross your arms in disappointment.
  85. "And you, Twilight, why did you want her to do that?"
  86. >"I didn't... I was feeling the same as the first two commands, I don't know why she thought I wanted her to do that, she replies, turning to you and you notice her wings are out.
  87. >Putting two and two together, you reach down and unbuckle your belt, Twilight stepping back.
  88. >Belt in hand you press Twilight's wings down and bind them in place with it.
  89. "You'll need to work on controlling those, Twi, because that with your excitement made her think you wanted to do X rated things."
  90. "And you, don't worry if she's a little excited," you say, turning to Twilight's pet, " She's not going to try anything inappropriate."
  91. >Patting them both on the head, you move on to the other pairs.
  92. >Braeburn and Redheart have both gotten the basics down and have started experimenting with more advanced commands, and Celestia seems to be taking a break with her new pet.
  93. >Fleur is back on the cushion, cuddling with Squeaks, and they both jump up when you come over.
  94. "I see you're enjoying Squeaks's nickname."
  95. >"Nickname?"
  96. "She's my little cuddlebug because she loves to cuddle. I can hardly sit and read the morning paper without her hopping into my lap."
  97. >Squeaks nods vigorously, brushing against your leg like a cat.
  98. "Class is almost over, so I'm going to be checking on everyone’s progress and then we can go and find the perfect changeling for you."
  99. >Fleur nods, and Squeaks moves back to her side while you make your final rounds.
  100. >Testing each students capability to give commands to their changelings fills the last ten minutes of class, each one fully capable.
  101. >Gathering everyone's attention, they all group up in the circle again.
  102. "You all did very well today. For now, you're going to have to say goodbye though, because your pets have to stay here for the time."
  103. >The class collectively goes "awww", and you nod knowingly.
  104. "I know you really want to spend more time with them, but this too is part of your and their training. Don't worry though, they'll be waiting happily for you here at the start of tomorrows class.'
  105. >Walking your students to the door, you wave goodbye before heading back to class where Fleur and the pets are waiting.
  106. >Again, you find her cuddling with Squeaks, though they both hop up and are ready to go the moment you open the door.
  107. "It's time to go back to the dorm everyone," you call out, and the collective pets rush over to you.
  108. >With a train of changeling behind you and Fleur beside you, you escort the group through the halls to the living quarters.
  109. >Dismissing the lot, they scurry off to do whatever they want, and you lead Fleur to the gathering room.
  110. >Most of the changelings here are all gathered, sitting in little stalls, all decorated with pictures of themselves and little bits about themselves.
  111. >It reminds you a bit of a science fair, but instead of projects, there are prospective pets.
  112. "Go ahead, Fleur, look around, find one you like and likes you."
  113. >She seems a little overwhelmed at first, but soon she's interacting with each one she looks at, getting a feel for them.
  114. >Something nudges your foot, and you look down to see a young nymph with a ball.
  115. >Not all the changelings that came were grown, several younger ones coming with parents, or just by themselves.
  116. >Of course, they can't be chosen as pets without your consent, since you became their guardian by law.
  117. >Picking up the ball, you flick on the switch, lighting it up with an ultraviolet light.
  118. >A lot of the chagelings around look at it, entranced by the light and you roll it down the hall, the little changeling scampering off after it.
  119. >With the distraction gone, those changelings who had spotted it go back to their spots, and you sit down.
  120. >The familiar weight of Squeaks hops up into your lap, and you idly stroke her ears.
  121. >Watching Fleur, you notice she hasn't left her current stall for a few minutes.
  122. >Picking up Squeaks, you make your way over.
  123. "Found yourself a pet?" you ask, giving Squeaks a squeeze.
  124. >Fleur nods, cuddled up against a young adult mareling.
  125. >"She's exactly the kind of pet I want," she says, nuzzling her new pet.
  126. "Since you didn't have time to train with your pet today, would you like to stay here for the night?"
  127. >"Is it alright? I don't want to put anyp0ny out or anything."
  128. "It's fine, there are plenty of extra rooms set up for stuff like this."
  129. >Rising up, Fleur and her new pet both wrap around your legs in a hug.
  130. "Lets get you two settled in a room, I'll come by around dinner time."
  131. >A loud clap disperses the changelings in the room, and you escort Fleur to one of the guest rooms.
  132. >Leaving the pair to get acquainted, you take Squeaks back to your suite for the night.
  135. Lesson 2
  137. >Squeaks and the rest of the class's changelings behind you, you knock on Fleurs door.
  138. >The white coated pony greets you right away, her pet following close behind.
  139. "Class is going to be starting soon, just thought I'd let you know."
  140. >"I'll be right behind you, I just have to finish tidying up the room," she replies before slipping back into the room.
  141. >Taking the changelings to the classroom, you find Twilight sitting in front of the door already.
  142. "Morning Twi, you're early."
  143. >"I can't be tardy, it's unbecoming of a princess."
  144. >Her pet skitters past you and sits in front of her, and Twilight pets it's head.
  145. "You know, you should probably think of a name for her, if you haven't thought of one already."
  146. >"Okay, Anonymous, I'll make sure to think about it," she replies.
  147. >Opening the classroom door, Twilight and the changelings follow you inside.
  148. >While you clear the chalkboard, Twilight heads for her spot, the other changelings sitting beside you.
  149. >As class time arrives, the other students file in, and their respective changelings join them.
  150. "Welcome to lesson Two, feeding your changeling."
  151. "You should all know, or have been told by now that changelings feed on emotions, primarily, love."
  152. >The majority of the class nods, but you catch a small quirk from Redheart and a bit of shock from Braeburn.
  153. "Now there is nothing to worry about, after today, you'll know how to properly feed your changeling without worry."
  154. >There's a small grumbling sound around the room, and you see the ponies look to their pets.
  155. "I asked all your pets not to have breakfast, so they're all hungry and ready for feeding."
  156. "You don't have to worry about missing a meal or two, they can all feed off the ambient love and emotions if you're away for a day."
  157. >Writing up the tier of emotions on the board, you wait while the class takes it down.
  158. >From top to bottom there is :Love, Happiness, Anger, Lust, Fear, Sadness, and all other emotions below that.
