Unattractive Dash Story (AiE; Rainbow Dash)

Feb 16th, 2017
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  1. >You'll never forget her face.
  2. >The brief moment of shock, followed by the darkening of her expression.
  3. >The date had gone amazingly up to this point.
  4. >Dash had been a bit abrasive at first but as the night went on she genuinely was happy to be in your company.
  5. >You two laughed, you had a few drinks, you listened to her Wonderbolt stories.
  6. >She even gave you a little time to talk as the night went one, and more than once her hoof slid itself along your leg.
  7. >You had walked her home and was just about to seal the night with a kiss when you did the unthinkable.
  8. >You called her beautiful.
  9. >"Go away..."
  10. >She mumbled and turned her back to you.
  11. >You were stunned.
  12. >It felt like a switch had been flipped inside her.
  13. >When you didn't leave, she lowered her head and yelled, still facing away.
  14. >"I SAID GO AWAY!! WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS HUH!? HOOPS? GILDA?! SOME KIND OF PRANK!? Well good job, asshole, you sure got me!!"
  15. "That's! I--"
  16. >"SHUT UP AND GET LOST!!!"
  17. >She took off, flying away at a blinding speed.
  18. >You were left standing below her cloud house, wondering what the hell you could have done.
  19. >Still confused and a little hurt, you went home for the night.
  20. >The next morning, you decided to go see Twilight and ask about Dash's reaction to something as simple as a compliment.
  21. >Except, when you met her, Twilight was in no mood to talk to you.
  22. >"You shouldn't lie to your friends, Anon! Especially ones you claim you like!"
  23. >That was all she said before slamming the large door of her castle.
  24. >The others had similar reactions when you approached them.
  25. >Rarity hurled balls of yarn at you while calling you a filthy maligner.
  26. >Applejack was more to the point, she told you the moment you stepped on her properly she could legally buck you.
  27. >Pinkie Pie flipped the sign of the bakery to "Closed" the moment she saw you approaching.
  28. >Only Fluttershy was civil enough to say 'please' when she asked you to leave her and her friends alone.
  29. >What the fuck, ponies?
  30. >Was there some stigma about calling another pony beautiful?
  31. >Maybe Dash had gotten the wrong idea and decided you were only interested in what was between her legs.
  32. >But even that made no sense because for all intents and purposes she was the one who initiated most of the physical contact.
  33. >Hell, on the walk home her wingtip was very obviously against your backside.
  34. >You didn't even WANT to sleep with her that night, you were going to give her some line about being special because to you she really was and you wanted more than a fling.
  35. >But yet, if you had kept your mouth shut, acted like a beta faggot, and let her mount you, you'd be in her bed right now, maybe even getting laid a second time.
  36. >....In theory, who really knows?
  37. >Is this the most cut and dry instance of nice guys finishing last?
  38. >No, this was past the point of making the wrong choice in a crappy dating sim.
  39. >There was something legitimately up here and you were going to get to the bottom of it!
  40. >With most of Dash's friends giving you the cold shoulder, you'd have to talk to someone who knew Dash but someone who she likely didn't complain to in the last 10 hours.
  41. >The pegasi on the weather team seemed like a safe bet.
  42. >Plus, maybe a stallion could shed some light on courtship to you.
  43. >It was already a little strange lopsided, from what you could tell mares asked the stallions out more than the other way around.
  44. >Dash actually teased you about you asking her out, saying that it must have taken a lot of guts not to just wait around for her to do it.
  45. >...dammit, she must have really liked you...
  46. >OK, shitty feelings aside, it was time to get some fucking answers.
  47. >You did some quick thinking of who to talk to and all signs pointed to Thunderlane.
  48. >Not quite her friend, not on bad terms, he seems normal, he had a pair of balls between his legs so maybe he was a little more rational?
  49. >Fingers crossed.
  50. >You knocked on his door and a few moments later he let you in.
  51. >"Hi Anon! It's been awhile! We haven't hung out since Cider Season!"
  52. >You were honestly surprised he even remembered that, considering you said all of three words to him and spent the rest of the time trying to talk to Rainbow.
  53. >She had been purposely evasive of you, she actually admitted it over dinner the night before.
  54. >Something about wanting to see if you'd be able to keep up with her.
  55. >It was silly but cute in a Dash sort of way.
  56. >Thunderlane offered you for you to come in when you popped out of memory land.
  57. "Hey buddy, yea I wouldn't mind coming in. I have something important to talk about."
  58. >"Sure thing!"
  59. >He moved aside to let you enter his little house.
  60. >It was a bit cramped but you found yourself a seat while he flopped back on the couch.
  61. >"This about Rainbow Dash?"
  62. >Holy hell, is there a pony TMZ you were unaware of?
  63. >You felt yourself frown and he noticed.
  64. >"Yea, I'd be pretty bummed too if I said something that mean to a mare I liked."
  65. "I didn't say anything mean though!"
  66. >"That's not what I heard."
  67. "Oh, OK, and what did you hear?"
  68. >You'd like to know from who too but when it comes to gossip its better to just let them keep talking.
  69. >"I heard you guys hit it off then you lied right to her face and she caught you in it! Nobody will say what you said, but I think it's cause they don't know either."
  70. >You snorted and felt your shoulders fall.
  71. "All I did was say she was beautiful..."
  72. >Thunderlane swallowed hard and made a tsking inhale with his teeth.
  73. >"Well that was stupid. Why would you lie to her like that?"
  74. "I....didn't?"
  75. >"Oh give me a break, Anon. Look, I even wanted to tap that at one point too. She's got a nice body under all that...whatever. But, I wouldn't tell someone that ugly they were beautiful, I don't care how badly I wanted to--"
  76. "I didn't want to fuck her! I mean...I DID someday but that's not why i took her out. I LIKE Rainbow Dash! I wanted to get closer to her!"
  77. >"So then why the heck did you say that then?"
  78. "Why the hell do you think she's ugly!?"
  79. >Thunderlane crossed his forearms and shook his head.
  80. >"I guess cause you're not from around Equestria, maybe you really didn't know?"
  81. "Know what? What's not to like about her? She has pretty eyes and really amazing mane, she smells like she uses some kind of lavender shampoo mixed with spring rain, and yea she has a really sexy body for, ya know, a pony. What am I missing here?"
  82. >"That's just it, Anon. Her mane is awful! Her eyes are creepy, and her coat is just...I don't know. It's not pretty at all. I felt bad for her, always hanging around with those friends of her, they're all so good looking. Dash looks like a clown next to--"
  83. >You stood up abruptly and made your way out.
  84. >Thunderlane galloped after, trying to apologize, but you slammed the door behind you before he could.
  85. >If he was smart he wouldn't chase after you.
  86. >Leaving was Paragon choice, but you were a second away from knocking him the fuck out.
  87. >How could he say that all that stuff?
  88. >He was her friend right?
  89. >Well, more like her underling but still!
  90. >Maybe he tried more than just thinking about 'tapping that' and Dash rejected him?
  91. >That would explain why he'd be such a jackass right now.
  92. >But then again, he didn't look like he was enjoying saying all that stuff.
  93. >More like a friend who found out you still believed in Santa Claus.
  94. >And, just like an overgrown child, instead of listening, you stormed out.
  95. >Good job, Anon, he was your only lead too.
  96. >Annoyed with yourself, you decided to go back to Twilight's.
  97. >Out of all of the ponies, she seemed the least likely to hurt you.
  98. >Well, second least likely, but Fluttershy hangs out with bears and chaos creatures.
  99. >Screw that noise.
  100. >So you banged on the door of Twilight Sparkle's Crystal Palace Playsetâ„¢ until the door opened again.
  101. >This time it was Spike.
  102. >"Hey Anon....Twilight said to tell you to go away. Well, first she said some stuff and told me I'm not allowed to say those words and then she said to go tell you to go away. So, umm..."
  103. >Your face fell flat.
  104. >He shuffled his feet.
  105. >Spike was one of the few guys in Ponyville you hung out with on a semi-regular basis.
  106. >Poor guy was having issues telling you to buzz off, especially when not two days ago you taught him how to play Spades.
  107. "How about you just tell Twilight something for me."
  108. >"Sure Anon! I mean, she didn't say I had to make you go away, just tell you. And I did that!"
  109. "Mhm, so do me a favor. Tell Twilight I'm going to stay out here until I can talk to her. And that I didn't know what other ponies thought of Dash's....umm...appearance."
  110. >"You got it!"
  111. >The little dragon bolted off, leaving the door half open.
  112. >You considered letting yourself in, but decided to wait.
  113. >About ten minutes later, the large crystal doors opened complete.
  114. >Twilight was waiting on the other side, Spike behind her.
  115. >She looked pissed, and Spike looked....tired?
  116. >You bit your lip, trying not to laugh when it dawned on you that Spike physically pushed Twilight to the front door.
  117. >"What do you want?"
  118. >Twilight grumped, but you didn't let it phase you.
  119. "We need to talk about Dash. I need to tell you what happened last night.'
  120. >"She told me enough, Anon. She really liked you too, we all did! But we all knew she LIKE-liked you! And you just ripped her heart out! You know how hard it is for her to let herself be vulnerable like that? Everything she's gone through to get where she is?"
  121. "I know! I mean, I know she liked me, I liked her! A lot. You know how long it took me to just ask her to coffee? It was her idea for it to be dinner, and I was so excited! I nearly chickened out!"
  122. >"....really? Then what gives?"
  123. >Twilight, for the first time, showed less scorn and slight confusion instead.
  124. >"She was here all night crying. I had to call the other girls over just to calm her down."
  125. "I had a feeling something like that happened...can I come in?"
  126. >Twilight looked behind her at a pile of books she had been organizing, then back to you.
  127. >She sighed, the weight of the duties of the Princess of Friendship causing her head to lower a tad.
  128. >"I guess so...SPIKE!! Bring us some tea please!"
  129. >Spike rolled his eyes.
  130. >"I'm literally standing right next to you, you don't need to yell!"
  131. >You chuckled and Twilight shot you a 'don't think you can relax so easily, mister' look.
