Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. Rulebreaker will only activate if Medea actually calls out the True Name of the weapon, otherwise it's just a silly looking ritual dagger. "Give me your palm, Master." You do so, and Medea pierces the back of your hand with the dagger before allowing it to dissipate into wisps of energy. There's no pain, as Medea said there wouldn't be, and the woman says a quick word of power before waiting for almost half a minute with nothing happening.
  3. "Is... something supposed to be happening now?" You ask the woman, but before she can respond, blood starts flowing out of the point where you were stabbed, and begins to coalesce into a red sphere just above Medea's left hand. Then the flow cuts off and the bizarre sensation of being drained of your blood by a magical spell ends. You're left light-headed as your body begins to recover from the loss of blood.
  5. Part 19
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