  159. >Redheart raises a hoof, and when you nod to her, she asks "Why is anger and fear so high on the list?"
  160. "That's a long story, but in brief, love hasn't always been available for them to eat, so they had to scrounge what they could, and most species dislike changelings."
  161. >Scooping up Squeaks, you rub her head, and she closes her eyes in contentment.
  162. "I can't see why though, they're so cuddly and cute."
  163. "Anger and Fear are rather unappetising, like, a partly rotted apple. You can eat it, but it'll taste bad."
  164. "Love is, and always will be their favourite, remember that."
  165. >Setting her back down, you clap to make sure you have everyones attention.
  166. "Feeding your changeling is fairly easy, but you must learn how much to feed them, unless you want them to become overweight."
  167. "Physical contact is important, but not necessary when feeding, so find what is comfortable for you.'
  168. >Squeaks tilts her head back for you, and you press your lips to hers, love seeping from you into her mouth.
  169. >Cutting off a little early, wisps of love drift to her lips and you look out at the class.
  170. >Shock fills a lot of faces, and you can see a few blushes as well.
  171. "Feeding them can be a passive thing, where you let them suck out what they need, or you can take the lead and pour love into them."
  172. "Whichever way you choose, they'll always love it and love you."
  173. "Let your changeling take the lead at first, and learn how they feed, and you should be able learn how to take the lead feeding."
  174. >The class takes this as their cue, and they split off around the room.
  175. >For several minutes, everyone seems to just sit there, awkwardly looking at their pet, trying to decide how to feed.
  176. >None of them seem sure enough to start, so you clap to draw their attention.
  177. "The contact doesn't have to be intimate in any way. Try simply touching hooves and letting them feed like that."
  178. >This seems to spark them, Celestia being the first to move.
  179. >Reaching over, she pulls her changeling close, hugging it with her neck.
  180. >Wisps of love flick between the two, and you see the changeling eating.
  181. >Others start pairing and feeding, and like yesterday, trouble pairs start showing.
  182. >First, and probably worst is Braeburn and his pet.
  183. >It seems like he is simply unable to get the nerve to feed his pet.
  184. "What's the matter, Braeburn?"
  185. >"Ah... it's hard ta say, but ah can't love her..."
  186. "Why not?"
  187. >"It'd be wrong, we're not special somep0nys or anythin', it'd be against everythin' ah learned."
  188. >Patting him on the shoulder, you sit next to him.
  189. "I understand, and I agree with you somewhat. You're just looking at this the wrong way though."
  190. "She's not a somep0ny, or anything like that. She's a pet, no different from a dog or cat. Would it be wrong for you to love a pet?"
  191. >"Well, no, ah guess not."
  192. "Love comes in many forms, and the love between an owner and pet is one of them."
  193. >Watching Braeburn reach out a hoof to touch his changeling, you can see trace ammounts of love being given and eaten.
  194. >That problem solved, you move to the next, a minor one with Celestia.
  195. >Your approach seperates the two, and Celestia looks at you with a quizical stare.
  196. >"What's wrong Anon?"
  197. "You're overfeeding her. I can see you have figured out how to project, but you have to be careful and regulate it, or you may injure them."
  198. >She covers her mouth, before giving a soft wing hug to her changeling, appologizing.
  199. "I can see you will be a great owner though, so just trim back your feeding a bit, and she'll live a long, happy life."
  200. >A light pat on Celestia's shoulder, and you move on to the third pair.
  201. >Twilight Sparkle, again...
  202. >Just watching her trying to feed her pet makes you wince, along with the fact her pet is wincing as well.
  203. "Alright, Twilight, please stop for a moment," you say, approaching the duo.
  204. >Gently moving her changeling aside, you sit in front of her and place one hand on each side of her head.
  205. "Twilight, stop, and look into my eyes."
  206. >Once you have her undivided attention, you let go and flick her nose.
  207. "Calm down, you're emotions are constantly changing, and that's a very bad thing when feeding your pet changeling.
  208. >"But it's..."
  209. "Exciting, I know. It's fine to be excited, just try and keep calm when feeding them."
  210. >She starts taking slow, deep breaths, and you pat her head.
  211. "Try again, just keep calm this time, alright?"
  212. >Moving aside, you let the changeling retake her place, and Twilight starts again.
  213. >It starts off smoothly, but you see traces of worry seep onto Twilight's features, and you rest a hand on her head.
  214. "Keep calm, I know you can do this."
  215. >Taking a slow breath, she steadies herself and continues.
  216. >The changeling's face lights up as pure love starts coming across, and she eagerly eats it.
  217. "There you go, good job Twilight."
  218. >Cutting off her feeding, she looks at you with a big smile on her face and nods.
  219. >Her changeling is happy as well, so you move on back to observing the class.
  220. >After a few more minutes of feeding, you clap to get everyones attention.
  221. "Well done all of you. I know this lesson is rather short, so I planned something extra for today."
  222. >Pulling open one of your desk drawers, you pull out a small ball.
  223. >The changeling's all focus on it, their ears perking up and their tails wagging.
  224. "This is a special prototype toy I designed specifically for changelings."
  225. "While it looks like a normal ball, you flick this switch here and..."
  226. >Turning it on, the ball starts glowing with its pale blue light, and a semi-sleepy tone takes the changelings.
  227. "It not only pacifies changelings, but they can be distracted by it for hours without getting bored."
  228. >Letting the ball bounce into the room, the lot of them all go skittering after it, nosing it along.
  229. >"How does it work, Anon?" Twilight asks, intently watching the pets play.
  230. "It emits a Ultraviolet light which triggers a primal attraction in insects, and being closely related to them, it affects changelings similarly."
  231. "We haven't found an ammount of time that they should not go over, but it's usually best just to use this for an hour or two at most a day."
  232. >With the changelings still playing with the ball, you pull out a small metal rod with a ruby on the end.
  233. "This toy is for you to use with them, and it's just as fun for them as it will be for you."
  234. "That is, I suppose, if you can resist it's charm."
  235. >Squeezing the button on the side, a red dot appears on the floor where you are pointing it.
  236. >Redheart's changeling spots it, and dives at it, trying to catch it with her hooves.
  237. >Leading the dot up a wall, the changeling chases it the whole way, pouncing and swiping at it.