  132. >Back at attention, real quick.
  133. >"Let's go sit in the meeting room."
  134. >She lead you to the center room in the castle, the one with the table.
  135. >She took her usual seat, you sat across from her in Rarity's.
  136. >Spike arrived shortly with tea for Twilight along with some sweet treats.
  137. >"Alright, start from the beginning..."
  138. >So you did.
  139. >From the very beginning actually.
  140. >The first time you saw Rainbow Dash, how you felt your heart jump a little.
  141. >The times you tried to talk to her but didn't.
  142. >The other times you managed to talk to her but stuttered or made a fool of yourself some other way.
  143. >How small, awkward, few word sentences became normal conversations.
  144. >How you'd ask her about her flying just to spend a few minutes talking to her.
  145. >How she always made fun of you but never in a mean or condescending way.
  146. >Heck, you even let a few of the flirty bits slip.
  147. >Dash was just about as good at flirting as you were, and you could tell when she was using lines she probably picked up from Wonderbolt Academy.
  148. >Sometimes, Twilight would smile.
  149. >Listening to you gush about how much you genuinely liked Rainbow Dash was pretty damned cute, afterall.
  150. >But they were always short live, her smile reverting back to a look of disapproval when she remembered why you were there in the first place.
  151. >Only to end in a frown when you reached the crowning moment from last night.
  152. "So that's that. I tried to give her a compliment and she had a meltdown. All I want to do now is say I'm sorry but I don't know if she'll ever talk to me again. Plus, I don't even know what I DID still! I didn't mock her or anything, I looked her in the eyes and I fucking meant it!"
  153. >Twilight covered Spike's ears when you dropped the f-bomb.
  154. >Fuck, don't do that.
  155. >....what did I just say?!
  156. >Twilight set her saucer down and took a deep breath through her nostrils.
  157. >"Anon, Rainbow Dash is one of my closest friends. I love her as much as I do any of the other girls. Seeing her last night, I wanted to go to your house and turn you into a talking orange or something like that. But, the more I'm hearing the more I'm realizing you're not mean, you're just a little....well..."
  158. >"Dumb?"
  159. >Spike shrugged and popped a donut in his mouth.
  160. >Twilight glared daggers at him but you nodded.
  161. "I'm even dumber than you think, because I still don't know what I did. I look at Rainbow Dash and I see one of the prettiest mares I've ever laid eyes on. Someone else told me, her mane, her eyes, they're not attractive to ponies. But to me, she's gorgeous. A free spirit with a snarky attitude but still can toss her hair and make my chest tight and my mouth dry, ya know? Haven't you ever felt that way about anyone before?"
  162. >Twilight sighed, turning her gaze downward.
  163. >Add 'ask the nerdy book princess if she was ever in love before' to your list of dumb offenses.
  164. >Before this became about Twilight, you pressed on.
  165. "Where I come from, there are a lot of different kinds of women. What one man finds ugly as sin another might be drooling over. Are ponies so different from that? Do you guys really line each other up in the morning and convince each other who's ugly and who's pretty?"
  166. >"'s not that, Anon. Dash is...I feel awful saying it, but she's like an anomaly. Ponies just don't look like her."
  167. "She must have gotten the hair and eyes from someone though?"
  168. >"Her Dad I think."
  169. "So then if he could meet someone who liked him enough to have a kid with him, why is it so--"
  170. >"That's not the point. I don't know Dash's father or her mother. I'm sure they're good ponies. But it's more that Dash is really insecure about how she looks. You can't imagine what it must have been like growing up looking like she does."
  171. >You really couldn't.
  172. >No, not in the literal sense, you actually couldn't wrap your mind around this conversation.
  173. >Bias aside, you still didn't see anything wrong with her.
  174. >Maybe ponies were so lucky that they didn't have cripples or birth defects?
  175. >That something so insignificant as too many hair colors was enough to earn scorn?
  176. >And who the heck had a problem with her eyes?
  177. >You could lose yourself in those eyes....
  178. >"But, it took a lot for you to come here today. Especially after how short I was with you this morning."
  179. "I don't think I ever saw you that angry before."
  180. >"My friend mean everything to me. I'm sorry though, I forgot that I consider you a friend too. Spike idolizes you!"
  181. >You couldn't help but smile.
  182. >"Literally sitting right here...thanks for blowing up my spot, Twilight."
  183. >Twilight giggled and you chuckled too.
  184. >Embarrassed, Spike excused himself and left.
  185. >Only to come back and bus the tray with tea cups and half eaten pastries.
  186. >Always the dutiful little thing.
  187. >But that was only a brief distraction from your real problem.
  188. "What should I do?"
  189. >"Nothing right now. I'm going to call the other girls over and explain the situation. Your side of things cleared a lot up. Rainbow Dash can be a little dramatic when she's upset."
  190. "More than Rarity?"
  191. >Twilight giggled.
  192. >"Oh you have no idea, Anon. But, don't try to talk to Dash just yet. Let her calm down and let us explain things. But, while I haven't been in love before I did a lot of reading about it!"
  193. >Oh you could imagine.
  194. >Twilight Sparkle practically screamed 'lonely librarian with an entire wing dedicated to trashy romance novels'.
  195. >"So maybe while you wait you think of something nice to do for her? Something you know she'd like and you can use it to say sorry?"
  196. "I'll definitely think about that one. Thanks Twilight."
  197. >As you got up to leave, she teleported to the other side, blocking the door.
  198. >"I heard a string quartet under a lover's window is romantic!"
  199. >She smiled.
  200. >You knew for a fact that Dash hated strings that weren't attached to an amp.
  201. >And getting a pony rock band to perform outside, while tempting, didn't seem very feasible.
  202. >But, you needed Twilight right now so best not to be sassy right now.
  203. "That might work, I'll consider it."
  204. >As you moved around her to leave, she followed.
  205. >"Maybe you could fill her house with balloons filled with love notes?"
  206. >Twilight followed you to the door, rattling off every cliche you ever heard and then some.
  207. >You politely acknowledged every one, not once pointing out how much Dash would likely hate all of those things.
  208. >Finally, you reached the door and Twilight thankfully didn't follow you outside.
  209. >"Good luck, Anon!"
  210. >She called from the door and you gave her a thumbs up before legging it back home.
  211. >Normally, you'd be setting up in the market, selling your height and hands to any pony who needed some manual labor done.
  212. >But with all the shit swirling around you, you figured it would be better to go home and lay low for a bit.
  213. >Besides, Twilight had a point.
  214. >Dash deserved something nice.
  215. >Something that was more suited for her though.
  216. >When you reached home and fell on your bed, you found yourself completely stumped for idea.
  217. >All except tickets to a monster truck show, something you were positive didn't exist in Equestria.
  218. >For whatever reason, you imagined Dash would love the shit out of giant machines smashing the crap out of things.
  219. >Or maybe you were trying not to think about that look she gave you.
  220. >Last night had been such a stunner and this morning had been far too hectic for you to really think about it.
  221. >For a split second, you could remember it clear as day.
  222. >Her eyes, her little gasp.
  223. >Holy hell, that was someone who never heard that before and almost believed it.
  224. >Almost.
  225. >You'll never forget how quickly her smile faded and any joy she had drained from her features.
  226. >Betrayal, that's the only way to put it.
  227. >You rolled over and laid flat on your stomach.
  228. >One good night together might not be worth the grief she felt from a term of endearment, genuine or not.
  229. >Closing your eyes, you told yourself to be ready for the real possibility that nothing you say or do will fix this.
  230. >That she'd rather keep her tough girl persona then let herself feel that vulnerable again.
  231. >But no matter what, don't give up yet.
  232. >You had spent a good portion of the day trying to think of the perfect 'I'm sorry I'm an idiot' surprise for Rainbow Dash, but, failing at that, you had tried to keep yourself occupied with housework.
  233. >Cleaned, dusted, did laundry, fed the chickens.
  234. >You were just about to crack open a bottle of wine, hoping maybe a little relaxation could help you with ideas, when there was a knock at your door.
  235. >For a brief moment you thought it might be Dash, here to call you an complete moron but forgive you.
  236. >No such luck but it felt good to have a little hope.
  237. >It was Applejack, of all ponies.
  238. >"Hey Partner."
  239. >You didn't say anything.
  240. >"Heh, yea Ah reckon you're mighty steamed at me."
  241. >You shrugged, you never were too close with AJ so her backlash had probably hurt the least.
  242. >She took her hat off and uncomfortably shifted her weight on her hooves.
  243. >"Mind if Ah come in? Wanna make up for bad apples if Ah can."
  244. "I was just about to have some wine, you're welcome to join me."
  245. >"That's mighty kind of ya, Anon."
  246. >You stepped aside to let AJ in.
  247. >It was funny, Twilight was strange when she was angry.
  248. >But AJ you accepted it pretty readily.
  249. >Now she was a nervous wreck and it made you a little uncomfortable.
  250. "Please sit, I'm not mad at you, k?"
  251. >"Well that's sure a relief!"
  252. >AJ did as you said, taking a seat.
  253. >You made a quick trip to the kitchen to get a second glass and you poured the two of you some red.
  254. >"This looks fancy...are ya sure, Anon?"
  255. "It was the second cheapest they had. The cheapest came in a box."
  256. >She chuckled, still clearly worried you were a second from flipping out.
  257. >Come on, AJ, don't be like that.
  258. >You poured her a glass and set it down in front of her before serving yourself.
  259. >Taking a seat on the floor so you didn't tower over the smaller pony, you clinked her glass before she could touch it.
  260. "To property lines."
  261. >She raised an eyebrow, confused, and you winked.
  262. >As her words from this morning came back to her, her lips curled into a smile.
  263. >"You're a good sport, Anon. Ah can see why she likes ya so darn'ed much."
  264. "Does she?"
  265. >You drank a little wine, patiently waiting for AJ to do the same.
  266. >She kept looking at the glass, then at you, then back to it.
  267. >Finally, she cautiously sniffed it before taking the tiniest of sips.
  268. >The way her face contorted told you immediately that you'd be drinking both glasses.
