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  1. Long ago, there existed peace and harmony. From the misty forests of Ellinia to the cloudy skies of Orbis, all was well within the world of Maple. In these days of old, people spread all across the land and were free to practice their trades. Whether they were the farmers of Henesys, the blacksmiths of Perion, or the fishermen of Lith Harbor, children were raised by their families in a prosperous world with an abundance of happiness and freedom.
  3. This all changed, however, when a dangerous plague mysteriously broke out. Within just a few days, the virus had reached all corners of the world. This plague was no normal disease, though, for it did not infect humans- it infected everything else. The plants in the ground began to rise from the dirt and walk the land; the snails on the ground began to grow rapidly in size; the very sap of trees began to sprout eyes and antennas. They were mutants. They were monsters. The humans had no choice but to flee to the cities, seeking refuge against the deadly creatures in surrounding lands. Food became a rare commodity, forcing merchants to sell their goods for hundreds of meso coins in their shops. The world had been fully engulfed in fear, and just when all hope was about to be lost, one man bravely rose up to fight the monsters, to bring courage to their despair- his name was Tyro.
  5. He was a wise man of many years, who knew the mystical and ancient arts of combat. His strength was legendary. The swiftness of his blades and the precision of his arrows alone were enough to put any man into disbelief. His abilities did not stop there, for he had also mastered the secrets of wizardry and magic. He possessed such impossible powers as to rain fire from the sky, teleport his body with ease, and even revive the dead. He was godlike. With these great skills, Tyro was able to vanquish all of the monsters, bringing peace back to the land.
  7. At such an old age, Tyro knew his time was soon to come. So, he chose just four worthy and capable young soldiers to become apprentices in his combat arts of blades, bows, swords, and magic. Sadly, just after his apprentices had become masters of their class, Tyro passed away quietly in his sleep. The world was calm and the citizens began to prosper again- but not for long.
  9. Tragically, the plague has mysteriously broken out once again and the mutants have returned, even stronger than before. Panic has spread rapidly as refugees return to the cities for safety. With Tyro gone, the duty has fell to his successors. Athena, the professional of marksmanship; Grendel, the spellmaster of wizardry; Dark Lord, the master of shadows; and Dances With Balrog, the chief of warriors. After courageously attempting to fend off the monsters, they are unable to defeat them all. Monsters still rule the world to this day. Now, in a desperate attempt to conquer back the land, these four experts are now enlisting the help of new recruits to share in the art of combat. To learn the skills passed down by a wise and powerful hero. To rise up and surpass the gallant predecessor. To become… Tyro’s Ascendants.
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