  238. >As she is about to jump for it, you release the button, the dot vanishing.
  239. "They are always facinated by it, and it's a great way for you to help your changeling get some excersize."
  240. "I only have a few with me now, but I can let you borrow them for the rest of class."
  241. >Spares on the table, you go to where the changelings have nudged the ball into the corner.
  242. >Flicking it off and picking it up, you watch as the pets rejoin their owners.
  243. "The rest of class today is playtime, so do what you want and have fun."
  244. >Balls, stick and string toys, stuffed animals and all sorts of other toys are pulled out of your desk and set on top.
  245. >Sitting back, you watch as the class starts playing, bonding with their new pets while your pet clambers up into your lap.
  246. >Soon, the room is bustling with changelings chasing balls and dots, owners and pets playing together.
  247. >Class comes to an end all too soon, and you and the changelings bid their owners farewell before heading back to the living quarters.
  248. >Even this was part of their training, getting them accustomed to being seperated.
  249. >A couple nymphs run up to you as you drop off the others, and you kneel down to cuddle your adopted children.
  250. >Well, not exactly "your" children, but you're legally their parent, and you do care for each and every one of them.
  251. >Happy with your affection, they wave and run off to play some more, leaving you and Squeaks to your daily work.
  254. Lesson 3
  256. >Your students file into the classroom, where only you wait.
  257. "Good morning class, today, we're going to be moving to a different room, so please, follow me."
  258. >Leading them through the halls, you stop at the old nurses office, now the medical room.
  259. "We're going to be covering changeling biology, physiology and some basic medical care."
  260. >A sharp whistle brings several changeling in, all pushing a low cart with one of the pets on them.
  261. >After everyone has gotten their pet's cart, and you have Squeaks on her cart, You dim the rooms lights and turn on the spotlight above Squeaks.
  262. "While they may appear similar to ponies, there are several major differences between ponies and changelings."
  263. "As you have likely noticed already, they have a hard, chitin shell, which is fairly resistant to damage."
  264. >You demonstrate by lightly rapping her shell with your knuckles, as well as poking it with a knife.
  265. "Now, this does not mean you can just abuse them, but you do have to be a little more firm when trying to give a physical punishment."
  266. >Fleur raises a hoof, and when you nod in aknowledgement, she asks, "When I was cuddling with her before, her shell was soft like a ponies skin. Is she different?"
  267. "That is something most changelings can do; it was developed to help their disguising ability."
  268. "It's a chemical reaction in the chitin of their shell that makes it soft and pliable."
  269. >Squeaks demonstrates, and you push in around her belly, showing how soft it becomes.
  270. "While their shell is like this you have to be more careful, because they are more easily injured, and any injuries are transfered when they re-harden and chitin repairs slowly."
  271. >All the owners have their pets do the same, and they examine and feel the changelings.
  272. >Most seem satisfied quite quickly, but Twilight, Fleur and Celestia all seem quite fascinated by it, the latter two rubbing up agains their soft pets.
  273. "Next, while changelings feed primarely on emotions and love, they do require small amounts of other nutrients, most predominantly, protien for muscle repair."
  274. "They usually get it from meat, but beans and nuts work well too."
  275. "If you can come close to me, I can show the next parts," you say, and the class gathers around.
  276. >Gently pulling at Squeak's plating, you reveal the bare, transparent flesh between them.
  277. "Changeling skin is transparent, and if your changeling is having internal issues, you can often see them by gently pulling the plates appart to see inside."
  278. "I cannot stress this enough, but listen to your changeling if you do this. A dislocated plate can be a life threatening injury, so it is best to let a changeling medical professional do this."
  279. >Both males seem a little grossed out by this display, but both Redheart and Twilight are facinated by it.
  280. >Letting her plates settle back, you motion the students back to their places.
  281. "Before I continue, are there any questions?"
  282. >"Yes, I have one," Redheart says, holding up a hoof, "what kind of training do you have to go through to become a certified medical doctor for changelings?"
  283. "There aren't any courses or training available right now, but I will be covering some basic medical care later this class."
  284. >This satisfies her, and with no other ponies raising their hooves, you continue the lesson.
  285. "Before I start this next part, I have to warn you. NEVER touch your changeling's holes without getting their permission and letting them know first."
  286. >Motioning Squeaks to stand, you lift one of her rear hooves and trace one of the larger holes.
  287. "These holes play a large part in childbearing, so females, especially young adults are very protective of them.
  288. >Pulling a small green fake egg from a drawer, you hold it up for the class to see.
  289. "When they lay their eggs, which look like this, the female, after cleaning them, uses the changeling's adhesive to hold them in her leg holes."
  290. "The holes are somewhat stretchy, so as the eggs grow, the holes stretch to accomodate them."
  291. "Prior to them laing the eggs, their stomachs distend, similar to ponies, except their bellys become somewhat transparent."
  292. "Once all the eggs are held in place, Changelings typically wrap their legs in large leaves or other materials to help keep their eggs warm."
  293. >From another drawer, you pull out a pair of thigh high black socks, and you notice most of the ponies blush.
  294. "Recently, socks have become the popular covering, despite their rather sexual origin with ponies."
  295. "To a changeling, it means, 'please be careful around me, I'm carrying eggs'."
  296. >Putting the socks and fake egg away, you see Twilight has a hoof raised.
  297. >"Are we going to have to worry about that? Them getting pregnant, I mean?"
  298. "Not at all. Pet changelings have all undergone a special type of sterilization that prevents them from becoming pregnant without the permission of those involved with the breeding program."
  299. >From the back of the class there is a thump and the sound of Big Mac saying "Ouch".
  300. >Stepping over you see his changeling cowering, and Big Mac rubbing his jaw.
  301. "You forgot to ask, and you touched a hole, didn't you?"
  302. >He nods, and and you help him up.
  303. "Don't worry, you'll get used to communicating with them, and you shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this happening again."
  304. >Patting his changeling gently, you quietly assure her that everything is fine, and she perks right back up as Big Mac appologizes.
  305. >You can see Twilight is slowly and carefully examining her changelings holes, with its permission, it seems.
  306. >Back beside Squeaks, you signal her to open her wings, and the classes attention is refocused on you.