  269. >"That some....mighty....fine....err..."
  270. "Crap. It's crap, AJ."
  271. >"Heh heh....sure is......Ah bet Rarity would spit it clear out."
  272. "Dash would drink the whole bottle just to spite both of us."
  273. >"Ah reckon she would."
  274. >An uncomfortable silence followed.
  275. >The wine was really bad and you wish you had just bought a keg of cider like Dash had dared you to.
  276. >After you finished your glass, you took hers and poured it into your own.
  277. >"Ah more of a cider kinda girl anyhow..."
  278. "Don't worry about it, AJ. Now wanna tell me what up before you give yourself a heart attack?"
  279. >"Sorry! Well, like Ah said, Ah wanna say sorry for how Ah acted this morning. Ah was mighty angry but that ain't no excuse to be threatening to hurt my friends on my farm."
  280. "It's OK. It sounded like I deserved it."
  281. >"Ah think your lucky Dash didn't do it herself. Like Ah said, she really fancies you."
  282. "Well...fancied, I imagine."
  283. >"Ah don't know, Anon. She sure was crying a lot. It was hard to watch."
  284. "Did Twilight explain everything to you?"
  285. >"She did. That's sure a sweet tale you two have. Not really the kinda story ya'll read about in books but the kind that you tell at a wedding, ya know?"
  286. >Shit AJ, rub it in more.
  287. >"Anyhow, Ah wanted to say--"
  288. "You're forgiven. I swear on your favorite apple tree."
  289. >She smiled a little more and replaced her hat.
  290. >Never play poker, AJ.
  291. >"That's a relief. Ah thought I lost a friend and Ah hate how that feels."
  292. "Me too..."
  293. >"Ah jeez, Anon, Ah'm sorry. Ah told Twilight Ah'd be no good at this."
  294. "Good at what?"
  295. >"Well, right now the other girls are talking to Rainbow."
  296. >That was a good thing.
  297. >If they could convince Dash that you were just an ignorant otherworlder, maybe she'd get over it.
  298. >But that doesn't answer why AJ was here.
  299. "So they sent you here to tell me...?"
  300. >"Twilight said you were preparing some super romantic surprise for Dash and that Ah was supposed to go getcha so you can give it to her once Luna raises the moon."
  301. >...
  302. >What the FUCK Twilight!?
  303. >"So, what did ya plan?"
  304. "Applejack, it's only been a few hours! I didn't plan anything yet!"
  305. >"Oh...well that ain't good. Twilight made it sound like ya'll were doing everything short of getting Princess Cadence herself to cast a love spell an Ah said that--"
  306. "This is fucked AJ! Dash is going to expect some sort of awesome surprise and all I have is half a bottle of cheap wine and a dozen eggs!"
  307. >".....Dash likes eggs, she says they're good after a workout?"
  308. >You groaned and fell onto you back.
  309. >AJ got off the couch and shook your shoulder.
  310. >"Ya'll alright down there?"
  311. "That offer to buck me to the moon still valid?"
  312. >AJ chuckled nervously and adjusted her hat.
  313. >"Ah don't think so, Anon..."
  314. >You covered your face and groaned loudly.
  315. >What the hell were you going to do?
  316. >"What are ya gonna do, Anon?"
  317. >Thanks AJ.
  318. "You have any cider left? I could crawl in a barrel and drown myself."
  319. >"Ah...well actually now that you mention it Ah do have a few barrels Ah keep for special occasions. Ah like to age a few every season, ya see an---"
  320. >Wait.
  321. >That's it!
  322. "AJ, you might have saved my ass afterall!"
  323. >"Pardon?"
  324. "Can I buy one of those barrels?"
  325. >"Umm...Anon those are for special Apple Family occasions not just...oh wait you mean for Dash? That's pretty darn good for Dash, she'd love it! Tell ya what, I'll give ya a half keg for free, make up for my behavior this morning? That fair, partner?"
  326. >It was the single greatest thing she could have given you right now.
  327. >You were practically on your feet and hugging the orange pony before she could say another word.
  328. >After a copious amounts of thank yous, you sent AJ on her way to prepare the keg for you.
  329. >OK, that's one thing.
  330. >What else does Dash like, you thought?
  331. >As your mind raced with possibilities, you reminded yourself you had maybe a half an hour to get anything together.
  332. >Possibilities vanished faster than beers at a frat party.
  333. >Come on Anon, think!
  334. >What does Dash really really like more than anything?
  335. >After a deep breath, it dawned on you.
  336. >Grabbing your coat, you bolted out the door, bits in your pocket and hope in your heart.
  337. >AJ mentioned where to meet up with Dash before she left.
  338. >The fountain in the center of town.
  339. >When you got there the moon had just been risen and the lamps were being lit with unicorn magic.
  340. >You were already second guessing your decision.
  341. >What if it was stupid and Dash didn't like it?
  342. >Well, then she can drink cider and call you an idiot all night.
  343. >You never in a million years found yourself wishing someone would call you an idiot before.
  344. >It was still better than her not wanting to speak to you, as weird as that was.
  345. >You took a seat on a bench, stuck your hands in your pockets and waited.
  346. >You waited for awhile, the stars were completely out by the time you saw a pegasus land some distance away.
  347. >She kicked the dirt a little and paced.
  348. >It was her.
  349. "Rainbow?"
  350. >You called out and the pegasus stopped moving.
  351. >She approached you and sat on a different bench, one over on your right.
  352. >You didn't look her way just yet.
  353. "Did you talk to Twilight?"
  354. >"Yea."
  355. "So did she--"
  356. >"She told me you had a surprise for me or something."
  357. >Dash was the first to look your way.
  358. >"Well I don't want it, OK? Save your bits and go find that beautiful mare you actually WANT to date."
  359. >You winced at her words, even if you were prepared for them
  360. >But you weren't so wounded that you failed to notice she didn't leave.
  361. "I guess I'll share my cider with someone else then."
  362. >There was a shuffling of hooves on wood.
  363. >Someone's intrigued.
  364. >Then she laughed.
  365. >A mocking, very forced laugh.
  366. >"Come on, Anon. Even I know that cider season ended months ago."
  367. "AJ keeps a private stock for special occasions. I managed to convince her to give me half a keg's worth."
  368. >You kept your gaze forward.
  369. >You didn't want her to see the smile you had.
  370. >Part of you regrets it, because only in cartoons does a jaw dropping make a sound.
  371. >" got her to open up her secret stash? But she always said it was family only!"
  372. "She did. But I was pathetic enough and she took pity on me."
  373. >" are pretty pathetic."
  374. "I know. But I always keep trying, right?"
  375. >Silence.
  376. >Not the bad kind though.
  377. >Your turn, Anon.
  378. "I'm sorry. I had no idea. But I want to say something else..."
  379. >You heard a sniff.
  380. "I meant it. I really, honest to God, I meant it. I won't say it again until you're ready to hear it though. I promise."
  381. >Dash lifted her hooves and pulled a hood over her head.
  382. >You didn't even realize she was wearing a hoodie, it had been so dark.
  383. >"I...know you did."
  384. >Well, thanks for sharing that bit of information with your friends...
  385. >Stop it, don't be salty.
  386. >"I didn't believe it. I mean, look, you know I'm awesome. I'm the fastest pegasus the Wonderbolts ever saw! I'm way out of your league, ya know!"
  387. >Of course.
  388. >"But...I don't know. There was something about how you looked at me and then you were a massive dork trying to talk to me. But you're right. You never gave up. That's something I really admire. I hate when ponies give up."
  389. "You were really fun to be around. More than the others. I liked it. I liked you."
  390. >"I liked you too. But when you said that it just...."
  391. >You saw her rubbing beneath the hood out of the corner of your eye.
  392. >As much as you wanted to move over and embrace her, you forced yourself to stay glued to your seat.
  393. >Dash isn't a damsel, she's wearing the hoodie for a reason.
  394. >"..I remembered all the times somepony would say that to be mean and I snapped..."
  395. "I got that vibe, especially after I talked to Twilight."
  396. >Another long pause.
  397. >The sound of the fountain did a fair job drowning out when Rainbow's breath hitched.
  398. "Are you still mad?"
  399. >" know."
  400. >Scared.
  401. >You got it.
  402. "...You can sit over here if you want?"
  403. >"Gimme a minute or two."
  404. "OK."
  405. >You shifted in your seat a little, checking your watch.
  406. >Shit, it would be here in ten minutes.
  407. >The big surprise.
  408. >"...hey."
  409. "Hmm?"
  410. >"Thanks....for coming, I mean. I thought you'd never talk to me again after last night."
  411. "Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I thought you were pretty done with me."
  412. >"Naw...I mean, OK, I was a LITTLE when I got to Twilight's but by the time I had...gotten over it I realized what had actually happened and then well..."
  413. "Little late to take it all back, eh?"
  414. >"Yea..."
  415. >You drummed your fingers on the bench, trying to find something to say.
  416. >You didn't want to press the issue.
  417. >Hell, if anything, you wanted to forget it all happened and--
  418. >"Did Rarity really throw balls of yarn at you?"
  419. >Looks like you weren't the only one.
  420. "She threw them, she couldn't hit me."
  421. >Rainbow giggled, sniffing and rubbing below her hoodie again.
  422. >"She has terrible aim for a unicorn."
  423. "I think she hit her cat."
  424. >"Oh wow, really?"
  425. "He screeched and everything."
  426. >"I wish I had seen that! I bet he went crazy!"
  427. "I didn't stick around long enough to find out, Rarity was yelling at me."
  428. >"Oh....was it bad?"
  429. "She called me something I had to look up in a dictionary."
  430. >Dash laughed again.
  431. >Then she took the hood off, letting her mane flow down her shoulders.
  432. >It was so hard not to say the very word that got you into this mess.
  433. >"You really like me? Even after all this?"
  434. >For a moment, you really thought about it.
  435. >It seemed odd after all you've been through today to get to this point, but it was worth a real consideration.
  436. >When the thrill of the chase is over, would you still feel this way about her?
