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  1. +X% to total experience per kill
  2. +X% to total gold per kill
  3. +X% Stat Drop Boost
  4. +X% chance to have a stat drop become a 2 stat drop
  5. +X% Max Jack of All Jades
  6. +X% chance for a jade drop to convert to the next tier drop (like the Koi Carp does)
  7. +X% increased chance for an area boss jewelry drop
  8. +X% increased chance for an area boss map drop
  9. +X% increased chance for an area boss guild map drop
  10. +X Max Autos
  11. +X% chance to find a guild boss pet on a successful hit
  12. +X% Max Accuracy Stat Boost
  13. +X% Max Evasion Stat Boost
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