  307. "While changelings have both a horn and wings like an alicorn, their magical abilities are similar to that of your average unicorn or pegasus."
  308. "Horn care is pretty much the same as with unicorns, but wing care is a little different."
  309. "Minor damage will repair itself over time, but if your changeling happens to suffer major wing damage, they will shed it."
  310. >"Their entire wing?!" Celestia exclaims, covering her mouth with a hoof.
  311. "You don't need to worry, it doesn't hurt them, and it will regrow within a few sheddings."
  312. "Which reminds me, Changelings shed the outer layer of their chitin shell every few months."
  313. >Pulling a few scraps of shell from the desk, you pass them around to the class.
  314. "Changelings are very tidy by nature, and you won't ever have to worry about them making a mess when they shed."
  315. >Braeburn raises a hoof before saying "Earlier, ya mentioned they have an adhesive? Can ya show us what it's like?"
  316. "Your own changelings can show you, they produce it themselves and use it for many things."
  317. >The class turns to their changelings, before asking about the adhesives.
  318. >Some are facinated and some are a little grossed out as the pets release small quantities of the green goop from their mouths.
  319. >Ever curious, Twilight immediately reaches out to touch it, and pulls back with a glob on her hoof.
  320. >"Wow, this is so strange, almost like what catterpillars use when making coccoons"
  321. "It is very similar. Changelings use it to make medical and suspention pods, as well as for general building."
  322. >"Suspention pods?" Fleur asks, her changeling already having dissolved it's adhesive.
  323. >The class's changelings all get a sad look, and you sigh a little.
  324. "Before all this, I'm sure you've heard tales of ponies going missing out near the badlands."
  325. >The class nods, especially Celestia.
  326. "Well, it was a darker time in changeling history, but those ponies were kidnapped and kept in suspention pods to help feed the changelings through rougher periods."
  327. >A lot of the pet changelings are on the brink of tears, and almost as one, you can see their owners hug them.
  328. "There's an old human saying, the sins of the father pass on to the son, but I don't believe it to be true."
  329. "Each and every one of these little lovebugs is pure of heart and they want nothing more from life than a loving family."
  330. >Giving the class a moment for meaningful bonding after that little speech, you give your own pet a little attention.
  331. >The moment passes, and with everyones attention again, you continue the lesson.
  332. "Changelings are very hardy, and rarely get injured, and they are capable of tending most minor injuries themselves."
  333. "Chips in their chitin, or bruises in joints are the most common injuries, but even these don't happen a lot."
  334. "Just like ponies and other species, they get colds and other common sicknesses, and for the most part, pony medicine works, except for anything that includes Triflora."
  335. >While you list off the medications that include it, you take glances back to make sure they are all copying this down.
  336. "It's not extremely dangerous for them, but not only does it hamper the medicine's and their own natural ability to fight the infections, it severely drains them of energy."
  337. "And none of you want to do that, right?" you say, and the class collectively shakes their head.
  338. "Are there any questions so far?"
  339. >"How can we melt changeling glue if it gets stuck to something?" Twilight asks, looking down nervously.
  340. "It's not too hard, why?"
  341. >Bright green goop covers her hooves as she lifts them up, stuck together.
  342. >Your palm meets your forhead, and her changeling leans down and disolves it with her saliva.
  343. "Changeling saliva is the most commonly available solvent for changeling glue, though a few stronger glue solvents work too."
  344. "As long as you don't accidently glue your changeling to the ceiling or something, their glue shouldn't be a problem, since they can just clean it up themselves."
  345. >Your joke gets a few chuckles, and with no other questions forthcoming, you lift Squeaks off the cart.
  346. "Now, like yesterday, I'm going to give you guys a few minutes at the end of class to bond some more, but right now, I want to cover a few more... sensitive topics."
  347. "For this, I'm going to have the pets leave the room and go wait in the classroom, please."
  348. >With only the sound of buzzing wings as they hop off the carts, the class's pets file out of the room, save Squeaks.
  349. "Whether or not you have noticed, changelings, both male and female, have coverings for their genitals."
  350. >Sitting Squeaks in your lap, you motion the class closer, and lean her back.
  351. "Down here," you gently tap the plate covering her vagina, "they have a chitin plate that protects their parts, and slides away when they want to use them."
  352. >Turning Squeaks around, you make sure she's staying covered, you lift her tail.
  353. "Their anus is still on the outside, and like with everything else, they are always tidy about it."
  354. >Letting her tail down, you turn to the class with a serious stare.
  355. "I'm showing you all this purely for educational purposes. I don't want you poking and prodding your pet here without good reason unless you fear something may be wrong."
  356. "If they seem to have something wrong, it's better to have a medical professional look them over, rather than doing it yourself.
  357. >Dropping your intense stare, you give the class a moment to settle.
  358. "Changelings go into 'heat' about the same time ponies do, but there's a distinct difference between them."
  359. "They do become more affectionate, but rather than sex, they want their holes filled with eggs."
  360. >Fiddling with her leg holes, you gently stretch one a bit.
  361. "At the supply store here, we carry what we call Estrus kits, which consist of a bunch of fake eggs and a pair of sturdy, marked socks."
  362. "The marked socks show the changeling isn't pregnant, and just carrying fakes."
  363. >Whispering in her ear, you motion Squeaks from the room, making sure the door is closed.
  364. "I'm going to say this now, so you don't have to ask later, sex with changelings is legal, so long as it is truly consentual."
  365. "You can not order them to, and if you do, they have the rights to call the guard and leave your ownership."
  366. "I'm also going to say this," you start, cracking your knuckles, "if you intentionally try to harm these innocent little lovebugs, whether physically or mentally, I will personally make sure you are punished to the fullest extent of the law."
  367. >Leaving them to process your threats, you stand and start tidying up the room.
  368. >The shell fragments go back in the desk, and you arrange the carts in the corner.
  369. "Alright, gather your things, we're heading back to class to play."
  370. >Your sudden shift in attitude shocks the ponies a bit, but they quickly comply, and within a few minutes, everyone is in the classroom, playing with their pets.
  371. >A knocking at the door draws you from your seat and you make your way over.
  372. >Opening it reveals a small yellow filly with an oversized bow in her mane.