  437. >It only took a few seconds, but for both of you, they felt like an eternity.
  438. "I've pissed women off before, Dash. I've said dumb things, I've done stupid things, I'd like to think we all have. Never in my life did I ever imagine saying that word would get me in trouble."
  439. >Dash lowered her head a little, but you pressed on.
  440. "If I didn't like you this way, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd chalk you up as another strikeout and move on. But, when you flew away, for the first time in my life I wished I had wings so I could chase after you. I wanted to catch you, find out why, you know?
  441. >She nodded.
  442. "So...I guess what I'm saying is...yea, I do like you. I want to see where this goes, cause I never met anyone like you before and I can't believe you like me like I like you. But, if you want this to work, you can't run away if I do something dumb. I can't fly, and even if I could, we both know I'd never catch the great Rainbow Dash."
  443. >She smirked a little but her eyes still glimmered from unspent tears.
  444. >"I am pretty fast..."
  445. "Fastest pony alive, right?"
  446. >"You know it!"
  447. "I hope that's not what you're like in bed."
  448. >"Har har, I never heard THAT one before..."
  449. "Must be true then."
  450. >"Like you'll ever find out."
  451. >She winked at you.
  452. >You felt the same tight sensation in your chest you did the first time you met her.
  453. >She seemed to pick on it and chose then to flap her wings and land on your bench.
  454. >"So...what's this big surprise Twilight told me about?"
  455. >Oh shit that's right.
  456. "Oh umm...AJ's bringing cider, remember?"
  457. >"Yeaaaaaaaa, but Twilight said you were doing something ultra romantic just for me!"
  458. "She did, didn't she..."
  459. >Just then a pony trotted up, pulling a large wagon behind him.
  460. >"What's that, Anon?"
  461. "Your surprise."
  462. >She sniffed the air and looked back at you quizzically.
  463. >"It smells like pizza."
  464. "It is."
  465. >"Wait.....that's the big surprise Twilight was going on and on about? You ordered pizza?"
  466. "And AJ's bringing cider."
  467. >"Yea but...that's not--"
  468. "Romantic? Not really. But come on, Dash. You really want me to do a buncha sappy stuff?"
  469. >"...Not really."
  470. >You smiled before you went to the delivery pony and paid for the two boxes.
  471. >She just shook her head when you put the boxes down between the two of you.
  472. "I got garlic knots too."
  473. >"You're such a dweeb."
  474. >Not long after, AJ showed up with the half keg of cider.
  475. >You let her join the two of you, and the three of you started chatting idly while eating and drinking.
  476. >A small time later Twilight and Spike conveniently 'were in the area' and stopped to chat as well.
  477. >You were still pretty miffed with Twilight, and she was equally appalled that your romantic gesture was pizza and cider.
  478. >So there wasn't much followup conversation between you and her.
  479. >But you made a point to tell Spike a bit of what happened so she's have something that could sate her curiosity.
  480. >It was a good night, all the same.
  481. >Dash ate, drank, and was content to act as if the last 12 hours didn't even happen.
  482. >You were OK with that, sometimes it was best to let things like that go quietly into the darkness once they were resolved.
  483. >As the moon sank in the sky and the food began to run out, the other ponies left one after another.
  484. >AJ took the keg with her, promising to keep it somewhere safe.
  485. >Dash was hesitant but even she couldn't lift that thing up to her cloud house so she didn't fight it.
  486. >Too much.
  487. >Once Twilight and Spike took their leave it was just you two again.
  488. >"So....ummm..."
  489. >She kicked her legs and you looked toward the clock in the square.
  490. "It's late. Want me to walk you home?"
  491. >"Well....maybe I could walk you home instead?"
  492. >You cocked your head and she blushed a little.
  493. >"Cause you know I could get to my house in a blink! You have to walk to my place then walk all the way back to your house so why don't I go with you!"
  494. >It made more sense than you were willing to admit.
  495. >So you nodded.
  496. >"Cool! I can't wait to see your place!"
  497. >After you disposed of the empty pizza boxes and collected her discarded hoodie, the two of you began the walk to your place.
  498. >It wasn't incredibly far but on foot at normal walking pace it would take some time to get there.
  499. >Dash didn't seem to mind your speed either, and she cantered at just the right pace.
  500. >"I had a good time tonight!"
  501. >She broke the silence and looked up at you, tossing her mane to the right in the process.
  502. "I did too. Once the pizza arrived of course."
  503. >"Haha, yea nothing like pizza to make everything great."
  504. "I know what I'm doing."
  505. >"Sometimes!"
  506. >She moved a little closer.
  507. >And like last night, her wing extended behind you.
  508. >Right on your butt.
  509. >She grinned.
  510. >You let your hand slip into the sea of rainbow mane and slide to the middle of her neck.
  511. >Her grin became a little flushed with crimson.
  512. "You walk all your dates home?"
  513. >She rolled her eyes.
  514. >"Usually my dates can fly themselves home after they blow it."
  515. >You scratched a little above her shoulder and her balance swayed some.
  516. >Behold pony, the power of hands.
  517. "Did I blow it?"
  518. >She huffed, steadying herself.
  519. >"N-not yet. Still time to though."
  520. "I'll find a good way to."
  521. >You slipped your hand a little higher, teasing behind her ear.
  522. >Her wingtip pressed harder into your bum, urging you to speed up a little.
  523. >Defiantly, you slowed your pace and kept teasing the back of her neck and under her ears.
  524. >She mumbled a curse under her breath and had to look away to hide her blush.
  525. >You weren't sure where this bravery was coming from, but you weren't about to question it.
  526. >Eventually, you reached your home.
  527. >Dash flapped her wings and lifted herself so her head was at the same height as yours.
  528. >"Not bad, Anon...little small compared to my place but you haven't been around a long time."
  529. "Clouds are free too, last I checked."
  530. >"You know it!"
  531. >You chuckled and went to the door, unlocking it and swinging it open.
  532. >When you turned back, Dash hadn't moved from her spot above the ground.
  533. >She looked nervous, her head looking around.
  534. "You going to come in?"
  535. >"Ah...I wasn't sure if...."
  536. >She landed and kicked her hoof.
  537. "You said you wanted to see my place right? I thought you were going to do more than inspect my roof and go home."
  538. >Your turn to wink.
  539. >Her eyes went a little wide before she turned away.
  540. >"I guess if it's going to hurt your feelings if I don't come in.
  541. >Of course.
  542. >She trotted inside, you closing the door behind her.
  543. >All things considered, the disaster last night actually has been helpful.
  544. >You stayed in and cleaned, which meant Dash wasn't walking into the typical bachelor pad motif you usually had.
  545. >Plus she was actually in your house, that's a hell of a jump from you standing beneath hers.
  546. "So you want the tour?"
  547. >She giggled, as your place was essentially an open living room and kitchen, with one door leading to what anyone would assume was the bed and bath.
  548. >"Sure, Anon. Don't let it take all night."
  549. >Her tail swatted the back of your leg.
  550. >Someone's feeling better.
  551. >The tour was as exciting as both of you imagined it would be.
  552. >You managed to inject some humor into it and Dash chuckled as much as she could.
  553. >The living room, which was a couch, a table, and a lamp.
  554. >The kitchen, a stove, another table, and a barely stocked fridge.
  555. >And the bedroom, where the magic happened.
  556. >Even Dash didn't let you get away with that last one, and jabbed you in the side for being so corny.
  557. >Tour over, and Dash slightly impressed that you kept chickens, the two of you made the 5 step trek back to the living room.
  558. "And that's that. The bathroom is the door on the left in the bedroom. Make sure you remember that one. Pissing in my closet is a dealbreaker."
  559. >"Har Har, I didn't have THAT much cider."
  560. >You took a seat on the couch, she hopped up on it and sat next to you.
  561. >There was enough room between you to fit a small child.
  562. >Might seem like much but it was certainly progress from sitting on two separate benches a few hours ago.
  563. >What you wouldn't do to have a TV and some Netflix right now.
  564. >How did ponies keep the awkward away?
  565. >"You got any music?"
  566. >....fuck....why DIDN'T you buy that stupid record player?
  567. "I haven't gotten around to buying any yet. I will next time."
  568. >"Oh-ho, you think they'll be a next time? Pretty confident, Anon!"
  569. >Yea and you like it, you thought, catching one of her ears twitching.
  570. >A tell's a tell.
  571. "I think I have a good chance."
  572. >You halved the distance between you two, keeping eye contact.
  573. >She looked down and then back to you with a grin.
  574. >"And why's that? You know how many ponies would give their wings to be where you are right now?"
  575. "Name one."
  576. >"Pshaw, I won't do that. Wouldn't want you thinking about how many days you're about to ruin."
  577. >She closed the rest of the gap.
  578. >Butts are officially touching.
  579. >You slipped your arm behind her back.
  580. >She did the same with her wing.
  581. >You let your hand envelop her shoulders, thumb sliding between the base of her wings.
  582. >She tensed ever so slightly, resting a hoof on your leg.
  583. >As she rested her head on your chest, her rainbow mane flowed into your face.
  584. >It tickled, and you scrunched your face slightly, but you couldn't help but study it.
  585. >How did ponies see this vibrant expanse of color and think it was ugly?
  586. >You wanted to run your hand through it but from how Dash was tensing and relaxing, you didn't dare move your hand away from her back.
  587. >"You're really warm..."
  588. >She remarked, nuzzling into your chest.
  589. >You felt your own face get even warmer, moreso when her hoof began to drag its way up your leg toward your inner thigh.
  590. "You're a lot softer than I thought you'd be."
  591. >You felt her snicker and her hoof whacked you above the knee.
  592. >"Rarity insisted I use her shampoo before I met you."
  593. "That explains why you smell so nice too."
  594. >"Pfft, don't get used to it. That Wonderbolt outfit gets funky ya know."
  595. "So you saying I have to hose you off next time you visit?"
  596. >Your fingers slipped lower and found a small knot of muscle under her right wing.
  597. >With precision you never knew you had, you rubbed it with your ring and middle finger.
