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happy day with Yuuka 3

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Nov 14th, 2020
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  1. Life at Mugenkan was like a dream which never ended. The life of royalty, but with responsibilities no greater than that of a child. Every night, a decadent meal prepared, sourced from some unknown location. Delicious foods never before tasted, eaten only in the company of your wife. An excellent musician in her own right, you enjoyed giving recitals to each other, or occasionally partaking in duets. Yuuka often mused that music states that which cannot be spoken, and from her taste in music you truly understood the depths of her passion. She loved bittersweet, nostalgic tunes, but she also enjoyed powerful, frantic songs as well. A woman who lived for the quiet after the storm, well-earned introspection and remembrance of happy days. Wonderful books from far away lands, perfect for lounging the days away lazily. Every night you looked forward most to cuddling with Yuuka by a fireplace, drinking hot tea, and discussing literature, poetry, emotions. A hopeless romantic without an equal, these simple pleasures meant the world to her. During the day you enjoyed long walks through her vast territory, exploring nature in all its undisturbed beauty. The residents were all cheerful sprites, fairies who enjoyed nothing more than idle amusement and silly pranks. For such a powerful woman, Yuuka truly cherished fairies, considering herself not so different than one herself in nature. In her views, this pure and perfect attunement to all that is natural and healthy was the best enlightenment a living being could strive for. Though lately, watching the fairies play around has had a different meaning for her as well.
  2. Aha, every day I feel just a bit heavier, Yuuka says as she eases herself into bed, taking care to watch her bulging womb. Mmmmm, I can't wait much longer. I want children of our own, to raise, to shower with love. You've given me so much happiness, and what better way to celebrate it than to make hundreds of little copies of ourselves?
  3. Hundreds?! You begin to wonder if the human penis would be able to survive such an endeavor. Haha, I'm just teasing darling. We'll start with something more reasonable, like say, 20 or so. Mmmm...I just love watching them run around, so innocent to the evils of this world. I want to take care of beautiful little flower garden. Hearing them call me mama for the first time, ehe, I might just break down in tears from it.
  4. No less a strange yet enthralling feel for yourself, albeit in different ways. Seeing the beautiful woman at your side slowly change, by no other external force than the power of your cock. A woman widely regarded as a vicious monster who would murder you just for looking at her the wrong way. Lying beleaguered at your side, engaging in such lovely feminine fantasies. Rather than being some massive contradiction, this was simply Yuuka's pendulum of intense passion swinging in the other direction. A woman who valued life so deeply, who would end things disagreeable to her, but also nurture the things that she saw as most beautiful. Any sane human would regard her as a lunatic living purely in extremes, but this was a core part of Yuuka's being which you related to perhaps the most.
  5. Mmmmm, is it just me or have they gotten bigger? Yuuka frees her breasts from the confines of her loose nightgown, massaging them with an incredulous look. What do you think darling? Come closer dear. Upon further examination, you confirm the already busty woman has grown even larger. Too big, perhaps? I'm worried about my figure, Yuuka admits. Hmmm, no complaints on my side, you say as you begin to take her nipple into your mouth. Aha, I'm already stuck taking care of a baby right here and I've yet to even give birth. Yuuka strokes your hair as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Warm delicious breast milk flows into your mouth. Is youkai breast milk that different than human milk? Is it because Yuuka is a nature youkai that it tastes so good? You aren't really certain, but you are not really scholarly enough to care. Drink as much as you want...but please leave some behind for the child, ok? Yuuka smiles with that lovely warmth that turns you on instantly. Turned on even with this fat belly of mine, hmm, Yuuka teases. As you wish, but please, mind the child. You begin to spoon her softly from the back, holding her womb in the embrace of your arm. Milk still leaking out of her breasts, you enjoy the warm feeling of the liquid against your skin as you knead them softly. Kissing the nape of her neck, Yuuka moans in bliss. You can go a little deeper, it's far from the baby. Ahh, keep holding my womb like that. I love when we all are connected like this...aaaahh...we can't go as wild as we used to, but this is nice in its own way as well...
