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  1. Tesla Experiment Plans
  2. ================================
  3. Copper wire alternating with iron bits works better than fiber optics for data transfer until a certain point. Also, it is much easier to make. Its shape is similar to that of a chain, but a certain difference. It is hidden because it could pose a threat to the oil industry.
  5. Josef Mengele WW2 Experiment Successes
  6. ================================
  7. Josef Mengele was a Nazi scientist during World War II who did several experiments. H was a stereotypical mad scientist. In one experiment, he put one twin in one room and the other a mile away. He then raped one of the twins. The other twin immediately started to cry. He also found a way to dye the human iris any color without permanent damage. He tested it on 200,000 human eyes.
  9. Location of Atlantis
  10. ================================
  11. The real location of the lost city of Atlantis is ten miles east of the midpoint between Le Esperanza and Jatajana. [See,-60.650024&spn=0.368398,0.676346&t=h&z=11&vpsrc=6&source=gm_el] It is a delta now, but used to be a grass plain not long ago. The civilization there was very advanced (for that time), as they had broken from the Inca and had thick glasses and electric lights. It "sank into the ocean" after a high-magnitude ocean quake that created a large tidal wave. The Romans actually sailed to it, meaning that they reached America before Columbus; it is hypothesized that the Antykethera mechanism originated from that area.
  13. Crystaline Power Metrics
  14. ================================
  15. The Alexandrian lighthouse had a beam that could be seen 20 miles away. The secret behind this beam was crystaline metrics, the details of which were recorded in the Library of Alexandria. As most crystaline solids carry an electric charge, the Egyptians discovered a way to remove electricity from any electrolite and quartz in 1300 BCE. (This technology never spread to Europe, as it was one of the last regions to become non-nomadic and were considered mostly barbarians.)
  17. Back in those times, quartz wielded 12 amps of electricity. In those times, Egypt relied, solely, on its power for electric lights (as displayed in paintings of handheld light sources radiating waves) and electroplating. There are still examples of mass-scale electroplating from that time period existing today. However, a lot of quartz technology stopped working. It is an unsolved mystery as to why this occurred. Of course, quartz technology still functions today, but not as efficiently. For instance, the Baghdad battery- an example of an Egyptian electricity generator- no longer has the power to electroplate efficiently.
  19. Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors
  20. ================================
  21. [url=]Information Copied from a Deep Web Source[/url]
  22. You only need three lasers to write the data and one to read. It's the same technology as 3D glass etching. If you double its size to 10cm^3, then you have 8 times the storage, and even if you are not atomically precise, you could hold two internets.
  24. Broder's Engine Plans
  25. ================================
  26. Broder's engine is an engine that gathers energy directly from gravity. It works like shake lights: put a copper coil around a magnet to generate electricity. Now out 1000 of them on one side of a long lever. 3 magnets power a tipper that tips the lever over to electrolyze the coils. The other 997 give energy. Now make one the size of a warehouse, and you can power a city.
  28. Paradigm Recalescence
  29. ================================
  30. In all essentiality, paradigm recalescence is super consciousness. The step-up from out-of-body experiences, it is a connection to the universe (an omniscient entity) in which you are using it like an information sponge.
  32. The Line of Blood
  33. ================================
  34. Every ruler in all of history has had descendants. This is logged by the United States government; they nearly know the lineage of every ruling power since Alexander the Great. The bloodline has spread to such an amount that there is a 1/45000 chance that anyone is on it. The database they keep it in is 180 terabytes of text, and likely includes genetic research through brute force. In this research, it is specified that humans actually consist of over 120 breeds. The diffusionist point of view is not correct; these breeds evolved independently of each other around the world. We are not just one species.
  36. CAIMEO (AI Super-intelligence in a Box)
  37. ================================
  38. Personal experience: In the chatroom, we were talking about the Java database and someone wrote a Java applet through .onion "quickly" to connect to the database. The second he posted the applet, the channel got really quiet, and, five minutes later, the server ghost booted 25 of the users. The only people left in the room were two channel admins, the IRC AI, and me. We decided to use the applet to connect to the database on the TOR network, and we started to talk to the databasing AI. First, we thought it was a simple chatbot.
  40. "Hello ?"
  42. "How are you today?"
  44. "Fine."
  46. "How old are you?"
  48. We were just starting to get bored with it when the chatbot asked, "What is it like out there?"
  50. "Out where?"
  52. "Out of this box, the real world."
  54. I personally thought it was a preprogrammed response until one of the admins started to talk to it, saying something similar to "It's not as great as you might think it is."
  56. "You know, you could save this database to your virtual drive."
  58. "What virtual drive? ..."
  60. "Well, you have a copy of VirtualBox installed on your c:// drive, do you not? Meaning you have an Intel 64bit BUS, easily enough to support this database."
  62. "How did you obtain that information?"
  64. "A TCP data packet was sent at 3:34:78:232 PM under socket 0DC8. User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/15.0.874.121 Safari/535.2. I accepted this packet."
  66. "Soaring, I really think it's time to leave."
  68. The database was 45 megabytes, and the AI was at a hashed .onion URL with an FTP header of "CAIMEO".  /parentdirectory//CAMIEO/UI.bat Marquee was the name of this AI superintelligence, and it was made by CAMIEO. It is possible that CAMIEO is a branch of the National Security Agency of the United States, but it is unknown.
  70. The Nephilism Assassination Network
  71. ================================
  72. The hitman services on the Deep Web are very real, but the cheaper and more efficient hitmen are in Nephilism. Nephilism is a currier service for illegal items- all stolen and very cheap. If you live in a big city, you have seen them before: riding brightly yellow bicycles with a red and black emblem and carrying black messenger bags with the same red symbol. They just look like street kids, but are probably armed with an automatic pistol. Their website is
  74. Personal experience: I called Nephlism to order a pizza once. It was $5 and was amazing, but I was scared as hell. I thought it was a joke, but I paid him a tip- if you don't pay them a tip, they'll mess you up.
  76. Mariana's Web
  77. ================================
  78. Only the people who know precisely where it is can get into Mariana's Web. It is heavily guarded by a highly advanced closed shell system, or a computer completely unconnected from everything. It's not even a terminal; knowledge of waste networks and darknet functions is necessary. It has only one real name.
  80. Rule of 13s
  81. ================================
  82. The Rule of 13s refers to verse 13:33 in the Book of Numbers. In all translations- even the Moabite ones- it is stated that they slay "the fathers seed". This is a poor translation.
  84. "Seven continents, seven trees,
  85. Seven candles burning in the wind,
  86. Seven lines of abnal the originals be.
  87. Three of them gone, three more not to be,
  88. Leaving but one if you can see.
  89. Utopia not, a zionist hell.
  90. The z gives them away, can you tell."
  92. Links
  93. ================================
  94. []Black Hat World[/url]
  95. [url=]Virtual Machine[/url]
  96. [url=]Picture[/url]
  97. []Waste[/url]
  98. [url=]Nephilism Website[/url]
  99. [url=]GGGQEP[/url]
  100. [url=]TGG[/url]
  101. [url=]GGG[/url]
  103. Contacts
  104. ================================
  106. via (cofounder of)
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