  598. >"Anon you're such a Dwaahahhhmmm...!!."
  599. >Both her wings tensed and flared wide open.
  600. >Bingo.
  601. "I'll just borrow some stuff from Rarity and keep it in the shower. For when you spend time here."
  602. >You kept rubbing, your strong hand practically covering the entirety of her back, each fingertip pushing gently into her tense, athletic muscles.
  603. >"Yah.....yeah.....visit...."
  604. >She closed her eyes and pushed closer to you, squirming and letting the quietest gasps escape her lips.
  605. >You couldn't see her face from this position, but you sure could feel her biting her lip against your chest.
  606. >Hands, the key to any pony's heart.
  607. >A few moments later, you released her from the finger-y hypnosis and ran your fingers through her mane.
  608. >She sighed, shifting herself slightly back so she could look at you.
  609. >Her face was visibly flushed and she had a few beads of sweat on her forehead.
  610. >"Where the heck did you learn to do that..?"
  611. "Five minutes ago?"
  612. >"You promise you'll do it again?"
  613. "If you're good."
  614. >She sucked in air through her nostrils and wiped the sweat from her brow with her foreleg.
  615. >"You don't want me to be good."
  616. "I think you're right."
  617. >She closed her eyes and laughed, shaking her head.
  618. "What?"
  619. >"I never thought 'big, slow, strong, and dumb' was my type."
  620. >She leaned forward, pushing herself up so her eyes were level with yours.
  621. >You felt your heart rate begin to rise, and found yourself in a similar realization.
  622. >Never in a million years did you think pretty eyes would be your kryptonite.
  623. >"You gonna kiss me or what?"
  624. >She fluttered those cerise orbs your way and her spell was complete.
  625. >With as much restraint as you could muster, you slid your hand to the small of her back and pulled her closer while slowly lowering your lips to hers.
  626. >You felt her rear tense slightly under your hand, your unintentional show of strength sending chills up her back.
  627. >You could feel her breath as the distance between the two of you closed to nothing, all the misunderstanding from the day before lost in a single moment.
  628. >Eyes closed, lips parted, the two of your mouths met together finally and your other arm pulled her body the rest of the way against yours.
  629. >The first kiss was, as expected, slow, gentle, and timid.
  630. >An age old test to see if feelings spiked or floundered at the very first intimate contact.
  631. >You let yourself pull away but a fraction of an inch, feeling her tighten her grip around your back.
  632. >She wanted more, and the goosebumps forming all over your skin were more than enough of a sign that so did you.
  633. >The second kiss was much longer, and far more passionate.
  634. >As you met again, you felt her tongue prod against your lips, demanding entry.
  635. >You slid your own tongue out to meet hers, a sensual battle for dominance .
  636. >Her tongue was wider and flatter than yours, and you made sure to tease and caress it with the point of your own.
  637. >She moaned softly and pressed her assault, the warmer appendage sliding under your own.
  638. >Thoughts swimming with desire and lust, you conceded the battle, relaxing your lips slightly and letting her explore your mouth.
  639. >A small hint of peppermint teased at your senses, the sharp cool scent following wherever Dash's tongue massaged and caressed.
  640. >While she smooched away, you slid your hand from the small of her back, your palm cupping her cutie mark.
  641. >You squeezed her rear and she gasped, breaking the kiss.
  642. >Both of you opened your eyes, panting, faces flushed red.
  643. >As you looked into each others eyes, she pounced, wings propelling her forward with more force than you were ready for.
  644. >You fell backward onto the couch, your back slamming into the cushions as the blue pegasus pinned you down.
  645. >Loose feathers fluttered everywhere and your lips were back together.
  646. >This time, you pressed into her mouth, your tongue caressing the flat of her own.
  647. >Your hands, easily enveloping her back and rear, pulled her tightly to you as her mane covered your face in waves of color.
  648. >Her hips bucked against your own, as the more sensual kissing becoming clumsy and lustful.
  649. >You stoked the back of her head and back, all thoughts of precision and caution thrown to the wind.
  650. >Had you not had pants on, you would probably already be--
  651. >"W-wait!"
  652. >--or not.
  653. >Dash, breathing heavily, desire dripping from her face, mane messily covering one of her eyes, pulled away.
  654. >She sat up and plopped down on the couch, cursing under her breath.
  655. >OK, what the hell just--
  656. >"I...I can't do this."
  657. >You sat back up, silently, painfully aware of how close 'this' was to happening in more than one part of your body.
  658. >"I"m sorry Anon...I...I should just--"
  659. >She started to stand up, her knees still a bit wobbly from the exchange a moment ago.
  660. "You don't have to leave. Calm down."
  661. >She was almost on her hooves when you stuck your hand out to stop her.
  662. >She looked at you, a mix of anger and fear on her face but she quickly softened when she made eye contact.
  663. >Despite everything, concern was all you had for the small pony.
  664. "We don't have what we were about to..."
  665. >"Yea I...look I don't want this to be another...ugh, what's wrong with me?!"
  666. >You really didn't know but you tried to keep your mouth shut and let her talk.
  667. >She sunk into the couch, forehooves strategically positioned between her legs to hide her previous excitement.
  668. >"I...Stallions have said things before and after we do that they decide they don't wanna be nice to me anymore."
  669. "Oh...yeah, I get it."
  670. >"I like you, I like you a lot. You make me laugh and I don't think about...and I don't want this to turn out to be--"
  671. "It's not, I promise you."
  672. >"I've heard that one too. The last one..."
  673. >She hung her head a little, the edges of her eyes beginning to moisten.
  674. >You slid over and put your arm around her, making a point to be as gentle as possible.
  675. >She quickly buried her face into your chest, her breath hitching.
  676. >You rubbed her back softly as she tried to fight the tide building.
  677. >"I' fucking ugly..."
  678. >You wanted to argue with her.
  679. >You wanted to drag her in front of a mirror and tell her how beautiful you thought she was.
  680. >But you knew that wouldn't help right now, and instead you wrapped your arms around her and let her cry.
  681. >Her sobs were heavy now, you felt your shirt getting damp and her forelegs squeezed around you like a vice.
  682. >It was a little surreal, Dash was always so together and strong.
  683. >On some days you admired her, her skill, her attitude.
  684. >Even when she was being a bit of a jerk to you, it was never meanspirited.
  685. >Seeing her break down like this, especially seconds before you were going to...better not to think about that anymore.
  686. >At least this put a swift end to anything telling between your legs.
  687. >"You should let me leave...just...I'll go, we'll go back to being friends and you can find someone who isn't a mess and--"
  688. "Stop that."
  689. >She sniffled and lifted her head a little.
  690. >Her eyes were red with tears and you were going to need to change your shirt.
  691. "I don't want to find someone else."
  692. >"How can you...look at me right now and say that?"
  693. >Because you're beautiful.
  694. >You don't say it.
  695. >Not after last night.
  696. >Certainly not right now.
  697. >But, even so, she must have seen it in your eyes.
  698. >Her body began to tremble again.
  699. "Because I'm big and dumb, remember?"
  700. >Her breath hitched again, a mix of a second wave of tears and the tiniest laugh.
  701. >"The dumbest..."
  702. >You slid a hand under her chin and propped her face up a little.
  703. >She wanted to smile but there were far too many emotions clawing at her heart.
  704. "You wanna go shower or something? Go clear your head?"
  705. >"That..sounds like an OK idea right now."
  706. "There's fresh towels under the sink, I'll change while you freshen up."
  707. >"OK."
  708. >Slowly, you relaxed your arms while she did the same.
  709. >Reluctantly, she lowered herself off the couch to the floor.
  710. >There was some hesitation in her pace, she eyed the front door as she walked to your bedroom.
  711. >For a moment, you expected her to tell you she was sorry and to run out the door again.
  712. >In fact, it was more of a shock when she made the turn for the bedroom, and the bathroom beyond that.
  713. >"Hey Anon?"
  714. >She didn't turn around when she called out to you, still embarrassed by how she looked from all the crying.
  715. >"Thanks."
  716. >She quickly moved into the bedroom, and not long after you heard the bathroom door close and the water begin to run.
  717. >Crisis averted for now.
  718. >You looked down and, with Dash gone, allowed yourself to cringe a little at the condition of your clothing.
  719. >Better change before she gets out.
  720. >It was getting late, and while you normally slept in just boxers or less, you didn't want Dash to walk out of the bathroom to you half naked.
  721. >So, reluctantly, you stripped down to nothing and replaced your dirty clothes with some PJ pants and a t-shirt.
  722. >The pants were obnoxiously fluffy and purple, Rarity had insisted you have them when you bought some nicer clothing from her.
  723. >She swore it was leftover fabric but you got the feeling she was enjoying making exotic clothing for you.
  724. >As comfy as they were on you bum, you felt a little ridiculous.
  725. >Still better than giving Dash the wrong idea when she got out of the shower.
  726. >You decided to wait in the living room, the sound of the water stopping would be more than enough warning she was about to come back out.
  727. >With a a thud you plopped on the couch and started to read.
  728. >You were about four chapters into an awful mystery novel when the water turned off.
  729. >Sitting up, you kept your focus on the book for now.
  730. >You weren't a puppy and you weren't going to be standing outside the door waiting for her.
  731. >Even you knew how much girls found that a turnoff.
  732. >There was some sounds of fumbling under the sink, no doubt for a towel, and shortly after the door clicked open.
  733. >Hoofsteps made their way back into the living room and Dash emerged with a towel over her back.
  734. >She looked a hundred times better, even with the damp fur and wet mane.
  735. >"I needed that."
  736. "I thought you might."
  737. >"Uh-huh."
  738. >She made her way back to the couch and sat opposite from you.
  739. >There was enough room for maybe two ponies to sit between you two now.
  740. >You closed your book and set it on the coffee table.
  741. >"Sorry about that. You didn't do anything wrong, k?"
  742. >You nodded.
  743. >"I just need some time to...I know you're a good guy. At least, I think you are, but I've been wrong before. Think you can wait till I'm ready?"
  744. >Another nod from you.
  745. >She smiled.
