BluntTongs - Little Flicker rotted

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You look down at Flicker, lying in your bed
  2. >her entire left side is being consumed by Rot, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem
  3. >the doctors already gave you some anti-growth medication and a hacksaw, to help keep the Rot under control
  4. >thankfully, it's only a basic case of Necrophilism
  5. >...whatever that is
  6. >"A-Anon, I'll be fine, r-right?"
  7. >she's shivering as a large, bony limb extends itself from her haunch
  8. "Yes, I'm sure of it."
  9. >you take the hacksaw and put it onto the base of the limb, gently sawing back and forth, cutting the unfeeling limb from the body
  10. >it tries to slap the saw out of your hands, but your grip is too strong, and soon her body is cleansed of the offending appendage
  11. >the Rot is spreading across her chest now, albeit slowly, turning her fur a dark colour
  12. >Flicker is softly crying now
  13. >"When will the doctors be here, Anon?"
  14. "Soon, Flick. Soon."
  15. >she cries out as another sinewy limb pierces her body, this time in her left foreleg
  16. >but your dedicated sawing keeps the disease in check
  17. >you sit there quietly as her body is wracked with pain
  18. >"A...Anon... I don't want to mutate..." she whispers
  19. "Don't worry, the doctors will be here soon..."
  20. >throughout the sleepless night, you sit, cutting when needed, and making sure her pills are taken
  21. >and despite the pain, she manages to sleep, tears staining the bedsheets
  22. >soon, she will get treatment
  23. >soon...
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