  373. >"Hullo, ah'm here tah pick up my big brother," she says, tilting her head to look up at you, "wow yer even bigger than him!"
  374. "He's playing with his pet right now, if you want, you can come inside for a while."
  375. >Trotting into the room, she heads straight for Big Mac before letting out a squeal.
  376. >"Oh mah gosh, she's soo cute big brother!"
  377. >His pet turns to look at the little filly, tilting her head, before smiling and running towards her.
  378. >Similar to a dog, she lowers her front end, tail wagging, and the filly does the same.
  379. >"Play with her, Applebloom, just be careful 'round her leg holes, she's got a mighty good kick."
  380. >Pouncing the changeling, the two of them start tumbling around, wrestling.
  381. "She's certainly going to have a good life with your family, won't she."
  382. >Big Mac sits next to you and nods, needing nothing more.
  383. >Breaking away from Applebloom, the changeling fetches a ball from the toy box, dropping it in front of the little filly.
  384. >Without a moments hesitation, Bloom picks up the ball and tosses it as hard as her little body can, the changeling skittering after it.
  385. >The class bell rings, and the students gather their stuff.
  386. "Tomorrow is the last day of class before your final test. If you pass that, you won't have to say goodbye at the end of the day again."
  387. >Each pony files out, Bloom and Big Mac the last to go, the former waving energetically at Big Mac's petling.
  388. >Without hesitation the petling waves back, and as they leave, you see her sigh a little.
  389. "Don't worry," you say, petting her head, "I'm sure he'll pass and you'll be out of here and with your new family."
  390. "I'm sure they'll all pass," you say to the petlings, "And I know each and every one of you will have a wonderful life."
  391. >In an instant, you find yourself swarmed by the lovebugs, each one hugging you as best they can.
  392. "I will miss you though," you add, hugging the swarm back, "but knowing you all will be happy makes me happy too."
  393. >Making sure you show each of them affection, you motion to the classroom door.
  394. "Lets get back to the living quarters, you guys, we only have a few more days together."
  395. >A horde of happy changelings behind you, you walk the halls to the rest of your charges.
  398. Lesson 4
  400. "Class, today's lesson is special," you say, turning to the gathered ponies, "we're going on a field trip."
  401. >While you weren't expecting the same sort of reaction you would get from children, the class still seems quite excited.
  402. >"Where are we going, Anon?" Twilight asks, easily the most excited, "Are we going to a changeling hive?"
  403. "Nope, it's a surprise for now, so you can leave your stuff here, or bring it with you, though you won't need it."
  404. "What you will need, though, are these."
  405. >In one hand, you hold up a selection of leashes, in the other, a bag filled with toys.
  406. >The students and their pets come up to you, each one taking a leash for their pet.
  407. "After a while, you won't need to put them on a leash, but for the time being, it will prevent them from wandering off."
  408. >Each pet gets clipped onto their leash, and you lead the class from the room.
  409. >Celestia and Twilight first, a small train of students form, changelings walking beside them.
  410. >Most are sticking fairly close to their owner, even more so when you step outside into the bright sunlight.
  411. "Changelings can be a little more skittish in large, open areas, since their natural home is in caves. They will get over it though, so you don't need to worry."
  412. >Twilight's changeling especially sticks close to her owner, making herself as small as possible.
  413. >Leading the class through some quieter streets, you quickly arrive at your destination.
  414. >Canterlot Central Park, which through some help, you managed to rent for the day.
  415. "Here we are, Canterlot park. Today, you're going to be handling your changelings in an uncontrolled environment, so good luck."
  416. >Almost on cue, a horde of ponies rush out from where they were hiding, the friends and family of your students.
  417. >Something crawls up your shirt, and you can see everyone look around surprised.
  418. "I figured you could all spend this time to introduce your new pets to your immediate friends and family," you say as you slowly pull Twilight's changeling from your shirt and comfort her.
  419. >Letting Twilight's changeling rejoin her, you step back from the group.
  420. >Clusters form, and you see Celestia and Twilight are together with Princess Luna, Princess Cadence and Prince Shining armor as well as five mares and a young dragon.
  421. >Several nurse ponies are with Redheart, and a whole horde of Apple ponies are with Braeburn and Big Mac.
  422. >Fleur is alone, and a little sad looking, so you make your way over to her first.
  423. "Hey, I'm sorry nobody came. I sent out invites like with the others."
  424. >Wiping away a tear, she sniffles and shakes her head, "No, its fine. He's always busy, but he's nice when he's home, and we go on trips often."
  425. >Hesitating a moment, you reach out and run a hand through her mane in an attempt to comfort her a bit.
  426. "I understand, and that's why you decided to get a pet, right?"
  427. >She nods, her changeling nuzzling up against her neck.
  428. >"I do have work, but it's not often, so I wanted someone to spend time with. Cuddling was a nice bonus though."
  429. "I saw, she's quite the affectionate one."
  430. >Leaving them be, you make your way to the biggest group, the Apples.
  431. >You're not sure how they do it, but they are cycling who is spending time with the petlings and owners incredibly efficiently.
  432. >Both of the little lovebugs are quite receptive, but neither is overly active.
  433. >They don't seem perturbed by the swarming either, so you pass the group.
  434. >Redheart and her nurse friends are next, and the group of them are playing fetch with her changeling.
  435. >Returning with the stick, the changeling notices you, and brings it over.
  436. >She drops it in your hand, and waits for you to throw it, before scampering after it.
  437. "You picked a rather energetic one, I see," you comment as you watch the changeling skid and scamper as she turns around with the stick.
  438. >"Yeah, she'll be a real help at the hospital, making sure the little foals and fillys are happy or helping with assorted things."
  439. >The changeling drops the stick for one of the other nurses, who throws it out again.
  440. "It's definetally safer than having a normal pet for helping I guess, just break her into the job slowly, I don't want to see any accidents happen leading to one of my little lovebugs being hurt."
  441. >"We're professionals, of course we're going to be careful," one of the nurses says, before hugging the changeling, "and besides, I couldn't stand seeing anything bad for this little cutie?"
  442. >Chasing the stick when it's thrown again, the changeling runs through the grass before hitting a wet spot and tumbling into a heap.
  443. >Redheart and the others are already running before you can even start, so you let them handle it, walking over just in case.