  746. >There was really nothing you could say or do right now, the ball was in her court.
  747. >Could only hope she'd learn to trust your affection as genuine.
  748. >Well, maybe there was one thing you could do.
  749. "Hey."
  750. >"Hmm?"
  751. "I got some ice cream in the fridge, you down?"
  752. >"Sheesh Anon, I'm going to have to fly double my laps tomorrow just to work off all the junk food we had!"
  753. "So, that's a yes then?"
  754. >"You freakin' know it!"
  755. >With a smile you went to the kitchen to grab the tub of cookie dough ice cream and a couple of spoons.
  756. >"What kind?"
  757. "Fudge brownie."
  758. >She snatched a spoon and dug in, you followed.
  759. >For awhile you two just ate, occasionally giving each other crap about any drips that missed your mouth.
  760. >Oh and one other thing was a subject of conversation.
  761. >"Alright Anon, I was polite as long as I could be. What's with those pants?"
  762. "Rarity."
  763. >Dash laughed, the simple answer more than enough to sate her curiosity.
  764. >"Just cause she makes you something ridiculous doesn't mean you have to wear it!"
  765. "They're comfortable, what do I care what they look like?"
  766. >"Hmph, not worried I'll make fun of you?"
  767. "I'd be more worried if you didn't."
  768. >She laughed harder and nearly dropped a scoop of ice cream on the floor.
  769. >It was nice to see her settling back into her normal self.
  770. >Looking to keep her spirits up, you asked about the one thing you knew never failed to get her boasting and talking.
  771. "So, what's the Wonderbolt Schedule look like these next few weeks?"
  772. >"Oh man, I didn't tell you? In two days we're performing at Canterlot for.."
  773. >She went on and on and you smiled and listen.
  774. >It was her again, the stuff from before a backseat to her bragging about her future shows and stunts.
  775. >That's the Rainbow Dash you fell in love with.
  776. >Wait, love?
  777. >Isn't it a little early for that?
  778. >...think about it tomorrow.
  779. >"...and finally, I'll be doing an inverted loop right above the Princess's box, isn't that something?"
  780. "I might have to go watch it myself."
  781. >"Ha! Event's been sold out for months! Maaaaybe I can try to find you a crew pass, but no promises, there is only so many of those!"
  782. "I'll have to settle for you telling me about it then."
  783. >"Pfft, I could always show you if you want! Not like you'd be looking at anyone else at the show so who cares if its there or above your house!"
  784. >She got up, almost as if she intended to do it right this moment.
  785. >"Aw nuts, it's too dark out. You'd lose track of me."
  786. "It is pretty late, isn't it?"
  787. >"Yea. Probably should be hitting the hay soon."
  788. >There was a pause as both of you had similar thoughts.
  789. >She looked toward the bedroom as you looked toward the door, and vice versa.
  790. >"So...ummm..."
  791. "Do you...maybe wanna..."
  792. >"Your bed looks big enough and..."
  793. "...long as you're comfortable with..."
  794. >"...I don't need a lot a of room...but..."
  795. >She rubbed the back of her head and you broke eye contact.
  796. >"So..."
  797. "I'd hate for you to fly home this late."
  798. >"...that mean I can, even though we're not gonna..."
  799. "You said it, the bed is pretty big, even for me."
  800. >"Do you have a favorite side?"
  801. >You shrugged.
  802. >"Yeah, haha, me either! I can fall asleep wherever I want!"
  803. "I can stay on the couch if you're not going to be--"
  804. >"No! Umm...I mean, naw, come on, Anon, I'm not gonna kick you out of your own bed!"
  805. >You stood and stretched, grabbing the empty bucket of ice cream along with the discarded spoons.
  806. >"Besides, how would that look if I came over, ate your ice cream, then stole your bed? I mean, I get it, you're starstruck that someone as amazing as me is even standing here but I'm not that self centered!"
  807. >She winked at you and started toward the bedroom.
  808. >You made a detour to the kitchen to rid yourself of the tub and toss the spoons in the sink.
  809. >After washing your hands, you joined her in the bedroom.
  810. >She had already claimed the part of the bed she like, her lower half under the covers already.
  811. >Her wings were fully extended and you could see her kicking her legs trying to get comfortable.
  812. >"Your bed is a little firmer than a cloud."
  813. "Still softer than the floor."
  814. >She rolled her eyes and you chuckled as you turned the last light off and got in.
  815. >"Maybe once you get those crazy pants in here."
  816. "Keep it up and I'll have Rarity make you a pair."
  817. >She pfft-ed and you settled on your back.
  818. >After a moment, she did the same.
  819. >Both of you staring at the ceiling in the darkness.
  820. >" you think we can...without it..?"
  821. >As if to answer, you rolled on your side, facing her.
  822. >She did the same.
  823. >Somehow, her eyes looked even more gorgeous in the dark.
  824. >The moonlight streamed in the window, casting a pale glow on the both of you.
  825. >You reached under the covers and stroked her shoulder softly.
  826. >She shimmied forward, her head finding its way against your neck.
  827. >You completed the embrace, slipping your other arm under her pillow and wrapping her in a gentle hug.
  828. >"Mmmm...this is nice."
  829. >You nodded in agreement.
  830. >She shifted a little closer to your chest, nuzzling at your shoulder.
  831. >"Hey Anon?"
  832. "Hmm?"
  833. >"What you said, last night....and everything?"
  834. "Yeah?"
  835. >"You mind, I mean if it isn't too much could you just...maybe it would help if you--"
  836. >You shh-ed her.
  837. >Slowly, you slid your hand through her mane and kept the other lightly on her back.
  838. >With a slight stretch, you leaned toward her ear and whispered exactly what she wanted to hear.
  839. >Her forearms tightened around your body, and for a moment you feared you might need to change your shirt again.
  840. >But save for an ear twitch and a labored sigh, she relaxed a moment later.
  841. >"Thanks, Anon. You're not bad looking either."
  842. >She whispered softly before rolling to her other side.
  843. >"Is this ok? If I lay like this and you..?"
  844. >Without even a nod, you re-positioned yourself so your hand laid across her chest and pet softly above her belly.
  845. >She wiggled her way backwards till her back was against your chest, her bum just above your waist.
  846. >It didn't take long for sleep to claim the both you of you, the stillness of night quickly sapping whatever energy you had left from the day before.
  847. >Just before you closed your eyes, you felt her hooves wrap around your arm and pull it tighter to her.
  850. * * *
  852. >A little more than a week has passed since that weekend.
  853. >You and Dash had one small lunch before she had to leave for Canterlot.
  854. >A big part of you wanted to follow along but it was way to early in the relationship for that.
  855. >If it even was a relationship.
  856. >So far it's been one date that ended badly, one night that ended in tears and cuddling, and a quick lunch near the train station before she left.
  857. >Dating would be the better way to put it.
  858. >Then again, there was the matter of her letter.
  859. >You received a letter from her the third day she had been gone.
  860. >It was mostly her bragging about how amazing her stunts were and how you'd be blown away if you saw them.
  861. >But at the very bottom, the paper was worn with eraser and smudged graphite.
  862. >She had kept writing and erasing something, whatever it started as eventually became "Can't wait to see you again!".
  863. >There was so much extra smudge on the paper it made your thumb darker when you touched it.
  864. >You couldn't imagine the same mare who wrote so much and eagerly about herself would struggle so much with the ending.
  865. >But it was pretty damned cute to think about.
  866. >You had written her back, padding a lot of it with updates on how her friends were doing and what projects you were putting your muscle to.
  867. >Mostly, you wanted her to know that you missed her without sounding like you were clingy.
  868. >So, you mentioned a few places you really wanted to take her when she got back.
  869. >Ended it with a 'See you soon, bring your appetite!"
  870. >With a small PS about your forgotten crew pass, hoping she'd find it funny.
  871. >She was coming back today, and you intended to meet her at the train station.
  872. >Nothing too over the top, no flowers or candies or something like that.
  873. >Just enough that she knew you cared about her still.
  874. >So you finished up work early, showered, changed, and got to the train station.
  875. >The train pulled up on time and you tried your best to contain your excitement.
  876. >Be cool, you told yourself, don't act too--
  877. >"Anon?!"
  878. >Dash exclaimed and nearly threw herself at you, leaving her duffel on the floor.
  879. >But her cool-circuits kicked in and she stopped about a foot away, hovering, and cleared her throat.
  880. >"So you met me here? That's pretty cool, Anon. I...didn't know you could tell time!"
  881. >The rib is weaksauce at its finest and she's rubbing her hoof behind her other hoof, looking around nervously.
  882. >She's not the only one who's nervous, granted, but seeing her nervous puts you a little more at ease.
  883. "I had Twilight explain it to me. Big hand on the 12 and all that. Plus I wanted to get here before you were mobbed by fans."
  884. >"Ha-ha. Very funny! I'll have you know the Rainbow Dash fanclub has a lot more members than the Anon Lame Club!"
  885. "Last I checked that only has one member."
  886. >You booped her nose before she could say anything else.
  887. >She frowned and scrunched her face.
  888. >"You're a giant dork, Anon."
  889. "Guilty. So, how 'bout I walk you home and we talk about that dinner I wrote you about."
  890. >"Deal. Lemme grab my stuff."
  891. >She flew back to the boarding area to grab her bag and the two of you were on your way.
  892. "How was the show?"
  893. >"Incredible! Spitfire and I flew at each other and had perfect inside loops!"
  894. "Wish I saw it."
  895. >"Next time, I'll make sure you have tickets! I'll getcha in the VIP box!"
  896. "Awesome."
  897. >You smiled and she flapped her wings to be eye level again.
  898. >"So where we getting dinner then?"
  899. "I sent you a bunch of places, you wanna pick?"
  900. >"Ahh....nothing fancy ok?"
  901. >That eliminated over half of them.
  902. >More if you considered Rainbow Dash's definition of fancy.
  903. >She must have noticed you grimaced.
  904. >"Not the first night back, that's all. I'm beat, Anon. Once I get home I wanna get some grub and be lazy. Know what I mean?"
