Stretching Stripes

Jul 25th, 2017
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  1. Stretching Stripes
  4. She double checked the room. Pillows prepared, incense burning, the lighting just right. What was she missing?
  6. Something inside her squirmed, pushing at the bottom of her barreled out midsection and making her taut skin nearly touch the floor.
  8. Her hoof went to her midsection. A smile cresting her face, “No I haven’t forgotten about you, little ones.” A deep laugh chuckled up from her throat, “Maybe not so ‘little’ anymore.”
  10. She gave her large belly a good shake and felt it sway for a few moments. The intense weight dragging her body downward ever present in her mind as it swung, her womb wide enough to hold a grown stallion and deep enough to almost touch the floor. The mere presence of such an obscene amount of life in her belly was… enticing.
  12. “Zecora!” His voice pierced her thoughts, “I’m back from town, got a whole cartload for the pantry!”
  14. “Good!” she shouted back while hurrying to make her final preparations, doing her best to sound calm, “could you come in here for a minute?”
  16. There was a shuffle of bags being set aside. The sound of hooves approaching her from beyond the curtains separating the bedroom from the main room. She got in position and lay her body upon the pillows. Their softness cupping her softly and let her belly nest gently into the floor.
  18. The head of a zebra parted the curtains. “What do you nee-” His eyes froze upon what they could see.
  20. Zecora’s rear end faced him. Her form lay upon a throne of pillows that cradled her massive swell of slightly rocking belly. Her back legs criss-crossed over one another to squeeze her buttocks together and make her already plump and inviting rump even harder to ignore. The stripes decorating her flank to bulged even further than they already had from months of feeding the growing fertility housed in her body.
  22. “Come here Ed my dear, and bounce upon my rear~”
  24. He took a tentative step forward, trying to resist the urge to just pounce on her while he tried to swallow his growing thirst. “Are you sure? It’s not even my birthday… and the foals could-”
  26. “Don’t worry about them,” She swirled a hoof over her prodigious expanse, “I had Twilight cast a spell; our fun will be little more than just rocking the cradle to them. Now get over here and pleasure your waiting mare.”
  28. Zecora opened her legs open wide exposing herself to him in full, gently swishing her tail and swinging her hips as she listened to him advance. A longing racing through her body from the need rising in her warming marehood. A slight tingle raced across her hips when she felt him plant his lips on her ass while he whispered, “Mine.”
  30. His hooves slowly clambered their way atop her fecund form. Every step he took woke her slumbering womb just a little more, adding to her growing tension as the kicks tickled her flesh. Her breathing slowly grew deeper and hotter the closer she felt their hips getting to one another. His lips planting little kisses on her form as he crawled his way toward mounting her fully.
  32. Then he stopped. She could feel him sawing his throbbing meat between her soft, bulbous cheeks. Smearing them with spurts of pre that were already starting to erupt from his thrusting tip.
  34. “You want it, don’t you?” he said in a heated whisper, “You want me to stick this brood-maker in you a second time.”
  36. She gave out a muffled cry, “Yes! I need it!” She pushed her hips against his shaft and wiggled roughly to get him into a faster rhythm. “Let me feel it seed my fields and give life again!”
  38. There was a slight laugh from him as he whispered back, “If only I could impregnate you twice over. I would, again and again.”
  40. Zecora just moaned lightly as his shaft was suddenly probing at her marehood’s entrance. A warmth started to bloom in her womb.
  42. “I’d never stop, I’d seed you after every batch grew up inside you. Trap you atop your womb, in this room, on these pillows, and feed you as they grew inside you.”
  44. “Yesss...” she hissed through the gathering heat as the warmth inside her started to pulse and pound in time with the slow pushes he pumped into her steadily. One after the other, slowly oiling their sexes together as their pumping hips got closer and closer to slamming one another in meaty claps.
  46. “And I wouldn’t stop there.” He started huffing slightly as the heat of sex overcame him and he pumped harder, that deep warm thrum in Zecora’s belly starting to rumble her skin as the kicking only got worse, “I’d climb atop your room-spanning girth every day and dig my member between your expanding hips and pleasure you til your eyes were crossed.”
  48. She was panting now. Losing herself to the coiling tension in her loins and the hot pressure pushing at her womb. The strange power of it surging through her body, leaving her to feel strangely… empty. Even now with so much weight in her body, so much life kicking and flexing her skin into strange shapes. She wanted… no she needed his seed. To feel his warmth spill out inside her and fill this gaping hole in her body.
  50. “And what would you say after every seeding?” His grip on her body stiffened as his thrusts started to speed up.
  52. “More.” She muttered out as the pleasure clouded her eyes and pounded deep in her core.
  54. “What would you say!” The sounds of their hips smacking together faster now, the tension mounting as Zecora could feel a pressure building in her loins.
  56. “More!” she shouted over the rising tide, unable to stop the tense coiling that grew in her skin as it tightened around the cord building up in her body.
