Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 26th, 2014
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  1. >You are Sepia and you just stepped out of your house, giving your recently restyled mane a lively shake as the sunlight greets you
  2. >honestly it’s not something you expect your friends to notice right away, but you yourself feel pretty good about it
  3. >You can’t help but to gain a happy spring into your steps as you start walking towards the village marketplace where you are supposed to meet up with Hexferry and Caramel
  4. >you give a little wave to Meisa across the street and she greets you as well with some stallion carrying what appears to be a big pile of clothing in various bags
  5. >You can’t make out who the stallion is due to him being so well concealed by all the stuff Meisa must have bought
  6. >You smile happily as you carry on, it’s nice to see your friend having a good time
  7. >only to suddenly walk right against somepony
  8. >”oomph”
  9. “Whoa”
  10. >You close your eyes as you jump back a bit and apologize
  11. >”I’m sorry I was looking at my friend and...”
  12. >You open your eyes to find a red mothpony, Cinnamon, looking at you with a raised eyebrow
  13. “No problem...”
  14. >Cinnamon turns and starts to collect the apples that fell out of the bag she was carrying while you blush a bit
  15. >She’s not a pony you have talked that much with after all, but you don’t want to seem rude so you should probably say something at least
  16. >”Yes problem”
  17. >Cinnamon turns to look at you quizzically and you give her a smile before picking up a few apples yourself and handing them over to her
  18. >Cinnamon takes the apples and puts them in her bag
  19. “Thank, uh... Sepia?”
  21. >You nod and Cinnamon smiles slightly
  22. “Well I need to get going...”
  23. >Cinnamon takes her leave and now takes flight
  24. >You keep smiling and give a little wave to Cinnamon and then turn around and keep walking
  25. >This time keeping your eyes open as you enjoy how the slight breeze feels as it blows trough your short mane
  26. >You turn a corner and see the buzzing marketplace full of life
  27. >Let’s see, you were supposed to meet them at the café
  28. >you are about to turn towards there but then you notice a familiar face approaching you
  29. “Well hello there cutie”
  30. >You give Virgo a happy smile and greet him
  31. >”Hi Virgo. Are you out shopping?”
  32. >Virgo nods
  33. “Yeah, woke up this morning and noticed I was out of stuff to drink. And eat. And pretty much out of everything”
  34. >Virgo does a little shrug and a comical sigh as you let out a slight giggle at his mannerism
  35. “I was about to buy some honey, but I got distracted by all the other honeys~ “
  36. >You nod to Virgo
  37. >”Yeah, there’s some many sorts of honey on sale it’s easy to get distracted by all the flavors!”
  38. >Virgo puts on a funny face now
  39. “Yes, makes you want to try all the flavors~”
  40. >You nod happily once again
  41. >”Yeah”
  42. “Now that I think about it, I see another flavor that seems very sweet, see you around Sepia”
  43. >And with that Virgo starts to walk towards some mothponies as you shake your head a bit
  44. >Silly Virgo, they do not sell honey there
  45. >just as you are about to turn and walk away Virgo suddenly spins around
  46. “Oh yeah, love the new manestyle”
  47. >You can’t help but to feel a bit happy it was noticed by somepony so you raise your voice as well
  48. >”Thanks!”
  49. >And then you start making your way towards the café
  50. >You walk past a booth with 4 very excited looking fillies looking into it and your curiosity gets the better of you and you take a peek at the fuss
  52. >There are all sorts of accessories on sale in this booth and the pink filly is looking at them with a light purple one while the dark grey and orange ones seem bored
  53. “Come on Flower just buy one already!”
  54. >The pink filly looks at the dark grey one with annoyance
  55. “No I need to be absolutely sure it goes the best with my fluff”
  56. >The light purple one now nods
  57. “Yeah it needs to be perfect if she wants to look the prettiest”
  58. >Now the orange one takes a few steps forward towards the accessories
  59. “Hey this one would look pretty on me”
  60. >The dark grey one now lets out a groan and the light purple one turns to look at her
  61. “Don’t you want to be pretty as well Sema?”
  62. >The one that one of the fillies called Sema looks a bit grumpy now
  63. “...yeah...”
  64. >The pink one now suddenly pulls the Sema one close to the booth
  65. “Good, now I think that this one would...”
  66. >The fillies keep chatting away and you notice the shopkeeper looking a bit tired
  67. “Please just choose, you’ve been here for 2 hours already...”
  68. >You land back down and keep trotting happily towards the café
  69. >having those fillies in front of his stand for 2 hours, that shopkeeper must be really happy he can keep his customers interested for so long
  70. “Sepia, over here!”
  71. >You hear the familiar sound of Caramel calling for you and then spot her waving at you near the café with Hexferry so you rush over to the two
  72. >”Hi! I’m not late am I?”
  73. >Hexferry and Caramel both greet you with smiles as they shake their heads a little and you breathe out a sign of relief
  74. “I had just met Caramel while waiting for you two and then she spotted you in the distance”
  75. >Caramel smirks a bit while looking at Hexferry who raises an eyebrow at Caramel
  76. “Hexferry here was the first one to arrive, she most likely could not contain her excitement and rushed here way too early”
  77. >Hexferry blushes a bit and glares at Caramel now
  78. “I did n-nothing of the sort!”