  444. >Already standing, the changeling listens to them as they check her for injuries.
  445. >Everything seems fine, so you move on.
  446. >A little ways away, on one of the picnic areas, you see Celestia's changeling balancing a ball on its head in front of the other royals and the mares, all of whom are clopping their hooves.
  447. >Clapping your hands with the others as you approach, she turns to you and smiles even larger.
  448. >Twilight's changeling, on the other hand is hiding beside her, and slowly edging back.
  449. >Taking a seat beside Luna, you strike up a conversation with her.
  450. "How has it been going, Luna, with another princess to help ease the burden?"
  451. >"Quite well, Anonymous. While Twilight is inexperienced, she can handle many simple tasks easily, leaving my sister and myself more time to relax."
  452. "That's good to hear. Hopefully with the addition of her changeling and Twilight's will help make your lives more interesting and give you more ability to relax."
  453. >The ball comes bouncing to your feet, and you pick it up, Celestia's changeling scampering over to pick it up again.
  454. "She's quite the little attention seeker, isn't she," you comment as she takes the ball back and goes back to balancing it.
  455. >"Indeed. I wonder what Twilight's changeling is like?"
  456. >The group looks over, and you hear a small squeak before a blur of black shoots off.
  457. >"Metty?" Twilight says, looking in the direction her changeling ran off, "Metamorphasis? Come back!"
  458. >Splitting up, the four Alicorns go to search, while you and Shining watch over Celestia's pet, who seems a little nervous.
  459. >Pulling her into your lap as you sit down, you pet her slowly, helping her calm down.
  460. >Twilight calls out for you, and leaving Celestia's pet with Shining, you make your way over.
  461. >"She won't come out! Please, I don't want to force her, but..."
  462. >Hiding in a hole at the bottom of the tree, you see a touch of blue on black, and you step back.
  463. "I'm sure you can handle this, Twilight, just calm down, figure out why she wants to hide, and find a soloution."
  464. >Gulping, Twilight nods while you motion the other princesses away.
  465. >With the rest of the group back, Celestia's changeling perks up, running over to it's owner.
  466. >In the distance, you see Twilight on her belly in front of the hole, head down to talk.
  467. >She stays like this for a while, before getting up, the changeling climbing out and shaking off.
  468. >Nodding to you, Twilight walks to another part of the park with her changeling.
  469. "Princesses, Twilight has found her changeling, and it seems like they want to be alone right now. I'll check up on them later, but I'd rather if you didn't go over to her right now."
  470. >"Of course, Anon, I hope everything is well," Celestia replies.
  471. "I'm sure it is."
  472. >The princess group and her changeling wave as you walk off, you notice a White unicorn with a fancy blue mane standing at the gate.
  473. >Making your way over, he asks, "Is this where I am supposed to meet my wife today?"
  474. "May I ask what her name is?"
  475. >"Fleur, Fleur de lis. I would have been here earlier, but work kept holding me up, as much as I wanted to leave."
  476. "Yes, she's here. Come, I can take you to her."
  477. >Leading him past the apple swarm, you see Fleur look up to you, and her eyes light up as she spots her husband.
  478. >"Fancy, you came!" she exclaims, hopping up and rushing to his side.
  479. >Their necks entwine in a loving, equine embrace as he replies, "Of course I did. Work was extra busy, so I problems getting out, but I would never miss something like this with you."
  480. >Sitting next to them, the changeling rears up like a begging puppy, looking at them cutely.
  481. >"Fancy, I'd like you to meet Amore, our new pet."
  482. >Kneeling to get eye to eye with the changeling, Fancy Pants looks at it, and it gives him a smile.
  483. >"It's... different, I guess."
  484. >"Give her a chance, she's really friendly and she can help do all sorts of things around the house," Fleur says, and the changeling nods energetically.
  485. >"You want this, Dear, I'm not going to say no. I'm sure you'll be able to take care of her, and as long as she follows the rules, I see no reason why not."
  486. >The moment the last word leaves his lips, the changeling rushes forwards and hugs him with her neck, Fleur joining in on the other side.
  487. >Leaving the three to get aquainted, you head off to where Twilight went.
  488. >The pretty purple princess pony and her changeling are sitting on a bench, cozied up to eachother, watching birds fly around.
  489. "Twilight, Metamorphasis, how are you doing?"
  490. >"Fine, she's just a very shy changeling in big group situations. With everyp0ny there, she got nervous when the attention was going to turn to her."
  491. "Well, I'm glad she's fine now," you say, petting the little lovebug.
  492. "Anyways, we're heading back soon, so anything you are doing out here, try and finish it up quickly, alright?"
  493. >"Okay Anon, we'll be there."
  494. >Leaving them to their birdwatching, you make your way back to the main groups.
  495. >Over the din of the gathered ponies you let out a loud whistle to get everyones attention.
  496. "Class, today, you have all done quite well, and besides a minor incident with one pet, there were no problems."
  497. "Tomorrow is your final exam, so come prepared. If you pass, today will be the last time you will have to leave your pet."
  498. >A lot of goodbyes are shared as the changelings and their new friends split up, the changelings gathering around you, the ponies heading for the exits.
  499. >Obediently following you on their leashes, you take the changelings back to the refurbished school.
  500. >Squeaks greets you at the door, tail wagging happily, and you remove the leashes from the pets.
  501. "Tomorrow is a big day, so make sure you are ready to leave," you say to the pets, and they nod and run off to the rooms.
  502. >Back in your own room, you flop back into your recliner, Squeaks climbing into your lap.
  503. >Pressing your hand to your chest, you take deep breath and let it out slowly.
  504. "I never new it'd be so hard letting one of you little guys go... I know they're going to good homes, but..."
  505. >Squeaks climbs up your chest and nuzzles into the crook of your neck, letting out faint, happy noises.
  506. "I guess you're right. They're going to be happy, so I should be happy, and I can't exactly take care of all of them."
  507. >She doesn't reply, so you gently pet her side, letting her presence help calm you down.
  508. "Tomorrow's the big day... Lets hope everything goes well."
  511. Lesson 5
  513. >Sitting at your desk, you put the final bits into the tests, waiting for class to arrive.