  58. “Your breeder can’t hear you! Your fertile goddesshood can’t hear you!” The sound of their sexes ramming together filled the air.
  60. “MORE!!!” Zecora screamed as her womb jostled and leapt with life and warmth, little contractions jittering the entire girth.
  62. Eddie grunted loudly as his fast pumps ended with one last forceful thrust to plug her hole with his cock so not a drop would escape her womb’s walls. Zecora came herself as her first climax hit her hard. Feeling the stallions hard pillar twitching and pulsing inside her only made it hit harder. The warm cream being spurted directly into her foal factory was an intoxicating feeling as the warm pulse in her belly was only fed by it. Then something happened…
  64. Her womb started to flutter deep in its core. A fuse of pressure being lit as it swirled into something akin to a storm inside her. Tidal forces slowly rocking about in her depths as her breaths grew shorter and shorter together from the sensations prickling within her.
  66. Eddie lay atop her as his bed made of zebra and womb jostled slowly. Looking at Zecora’s lust-drunk face and finally asking, “Zecora, are you alright?”
  68. There was a deep rumbling inside her womb that even he could feel reverberate through his cock still buried inside her halls. Moments later Zecora yelled, “MORE!!!!”
  70. Something like an explosion rippled across her womb’s tautly pulled skin and suddenly… it started to grow. The two of them were blasted a few inches into the air, now resting atop her womb with nary a limb touching the floor. And then again, and again. Each rocketing ascension accompanied by even harder kicking and more tumultuous swelling from within her womb. A few inches climbed toward a few feet; a few feet then rocketed upward to a few yards. Every explosive growth spurt caused Zecora to spray her lover with even more juices as her skin tingled and screamed in pleasure, growing tighter and thicker with every additional set of legs that started kicking inside of her.
  72. Eventually it subsided, leaving Zecora swollen to more than thrice her former size. The pillow throne that held her belly before was now overflowing with her tumbling foals. Her stripes perilously stretched far, cupping her womb like limbs desperately trying to hold it all together. However, even though the growth had stopped, the kicking and lurching of her young continued on. Leaving her tummy quite the sight to behold as one could truly see how alive her belly was.
  74. Eddie had a front row seat to all of this. Still mounted into her sex he looked over the side of his wife to watch the spectacle still unfold. The words escaped him before he had time to think. “That was the sexiest thing I ever saw.” His words given truth by the fact he was still rock hard and planted inside her.
  76. Zecora just looked at him and barely suppressed a laugh as she panted for breath after moaning and screaming with her lover. “You know what would be even sexier?” Eddie looked at her in mild confusion. “If we did it again.”
  78. Eddie’s eyes went wide as he watched her unblinking expression. “You’re serious aren’t you? S-shouldn’t we tell Twilight or something?”
  80. “We can tell Twilight in the morning.” She smiled and moaned as a particularly large kick swelled her belly to one side for a few moments, then she spoke, “I have a recipe for a stamina drought that’ll have you cumming yourself blind for hours. Now go to the cauldron and just follow my instructions.”
  82. ()()(The Next Morning)()()
  84. “What in the name of Equestria happened!”
  86. Eddie just winced as twilight had gone from the gaping phase to the flabbergasted phase, “Well… I think its pretty obvious what happened.”
  88. She turned on him and shouted, “She’s bigger than her house!”
  90. Eddie just gulped and looked at the spectacle before him. The splintered wood where half of Zecora’s house had burst open. The monolithic grey mass spilling forth from the hole, undulating, shifting. Atop it all was attached Zecora and her rather plump rear end, napping in the sunlight as her belly kicked and jostled beneath her. The sight of it made Eddie more than a little randy, which was at least half the problem to begin with. He’d had to peel himself off his size-hungry wife that morning just to go into town and get Twilight.
  92. “That’s no big deal though right? She’s okay.”
  94. “No big deal!? She’s gonna give birth to an entire town!” She just sighed and calmed herself before speaking again. “That’s it, she’s staying at my place until we can sort this all out. I’ll be back in five after I get the guest room properly sized to fit this mess.” In a purple flash Twilight disappeared to her castle. Leaving the two lover’s alone.
  96. Finally with a minute to himself Eddie clambered his way atop his wife. The zebra mare woke up well before he got to the top to consult her. He whispered a good morning to her with a kiss on the cheek, and asked a question, “Is this what you wanted all along?”
  98. She just chuckled, “Not at first no,” a smile creeping along her face, “but then things got out of hand and I thought ‘why not go all the way’.”
  100. Eddie smiled and kissed her.
  102. Twilight returned in a pop of purple magic. “Okay so, I can’t teleport that many ponies at once and I don’t think there’s a cart large enough in all of Equestria to haul her so...” Her horn started to light up, “I’m just going to have to make Zecora herself bigger!”
  104. Eddie and Zecora’s eyes went wide. Then a smile stretched across Zecora’s face and she whispered to Eddie, “Bring along the potions dear, this situation just got a whole lot better...”
  109. END
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