  80. >You laugh a little as you watch this interaction
  81. >Those two always get along so well
  82. >”Should we go into the café now?”
  83. >Caramel and Hexferry both turn to look at you while you look at them, waiting for them to answer, and then both of them blush a bit before returning to look normal
  84. “Yeah, let’s go, I could go for a honey tart right about now”
  85. >Caramel suddenly nuzzles her head against Hexferry
  86. “Me too~”
  87. >You try to hold yourself back from laughing as Hexferry suddenly goes beet red and looks very embarrassed before pushing Caramel off of her with an annoyed squeak
  88. >You already start walking before the two of them and they turn to follow you
  89. >As you walk into the café you make extra sure to shake your head a bit to hint them about your mane
  90. >You glance back, only to find Hexferry still running her mouth at Caramel
  91. >You do a little pout, but no worries, you are sure they will notice it soon
  92. >Caramel volunteers to take care of the ordering while you and Hexferry go over to a table and sit down while waiting for Caramel to join you two with the tray of drinks and pastries
  93. >”Hexferry, notice anything different?”
  94. >Hexferry turns to look at you and stares at you while you stare back at her before tilting her head a bit
  95. “...nnno?”
  96. >your smile falters a bit
  97. >”Oh, ok...”
  98. >Before Hexferry can say anything Caramel arrives to the table with the tray and sets it down with tea and honey tarts for all three of you
  99. >Caramel notices Hexferry looking a bit bothered and you looking a bit down right away
  100. “Am I interrupting something?”
  101. >Hexferry looks at Caramel with relief
  102. “Caramel, just in time, Sepia just asked if I noticed if there was anything different about her”
  103. >Caramel now turns to look at you and stares you for a bit, making you feel a bit uncomfortable under her gaze
  104. >Caramel suddenly gasps and pulls back while hiding her mouth behind her hoof
  106. >Hexferry looks as surprised as you do and the two of you stare at Caramel who puts on a sly smile
  107. “Oh course, that’s what it must be”
  108. >Hexferry now looks suspicious of Caramel and she leans over and whispers something into Hexferrys ear, which makes Hexferry pull away and look at Caramel with an angry scowl and a heavy blush
  109. “Caramel don’t be ridiculous!”
  110. >You look at the two of them while wondering what Caramel could have said
  111. “Who knows, she seems so happy, maybe she did loose something”
  112. >Your smile brightens, you did loose a few strands of hair when you got your manecut
  113. >”Yeah, I did loose something!”
  114. >Caramel grins and Hexferry sighs
  115. “No Meisa, she meant loose something as in... you know...”
  116. >Hexferry suddenly looks unsure and blushes even more and you just tilt your head while waiting her to continue, completely unsure what Hexferry might be getting at here
  117. “...that you...”
  118. >Caramel sighs now
  119. “Hexferry here means you might have lost your virginity”
  120. >Hexferry blushes very red now and gives Caramel another glare
  121. >”Yeah, I did!”
  122. >You give a happy smile to your two friends, who now stare at you with shock and surprise
  123. >The hairdresser who cut your mane was talking something about the virginity of your hair being broken as it bloomed into a beautiful flower or something
  124. >You kind of missed most what she said as you were on the edge of your seat that she might accidently touch your antennas
  125. >You now wonder why Hexferrys mouth hangs open and why Caramel looks surprised as well
  126. >Caramel seems to be the worst one to recover as she starts to talk
  127. “Well, who’s the stallion that made you all sorts of happy?”
  128. >A stallion who made you happy? You have no idea what that has anything to do with your manestyle, but if you’d have to say it’d be
  129. >”Virgo, he made me feel very happy”
  131. >You smile happily as you remember he was the first one to notice your new manestyle as Hexferry looks absolutely shocked now and Caramels eyes are wider than you have ever seen them
  132. “H-he’s actually shrewd enough to make it happen Caramel...”
  133. >Caramel turns to look at the shocked Hexferry
  134. “Well, at least she seems happy enough...”
  135. >You nod once again
  136. >”It made me feel very happy”
  137. >Hexferry now looks a bit worried
  138. “Are you sure about this Sepia, you know Virgo’s a bit... well, himself”
  139. >You nod once again
  140. >”He’s a nice guy”
  141. >He really is, you always wonder why Hexferry seems so crossed with him, especially since he tries to make friends with her a lot
  142. “Hexferry look, isn’t that Virgo out there? Hitting on other mares?”
  143. >Caramel points somewhere and Hexferry suddenly looks crossed
  144. “That no-good womanizer, after what he did to Sepia...”
  145. >Hexferry turns to look at you
  146. “Sorry, I think I need to go give him a piece of my mind. Taking advantage of you like that...”
  147. >Hexferry suddenly gets up and zooms off towards Virgo
  148. “I think I need to go after her, excuse me for a moment...”
  149. >Before you can say anything Caramel zooms off after Hexferry
  150. >You just take a sip of your tea and then get to eating your honey tart
  151. >Maybe Hexferry is trying to make friends with Virgo too!
  152. >You squee a bit
  153. >It would be nice of those two would befriend each other already
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