  6. You let all your essence flow into Yuuka, and fall asleep gently rocking against her. Whispering sweet nothings in each others ear, you settle in for another indulgent snooze with your wife
  7. The day you had dreaded finally arrived, delivery. However, rather than immense pain and agony, it hardly caused Yuuka anything more than mild annoyance. Many women chose to deliver their babies unassisted in the human village, but their suffering was immense, many dying in the process and preferring to be unseen in their not-so-finest hour. The perks of having a youkai wife truly were without equal. Lying in the bed you shared, holding a newborn in her arms, Yuuka was for one of the few times in her life, at a genuine loss for words. Tears poured down ceaselessly from her eyes, the sobbing never ceasing. How long has she waited for something like this, you wonder. Most human girls give birth some time in their second decade. You have still yet to question Yuuka's age, but it must have been long overdue. This greatest joy a woman can experience, something Yuuka simply had to live without. Her emotions were your own in this moment, as you stayed with her for hours on end. A few bumbling fairy maids brought in meals, all overjoyed at the sight, some breaking down in tears themselves. Of course, Elly and Kurumi came into visit, offering their most heartfelt congratulatoins and feeling joy in seeing their master finally find such happiness. A strange blond woman also came to visit, as well as a nine-tailed fox who appeared at her side. That she was able to so teleport her way into the dream world was eery, but it was clear she was no enemy to us. So adorable, the blond woman mused to herself. Yuuka, I have known you for longer than gensokyo even existed and I never thought I'd see the day. I knew if a man ever managed to pierce that shell of yours, a child would immediately follow. Hmmmm, Ran, I might have to ask you to find me a cute human of my own to settle with. I hope I am not yet past my prime...
  8. Thank you Yukari. Perhaps I can make you this child's godmother for now then? Or maybe might be a bad influence.
  9. Of course not! Leave it to auntie Yukari. We'll watch TV, play video games all day, eat junk food, she'll never want to leave my house!
  10. No child of mine will partake in such crude activities until they are at least of proper age to regulate themselves. That's exactly the problem.
  11. Oh lighten up, Yuuka. But I've learned by now you possibly never will...oh well. I wish you and your husband the best. Goodbye~
  12. Is this what it means to have bothersome in-laws, you ponder. Luckily there shouldn't be much more at the very least, according to Yuuka.
  13. Days pass, and the child appears to be the pinnacle of health. Yuuka refuses to leave the child's side for even a second, the cradle located within arm's reach of the bed. Waking up numerous times to breastfeed the baby, her devotion is nothing less of saintly. Taxing on your own sleep schedule, but seeing Yuuka's glowing face as she holds your child more than makes up for it.
  14. Thanks for your patience, Yuuka says as she places the baby back in its cradle. Climbing on top of you once again, you see that Yuuka's body returned to form rather quickly. Even better than before, larger breasts, hips, ass. Make me a mommy again, please~? Just like on that night...ahhh...
  15. Straddling your cock, Yuuka takes her nightgown off slowly, her enormous jugs jiggling pleasantly from the act. You reach up to admire their new sizes, as she begins to sway her hips back in forth, placing her hands on your chest. The pace quickly accelerates, Yuuka's lust too much to be contained with simple teasing. Aha...I've missed this like you wouldn't believe darling. A fluffy green bush bristles against your own crotch, tickling you delightfully as she moves up and down. Shamelessly relieving herself, Yuuka fills her pussy with every millimeter of your cock, moving her hips in all directions to hit at different angles. Moaning indecently, unable to keep her eyes open from the pleasure. Mmm, ohhh, right there... You work your hands from her breasts down to her still slim waistline, feeling up the surface slick with sweat, admiring the new thickness which continued to bounce on your cock like a broken toy. Squishing her ass made her respond quite well, as she started to ravish herself at an ever maddening pace. Close to climax, she moves in for deep kisses, locking with your tongue, staring deep into your eyes in between long blinks. I love you so much. I love you too Yuuka. In perfect harmony, you both release all inhibition, letting yourself enjoy each other to the maximum extent. Pushing all the way into her womb you pour a hot and heavy load, eagerly accepted to the sound of screaming ecstasy. Finally, all of your muscles let out, both you and Yuuka hardly retaining consciousness. Falling asleep inside Yuuka once again, you hear no thoughts, but only pure emotions of love and warmth. Like that baby over by your side, knowing nothing but a mother's pure love. You drift off in a blanket of Yuuka's softness.
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