AutoMessages - en.yml

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. nameOfPlugin: "&6[&3AutoMessages&6]"
  2. headOfList: "&6-*-*-*-[&3List of Messages - Page: &5{page}&6]-*-*-*-"
  4. noPermission: "&cYou don't have permissions!"
  5. wrongUsageCommand: "&cWrong using the command!"
  6. successfullyReloaded: "&aAll files reloaded!"
  7. playerIsAlreadyInADBlock: "&cPlayer &6{player} &cis already in ADBlock List!"
  8. playerIsnotInADBlock: "&cPlayer &6{player} &cisn't in ADBlock List!"
  9. playerIsNotOnilne: "&cPlayer &6{player} &cisn't online!"
  10. noNumber: "&cArgument must be number!"
  11. noPage: "&cPage with this number does not exists!"
  12. noMessage: "&cMessage with this number can not be removed because it does not exists!"
  13. badNumber: "&cNumber must be higher than &60&c!"
  15. playerAdded: "&aPlayer &6{player} &awas added to ADBlock List!"
  16. playerRemoved: "&aPlayer &6{player} &awas removed from ADBlock List!"
  17. youWasAdded: "&aYou was added to ADBlock List!"
  18. youWasRemoved: "&cYou was removed from ADBlock List!"
  19. pluginInfo: "&9Plugin for sending automatic messages to player in chat."
  20. versionInfo: "&9Version of plugin: &6{version}"
  21. addedMessage: "&aMessage was successfully added to list! \n&cBut for activate this message, you have to reload plugin! &3/am reload"
  22. removedMessage: "&aMessage was successfully removed from list! \n&cBut for changes, you have to reload plugin! &3/am reload"
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