  905. "Yea, I getcha. Didn't mean to make a face just don't want it to be pizza and cider again."
  906. >"Anon, pizza and cider are exactly what I want. On your couch, far away from anyone else."
  907. "Even Pinkie Pie?"
  908. >"Especially Pinkie Pie."
  909. >She rolled her eyes and you patted her back.
  910. "You're the superstar. If you want mineral water with cucumber slices I'll be sure to get Rarity on it."
  911. >"Damn right."
  912. "Speaking of superstars, did you get a program for me?"
  913. >"Wha?"
  914. "Ya know, of the airshow, I wanted to--"
  915. >", I didn't."
  916. >You frowned and she blew a lock of hair out of her face.
  917. >"They screwed up my bio, alright? I'll get you one next time."
  918. "Screwed it up? How?"
  919. >"I don't wanna talk about it."
  920. >She grumped and you decided not to ask anymore about it.
  921. >Unfortunately, she made it difficult, because not thirty second later-
  922. >"My first airshow and they screwed up my bio! I can't even keep one for myself I'm not going to give one to my boyfriend!"
  923. >So many followup questions were loaded for that one.
  924. >Where to even begin?
  925. >Dash's ears perk up, as if she heard her own statement and she coughs.
  926. "It's alright. Next time I'll go and get one myself, k?"
  927. >She smiled slightly and signed.
  928. >"I hope they don't make that mistake again."
  929. "I'm sure you gave the publisher an earful."
  930. >"Oh man, you have no idea."
  931. >The two of you were almost at her cloudhouse.
  932. >Dash wanted to drop off her things, shower, and see the girls before she came to your place.
  933. "So....who's the lucky guy?"
  934. >"Huh?"
  935. "You said you had a boyfriend back there, I didn't know you--"
  936. >She groaned and punched you in the arm.
  937. >"I'm about to be single again if you keep it up."
  938. >You winked and her cheeks twinged red a little.
  939. "When do you think you'll be by?"
  940. >"Probably around 7. Think you can get the rest of that cider from AJ?"
  941. "Took care of it yesterday."
  942. >"Really?"
  943. >You nod and she flew against your side and hugged you.
  944. >It was brief, and she released you just as quickly and was rubbing her foreleg looking at the ground shortly after.
  945. >"Been a long week, heh...didn't mean to surprise you!"
  946. >You were having none of that.
  947. >With a quick step forward, you pulled her back into a proper hug.
  948. >Her wings were pomf-ed but she quickly relaxed, rested her head on your shoulder, and sighed.
  949. >"Sorry...still getting used to...well a lot of things."
  950. >You were still trying to figure out what some of those things were.
  951. >When Dash left earlier in the week you two hugged for a minute and then she flew off to catch the train.
  952. >No kisses, nothing like that.
  953. >You two hadn't really discussed relationships or anything like that, one date, one night of cuddling, one lunch, and a whole lot of crying didn't seem to be the best basis of anything.
  954. >But now she's back and she's calling you her boyfriend while still being unsure of what her boundary for physical stuff was.
  955. >Or who knows, it was hard to tell with Dash.
  956. >Especially after everything that you learned both before and after she left.
  957. >Well, after was more each of her friends stopping by to either apologize for being so rash or, in Rarity's case, interrogate you about your intentions.
  958. >You let it slide because she also came by to take your measurements for new clothing.
  959. >But man, Dresshorse was about as subtle as a dumptruck.
  960. >"I'll get the pizza this time, k?"
  961. >Dash slipped out of the embrace and her bright magenta eyes were shining.
  962. "Cool, meet you after 7."
  963. >"You got it!"
  964. >She flew back to her house and you set back to yours.
  965. >Thinking about Rarity actually had your mind wandering.
  966. >Why was Rarity considered 'pretty' by pony standards while Dash wasn't?
  967. >It didn't make sense to you.
  968. >Shrugging, you made a small detour to Sugarcube Corner.
  969. >Dash said she'd pick up the pizza but a little dessert would be nice too.
  970. >As you entered, Pinkie practically flew from behind the counter and was bouncing in front of you.
  971. >"Did Dashie come home? How is she? Did she bring the program?!"
  972. >You held your hands out and Pinkie's bouncing slowed to a mild hopping.
  973. "Yea, she's back. I think she's mostly OK, something happened with the program she's not all that thrilled about so she didn't get any."
  974. >"WHAT!? What could they have messed up?"
  975. "She didn't want to talk about it. In fact, unless she brings it up, don't mention anything! When I left I think she was in a better mood so don't--"
  976. >"OK, OK, Pinkie promise!"
  977. >Pinkie Pie bounced a final time before making her way back to the counter.
  978. >You followed.
  979. >Pinkie already owed you a favor so maybe you could pick something up cheap?
  980. "Any idea what Rainbow Dash likes?"
  981. >"Ummm....OOO!!! I don't know if she's had these but we made them fresh!"
  982. >Pinkie doesn't give you a second to object, a pastry box is already on the counter and donuts covered in powdered sugar were 'poofing' into the box.
  983. >"She's gonna love them, Anon! You'll see!!"
  984. >You could only nod, Pinkie was already wrapping the box up with ribbon.
  986. * * *
  988. >You were back at your place, pastry box full of jelly donuts on the table, cider keg tapped and ready.
  989. >A quick check of the clock showed it was almost 7.
  990. >Dash wasn't the most punctual of ponies, so you weren't expecting her to be knocking soon.
  991. >Plus, if she was trying to buy a pizza now she'd be in for a bit of a wait.
  992. >So, lacking anything to do save read, you decided to have a mug of cider.
  993. >One before she showed up wouldn't hurt.
  994. >It also had the added bonus of giving off the illusion you weren't getting more and more anxious for her to show up.
  995. >Nope, just sitting here, reading, drinking a cider.
  996. >Didn't even matter if she showed!
  997. >OK, as it became 8 and one cider became three, that might have been a bit of a lie.
  998. >Wonder where she was?
  999. >Hunger getting the better of you, you took one of the donuts and began to snack.
  1000. >Jeez, they were sweet, like tooth shatteringly so.
  1001. >Pinkie must have overdone the powdered sugar when you mentioned they were for Dash.
  1002. >You popped the rest in your mouth and refilled your mug.
  1003. >Five ciders and 9 o'clock...ok.
  1004. >Fuck this.
  1005. >You pounded the last of your mug, put your coat on, and decided to hit a bar.
  1006. >You needed to get something greasy to fill your stomach and something stronger to help your mood.
  1007. >Being stood up was a new one for you.
  1008. >Sure you've been rejected plenty, and in a way it stings less.
  1009. >Least if someone tells you to forget it then you can move on plus do something with your time.
  1010. >You really didn't want to be angry, something could have come up.
  1011. >But something so dire and important that she couldn't spend a half a second to knock on the door to tell you what's up?
  1012. >Fastest pegasus your ass.
  1013. >Ponies were out and about on the streets still, Friday night was a thing even in Ponyville.
  1014. >You could have been hitting on any one of those mares instead of waiting in your house.
  1015. >Or just playing cards with Spike, or any number of things.
  1016. >Never in a million years did you think wasting your time was one of your buttons.
  1017. >Who knew?
  1018. >You kept your hands in your pockets and your gaze downward, offering only a nod or a polite grunt to any pony who said hi to you.
  1019. >This wasn't the best time for someone to approach you and hopefully the antisocial behavior was hint enough.
  1020. >It seemed to have worked, you reached the local watering hole and shoved the door open.
  1021. >Now to eat, drink, and spend the rest of the evening not thinking about...
  1022. >...Rainbow Dash?
  1023. >There she was, at the bar, staring into a mug, facing away.
  1024. >The bar was crowded enough where she hadn't looked up or noticed you.
  1025. >You could leave right now and maybe tomorrow see what kind of lie she tells you.
  1026. >If she even lies, maybe something happened where--
  1027. >Ya know what?
  1028. >No.
  1029. >Enough being an understanding doormat.
  1030. >If she wanted to be alone with her head in a mug that's her business but she could have at least told you so.
  1031. >So, full of the common sense five ciders on a mostly empty stomach could give you, you made your way to the bar.
  1032. >The seats near her were taken so you plopped down a few stools over.
  1033. >It made enough noise that she looked up, and when she saw you her eyes went wide.
  1034. >"Anon?"
  1035. >Don't answer.
  1036. >Order a drink.
  1037. >"What...what are you doing here?"
  1038. "I got stood up, so I'm having dinner and a few drinks."
  1039. >Don't even look over to her to see if that hurts her feelings or not.
  1040. >It's been about her feelings enough as it is.
  1041. >"So what, you follow me here to start a fight?"
  1042. >She yelled over a few ponies, who quickly moved.
  1043. "I like to drink here. If you were avoiding me then why the hell would you come here?"
  1044. >"I drank here long before you did!"
  1045. "I haven't seen you here once since I arrived! If you didn't want to see me, why would you come to the only bar I mentioned in my freaking letter?"
  1046. >She snorted and drank a long gulp from the wooden mug.
  1047. >Looks like you weren't the only one a bit unfiltered tonight.
  1048. >Your drink arrived and you slammed it back just as recklessly.
  1049. >Neither of you were looking at the other.
  1050. >Ponies between the two of you became a little uncomfortable and moved.
  1051. >Dash pushed the empty mug away and rested her head on her forehooves.
  1052. >"..I didn't know how late it was."
  1053. >No comment, you were too overwhelmed by the smell of bullshit.
  1054. >"When I realized it was almost 9 I...I don't know I thought it was too late to go to your place and figured you'd just be mad so I came here, alright?"
  1055. >Alright, time to play along.
  1056. "So what the hell were you doing?"
  1057. >She didn't answer.
  1058. "You want me to buy this crap you could at least--"
  1059. >"I was fighting with Twilight, alright?!"
  1060. >She said that a little too loud.
  1061. >The bar got really quiet and you could feel the attention shift entirely to her direction.
  1062. >"You fucking happy now?!"
  1063. "No! Who the hell would be happy about any of this?!"