  514. >Amore, Metamorphasis and all the other class changelings are sitting behind you on cushions, eagerly awaiting their owners.
  515. >Squeaks is arranging everything, seperating the desks.
  516. >Setting the tests out facedown, you check the clock and walk to the door.
  517. "Class," you say, swinging open the door, "Today is your final exam. Please take a seat at one of the desks with a test on it, but leave the test face down."
  518. >The students file in, each one taking a seat at one of the desks.
  519. "You will have one hour to complete the exam. There will be no breaks, any cheating will result in an immediate zero, and raise a hoof if you have a question about the wording of a question, or if you are done."
  520. "The test starts now."
  521. >Quills fly from bags, and tests flip over as everyone eagerly starts their test.
  522. >Question after question, page after page, the students recall everything they have learned or heard about changelings and fill in the answers to the best of their ability.
  523. >Everything from feeding habits, natural habitats and health care are covered, and by the fourty minute mark, the first student finishes.
  524. >Unsurprisingly, it's Twilight, and after collecting her test, you quietly tell her to wait.
  525. >Every student is done by the five minute warning, Braeburn being the last to finish.
  526. >Tests in hand, you stand and address the class.
  527. "I will be going next door to grade these. Please, feel free to occupy yourself during this time, but I have to insist you don't interact with your pets."
  528. >They all seem a little dissapointed but nod, and you can see Twilight and Celestia pull out books before you leave.
  529. >The next room over, as you had it remodeled, can see into the class, but cannot be seen by those in the class.
  530. >Grading the tests takes a little over a half hour, during which time everyone obeys your order not to play with the pets, and their marked tests in hand, you walk back into the room.
  531. >Maintaining a neutral expression is hard, but you keep stoic as you make the walk to your desk before turning to the students.
  532. "Even though it's only been five days, we've covered a lot, and I'm sure you all learned something about yourselves on top of what I taught you."
  533. "As your teacher, I've grown to know a bit about you, and I'm sure we could be considered friends."
  534. "And as friends, I have to tell you this."
  535. >The weight and tension in the air is palpable, and you feel your chest tighten as you say this.
  536. "You've all failed."
  537. >A pin dropping would make more noise than the room right now, and setting the tests aside, you place your hands on the desk.
  538. "I'll give you ten minutes to say goodbye. I'll be back at the end of that time, and you will have to leave."
  539. >Walking out, the moment the door closes, everyting starts up again in the room.
  540. >Quickly slipping into the next room so you can see their reactions, everything was about as you expected.
  541. >Fleur is openly crying, hugging her pet tight, and Big Mac has watery eyes as he curls up with his pet.
  542. >Twilight is being consoled by a teary eyed Celestia, both of them in close with their pets.
  543. >Braeburn has his hat pulled down over his face but you can see droplets hitting the ground, his pet doing it's best to make him happy.
  544. >Redheart has to be the most heartbreaking of all, standing there, rocking her changeling like a baby, whispering something while tears streak down her face.
  545. >Having seen enough, you turn around and leave the room.
  546. >Stepping back into the classroom, you feel what could amount to the ponies version of killing intent, though it's more an intent to dislike.
  547. "Well, the time to say goodbye is over, because you all pass."
  548. >The same silence as before reappears, but this time, it shatters quickly, tears of joy and cheering filling the room.
  549. >Fleur and Amore practically dive at your chest, hugging you, Fleur mumbling a stream of thank you's.
  550. >"Why, Anon? Why did you tell us we failed?" Twilight asks as Fleur releases you.
  551. "I had to know what your true feelings were. Everything up to now could have been faked, someone who only wanted a changeling for selfish or evil reasons would have no trouble doing the test."
  552. "This," you gesture around, "this, is hard to fake. Even though it has only been a few days, each and every one of you has bonded, and the thought of losing that bond was enough to draw a strong reaction."
  553. "Your reactions were the true final test, and you all passed with flying colours."
  554. >There is more cheering and hugs as you pass back the tests, and attached to the backs of each one, an ownership certificates.
  555. "On the back of your test, you will find your ownership certificate, proving you have passed the course, and are a proper changeling owner."
  556. "Now go on, take your new pets home," you say, motioning to the door.
  557. >Each one gives their thanks as they pass, Twilight the last to go.
  558. >"Hey, Anon, I'm glad you figured out all this, I think it will be a great new chapter in changeling history."
  559. "I agree, Twilight, and thank you for backing me in all this. Without you, none of this could have been possible."
  560. >"Well, take care," she says with a wave, leading her changeling from the building.
  561. "Guess that's it, Squeaks, now we just have to see how they do."
  563. ~~~Two weeks later~~~
  565. >The guards at the castle gate greet you warmly as you approach, your face well known enough to get through with no issues.
  566. >Shining Armor himself greets you inside, directing you to one of the studies.
  567. >He knows why you are here, but few else do.
  568. >Rapping your knuckles on the door, you hear Twilight call, "Come in!"
  569. >Inside, you see Twilight gasp, before waving at you as you open the door, a huge smile forming.
  570. "Hey Twilight, how is it going?"
  571. >"I'm always so busy, but with Metty's help here, It's not super hard."
  572. >The addressed changeling pops her head up from behind a pile of books, A smile as large as Twilight's appearing.
  573. >Excitedly rushing over, she stumbles on a book, getting caught by a purple aura before hitting the ground.
  574. >"I told you to be more careful, Metty, this place is messier than your old hive, so you have to watch your step."
  575. >With a more sedate pace, Metamorphosis walks over to you, and you start giving her a quick checkup.
  576. "It sounds like you two are getting along well," you comment while checking her plates
  577. >"Yes, she's a lot of fun, when it's just the two of us. She still doesn't do well with groups," Twilight replies, watching you intently, "Is this some sort of suprise visit?"
  578. "Kinda. I'm doing a checkup to see how the changelings are doing with their new homes and owners, and making sure no changes need to be done."
  579. >She nods and waits quietly while you check over Metty, finishing with a pat on the head.
  580. "Everything looks good, Twilight. Remember, if there are any problems, I'm not that far away."
  581. >"Of course," she says with a smile, "You worry about these little guys like Celestia worrys about us."
  582. "Well, she's next on my list, so don't ruin the surprise, alright?"