  1064. >The bartender clears his throat.
  1065. >The both of you shoot him daggers but you took the hint.
  1066. >Besides, you liked this place and didn't want to get banned.
  1067. >The other pony bar was trash.
  1068. >A handful of bits hit the counter and you tapped Dash's shoulder as you left.
  1069. "Outside."
  1070. >She frowned but complied, cashing her own tab out before going.
  1071. >The other ponies stared but stayed away from both of you as you left.
  1072. >The ambient bar noises resumed the second the door closed behind you.
  1073. >Friggin' ponies.
  1074. >Dash trotted ahead and you followed.
  1075. >"I'm sorry, alright? There, now you can break up with me, go back in there, and fuck Berry Punch for all I care!"
  1076. "You need to slow the fuck down."
  1077. >"Ugh, come on. Why else would you go to that place if it wasn't to pick some other mare up?"
  1078. "Don't make this about me!"
  1079. >She froze and glared at you, but her wings gave away her shock.
  1080. >Your voice was a lot louder when you weren't in a noisy bar.
  1081. >But you didn't care right now, you were a little too angry to deal with the classic 'poor me' shit.
  1082. "Look, fine, it's not the end of the damned world that you didn't show up. Shit happens and I get it, there's no phones here. I'm still allowed to be pissed about it. I'm also a little drunk and I'm fucking starving. So save the 'I guess we're breaking up' crap for another day. Either tell me what the hell is wrong or I walk home alone, alright?"
  1083. >Silence.
  1084. >She stood there, biting her lip, eyes beginning to water but her expression was still one of indignation.
  1085. >After a few seconds, you said 'fine' and started walking.
  1086. >"Ugh, dammit Anon! Don't be a dweeb."
  1087. >Do not stop walking.
  1088. >"Stop! Come on, I'm sorry! Isn't that enough?"
  1089. >Nope.
  1090. >Another few steps.
  1091. >"It was the damned program, alright?!"
  1092. >Ok, stopping.
  1093. >Dramatic partial head turn.
  1094. >Leave out the part about wobbling.
  1095. >"Twilight bought a whole BOX of them and wanted everyone to have one!"
  1096. "So what? Look I get they fucked up your bio but--"
  1098. >Dash was airborne, trembling.
  1099. >"The whole fucking article about me! 'He's an amazing flier!', 'He' this, 'Colt' that! It couldn't be a mistake, either! The editor was the same one who complained about me being on the team months ago! So that's why I didn't bring any back! So imagine my face when I see Twilight and the rest of them reading it! Even Spike was there, giggling!"
  1100. >Booze talking, don't address the last part.
  1101. "...they really said you were a--"
  1102. >"YES! Then they said HE needs to stop dyeing his mane crazy colors and just be normal!"
  1103. >She shook in place and her shoulders slumped.
  1104. >Tears fell from her cheeks onto the ground below her.
  1105. >You sighed.
  1106. >"Just go..go home, forget this and me and just find a normal--"
  1107. >For the second time today, you pulled her into a hug.
  1108. >This time she squeezed you tightly and cursed under her breath.
  1109. >Dammit, you just washed this shirt.
  1110. >"You're such a fucking idiot, Anon..."
  1111. >She sniffled and her wings pulled you tighter to her.
  1112. "Takes one to know one..."
  1113. >You mumbled and pet her head.
  1114. >She chuckled barely and shook her head.
  1115. >"This has to come every time I see you I'm a mess?!"
  1116. "I don't know...we did alright the first date..."
  1117. >"Most of it..."
  1118. >You rubbed her back as the sobbing subsided.
  1119. >Your stomach rumbled, and she couldn't help but giggle.
  1120. >"So...seeing me pathetic makes you hungry?
  1121. "I didn't eat."
  1122. >"Me either.."
  1123. "Look, I'm drunk, you're drunk. It's still early enough for pizza?"
  1124. >She looked up at you and you forced a smile.
  1125. >A few blinks later and she wiped her face on the leftover dry parts of your shirt and fluttered back into the air.
  1126. >"I'll...I'll go get it. I'll meet you at your place, ok?"
  1127. >You frowned.
  1128. >"I'm serious! I'll get two alright?!"
  1129. >You half frowned.
  1130. >She rolled her eyes.
  1131. >"And breadsticks."
  1132. "Good enough."
  1133. >"Good to see you can still be an ass even when I'm all vulnerable and stuff."
  1134. >She wiped her eyes with her forearm but you could tell see her smiling.
  1135. "Meet you back at my place then?"
  1136. >"Yea. Promise."
  1137. >With a nod, you parted ways.
  1138. >She took to the sky and a rainbow blur was all that was left in her wake.
  1139. >Limited to only your feet, you walked home.
  1140. >Takes about twenty minutes or so.
  1141. >Imagine your surprise when you got there and...
  1142. >"Anon! Why the heck do you lock your door!?"
  1143. >Outside was Dash, pizza (and breadsticks) resting on your stoop.
  1144. >She blew a lock of her mane out of her face, annoyed.
  1145. >"Been waiting for like five minutes!"
  1146. >She must have flown incredibly fast from there and back.
  1147. >It was pretty cute in a Dash sort of way.
  1148. "Sorry. If I don't lock the door ponies let themselves in all the time."
  1149. >"So?
  1150. "So, it's annoying when you wanna be alone and there's ponies everywhere."
  1151. >You unlocked the door and swung it open, stepping aside so Dash could go in with the food.
  1152. >It smelt amazing, your stomach immediately reminding you that you haven't eaten since lunch.
  1153. >Dash had one box open already and yanked a slice free from the pie.
  1154. >She stuffed her face and you followed suit.
  1155. >Absolute silence save the sound of a pizza being demolished by two hungry adults.
  1156. >This went on for awhile, till you broke the silence with a single word?
  1157. "Cider?"
  1158. >She nodded and was in the process of ripping open the bag with the breadsticks.
  1159. >You left to refill your mug and get one for her.
  1160. >Two full mugs clanked on the table and you resumed your assault on the food, snatching one of the breadsticks.
  1161. >"You always eat like a fatass, Anon?"
  1162. >Dash smirked, with breadstick spices all over her lips.
  1163. "You're a fine one to talk."
  1164. >"Hey I'm a professional athlete, I need to eat double what a normal mare does just to maintain this killer bod!"
  1165. >She poked the bit of paunch around your stomach area with her hoof.
  1166. >"What's your excuse?"
  1167. "Don't have one. I was fatter when I got here. So if anything I'm getting rid of it."
  1168. >"Yea, I remember. You definitely got hotter since."
  1169. >She drank her cider with the same smirk.
  1170. >You followed suit, washing the over seasoned breadstick flavor down.
  1171. >After another silence, Dash sighed and dropped her empty mug on the table.
  1172. >"I'm so pissed at Twilight right now."
  1173. "She has a way of doing exactly what you don't want her to do, doesn't she?"
  1174. >"Tell me about it."
  1175. "I wish you had, it would have saved us a headache."
  1176. >Her shoulders dropped a little.
  1177. >"Yea yea...sorry, ok? I should have at least stopped here before running off to that bar."
  1178. "Hell, we could have both gone."
  1179. >"I wanted to be alone. I just screamed at one of my friends and then got into a huge fight with two others, and to top it off I got into another fight with my boyfriend in the street."
  1180. >There's that word again.
  1181. >It was hard to say things were going too fast because that's what you wanted to hear from her when you got down to it.
  1182. >But man, mares in Equestria were sure quick to assert themselves.
  1183. >Or maybe it was just Dash?
  1184. >"Crappy night all around. Well, most of it, this has been pretty rad."
  1185. >Dash set her empty plate down and flopped back on the couch.
  1186. "Yea, never thought I'd be winning you over with beer and pizza twice in a row."
  1187. >"Please. I know you wanna take me to fancy dates and that other frogart stuff but I'll take this any day of the week."
  1188. >Good to know, cause fancy dates were a bit hard on the bit pouch.
  1189. "If that's the case, how bout you ask me out to the fancy places and I'll stick to more casual stuff."
  1190. >"I like that. Sides, I'm a big celebrity and I make more bits. I'll have an easier time getting a table."
  1191. "Long as you show up on time."
  1192. >She frowned and you winked.
  1193. >The frown became a smile.
  1194. >"Fuck you, Anon."
  1195. "If you're lucky."
  1196. >The smile became a blush.
  1197. >Thank you, alcohol.
  1198. >"You the type to hold onto things forever?"
  1199. "Long as you're not the type to get asshurt if I joke around."
  1200. >"I'm not. Well...some things I might be a little--"
  1201. "I'm not an idiot."
  1202. >"If you say so."
  1203. >You frowned, she giggled.
  1204. >Damn her for having a cute laugh, that's going to let her get away with so much more than she realizes.
  1205. >"I'm pretty full now."
  1206. "Same."
  1207. >"What do you wanna do?"
  1208. "Doubt that bar wants to see us again."
  1209. >"I'm too stuffed for more cider."
  1210. >You were far from it but if she was going to stop there was no point in going on yourself.
  1211. >Maybe one more drink if she gets moody again.
  1212. >"Still no music?"
  1213. >Oh shit, that's right!
  1214. "Nope, gimme a second."
  1215. >You hop off the couch and make your way to what looks like an old timey radio.
  1216. >Except the top folds down and there's a record player inside.
  1217. >"Oh sweet! Where'd you get that?"
  1218. "Bought it a few days ago. I only have like two records though."
  1219. >"If either of them are the junk Twilight puts on then I'm out."
  1220. "I have what I think is Jazz. I couldn't tell you, I'm not exactly an expert on pony musicians or anything."
  1221. >You hold out the album.
  1222. >Like most pony things, it's incredibly simplistic.
  1223. >The basic jazz instruments with some musical notes behind it on a colorful backdrop.
  1224. >She squints and nods.
  1225. >"Little slow for my tastes but still better than all that egghead stuff."
  1226. >With the OK from your rainbow haired guest, you put the record in the player and started it up.
  1227. >You were back on the couch before the music started, but not before you refilled your mug.
  1228. >
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