  583. >With a giggle, she nods and turns back to her books, Metty and Squeaks sharing a hug before the former returns to the books, and the latter to your side.
  584. >Through the great stone passageways of Canterlot castle and down to the throne room, you find the white pony princess perched on her seat.
  585. >Beside her, on a smaller seat sits her changeling, with a little shiny crown on her head.
  586. "Hello Princess, how are you today?" you call out as you approach.
  587. >A warm smile is turned on you, and her changeling, just like with Twilight's does the same.
  588. >"Quite well, Anonymous. And what might be the purpose of your visit today, or are you just here for my lovely company?"
  589. "As lovely as your company is, this visit is business related."
  590. >Making your way to the changeling's side, you motion her down, and she complies.
  591. "Today I'm giving checkups to make sure all the little petlings are doing well in their new homes."
  592. >Stomach, plates, wings, holes, you make sure to check all the main points of the little lovebugs, and each one checks out.
  593. "She looks to be in good shape; I take it you've had no problems?"
  594. >"Nope. Corona has been a wonderful companion, and quite fun on boring days."
  595. >Giving the little "princess" a pat, you rise and bow to Celestia.
  596. "Take care now, Princess Celestia, Princess Corona."
  597. >Squeaks makes a little bow to the changeling "princess" and the two of you head on your way.
  598. >Your next stop is the house, or rather, mansion, of Fleur and her husband, Fancy Pants.
  599. >The gate is open, and seeing the two ponies on a side patio, you opt to just walk up to them.
  600. >"Good afternoon, Anonymous, what brings you here?" Fleur asks, the first to spot you.
  601. "A suprise checkup, I'm visiting all my students and all their little cuddlebugs to make sure everything is going well."
  602. >With a whistle, Fleur calls over Amore, who pops out from around the corner, carrying a ball in her mouth.
  603. >Dropping the ball at her owner's side, the changeling runs up to you, rubbing against your legs like a cat.
  604. >When you check her out, you find she's gained a little weight, but nothing to be worried about.
  605. "She's doing quite well in your care. There's nothing wrong with her whatsoever."
  606. >"Of course, my darling Fleur has been spending a little too much time with her, I would think," Fancy Pants says, throwing his wife a glance.
  607. >"Oh come now dear, I know you like to snuggle up with her too."
  608. >"That's because you're all cuddled out," he retorts playfully, and Amore cuddles up next to him.
  609. >With a smile and wave, you leave the family to their play, Squeaks falling in behind you quickly.
  610. >Luckily, your next three stops are all in the same place thanks to a family gathering.
  611. >Boarding an express train to Ponyville, you get a car all to yourself and Squeaks, letting the trip happen in relative silence.
  612. >After a nice nap, you and your pet disembark, arriving in the small town of Ponyville.
  613. >Unlike the hustle and bustle of Canterlot or back home, the town is quiet, yet active.
  614. >The first stop here is at Ponyville General, where Redheart works at a nurse.
  615. >Inside the front entrance, you are immediately greeted by the changeling, all dressed up in a little nurse outfit and holding a small, wrapped candy heart in its mouth.
  616. >Seeing you, the candy is dropped, and she leans up for a hug.
  617. >Obliging her, you hold her tight, before lowering her down.
  618. >"Ah, Anonymous, what are you doing here?" Redheart asks, walking up.
  619. "Checking up on everyones changelings. Making sure they are doing well in their new homes."
  620. >She gets the same going over as the others, the clothes making it look a little innapropriate.
  621. "So, what does she do around here?" you ask while checking her joints.
  622. >"Basic things. Checking in on patients, entertaining kids, and like you saw, greeting ponies who come in with a smile and a sweet, candy heart."
  623. >Finishing up your examination, you give her a pat like the others.
  624. "Everything checks out, so I have nothing to recommend. Just keep her safe, and everything will be fine."
  625. >"Can do, Doctor Teacher Anonymous," she replies, playfully mocking your titles.
  626. "That's Mister Doctor Professor Anonymous to you," you reply, equally as playfully.
  627. >She giggles at your response and waves as you leave, Squeaks getting a candy from Redhearts changeling before she rejoins you.
  628. "Last stop, the Apple family."
  629. >Following a well worn dirt path out of town, you quickly hear the sounds of a massive party going on.
  630. >Hundreds of ponies fill the farm, and yet as you approach, both Big Mac and Braeburn manage to spot you and make their way over.
  631. >"Howdy partner, what brings ya to the Apple family gatherin'?" Braeburn asks, giving you a big smile.
  632. "I'm here to check up on the newest additions to the Apple family, making sure they're doing well in their new homes."
  633. >"Of course, come on in. We'll go find them, and ya can mingle, jus' don't get lost."
  634. >Making motions to measure your height versus theirs, you get a couple light laughs, before the two stallions go off.
  635. >Wandering through the crowds, you find a slightly secluded spot where you can still be seen, but don't have to deal with all the ponies.
  636. >Events are going on all over, from hay bale tossing to races and apple tree kicking.
  637. >Big Mac is the first to find his pet and bring her over, and she scampers over to you.
  638. "Hey there, little one, Let's check up on you."
  639. >Running your hands over her wings and plates, you check for anything wrong, and when you pull her plates to check her joints, you find one.
  640. >Gently swiping the length of her rear leg joint, you pull out some stray hay from the joint, and she lets out a small sigh.
  641. "You'll have to have someone, preferably a unicorn, to help her clean every week or so, she's getting stray bits of hay in her joints, and it's causing some irritation."
  642. >"Alright. Ah'll have somepony look at it."
  643. >Braeburn arrives as he says this, and his changeling prances over too, ready to be examined.
  644. >Like with Big Mac's pet, his has traces of hay in her joints, and you give him the same info.
  645. "Well, besides a little cleaning help, they both check out, so keep up the good work."
  646. >Rising to leave, you see them blocking your path.
  647. >"Hey now, you helped make this family bigger, so yer part of this family too," Braeburn says, flinging his hat onto your head, "Now come on, let's have some fun."
  648. >Squeaks looks up at you hopefully, and you smile.
  649. "Sure, we can stay for the day."
  650. >Cheers go around, and you let Big Mac pull you towards the party.
  652. End.
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