Wake up, Master! (one shot)

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  1.         Wake up, Master!
  3. A young woman danced through the sitting room with her mop. Her work for the morning was almost done - the only thing left to do was wake up Master fo his refreshing, fresh breakfast. She put away the tools, straightened her apron, and strode into the master bedroom. There she found the Master, as usual, mangled into the most bizarre sleeping posture she had ever seen. One arm was pointed straight up, one to the side, and his legs were bent and crossed ankle to knee to form a tetrahedron. The blanket had been kicked off the bed and lay in a lump off to one side.
  5. The maid sighed as she looked at the mayhem. Well, first things first. She stepped up to the bedside and called out to Master. "Good morning, Mastah! Your breakfast is ready!" He did not react. Well, she had not really expected him to - getting Master out of bed was the greatest annoyance of her daily labors. She tried again, louder, and again, now roaring the words at the top of her voice. He barely stirred. Obviously she had to step it up, as usual.
  7. She circled the bed to grab his outstretched hand. Holding it tight, she pulled him out of the bed with a thud. Now he lay sprawled on the carpet in what she could only imagine was a wrestler's bridge on his face. Disgusting. Still that lazy asshole slept. Usually he'd be wide awake at this point. She took advantage of ́his bizarre position, and angled herself so that his knees were on her shoulders. She took a strong hold of his ankles and lifted the sleeping Master in the air.
  11. A sharp kick opened the door to the baths. The maid unceremoniously dropped the man onto the floor. She turned on her heels and returned to the corridor. If that piece of shit wasn't going to wake up, she'd have to dress him up herself. What a pain, and it's not like it was the first time, either. She cursed to herself as she made her way back to the bedroom and pulled out a complete outfit from the walk-in closet. At least he didn't touch the assemblages.
  13. Whe she returned, she found Master not in the pile she had left him, but sprawled on his stomach like a snow angel. He couldn't be doing this on purpose, could he? Shit. She folded the hanger with the clothes on a stone bench and knelt down to strip Master. As she pulled his pyjamas, a throbbing erection swung up to greet him. Just what she wanted to deal with on a busy morning like this. Who was he dreaming of, she wondered...?
  15. She remembered every marriage interview Master had held in the mansion, all of them one disaster after another. Why did he even bother? Did he enjoy bullying those innocent young girls whose fathers wanted to marry them off to a rich house? Her disgust for him welled with rage as she remembered the tearful face of one young miss after Master had asked if she would cook for him. What a disgrace to his position. Meanwhile, Master's dick stood upright in the warm, moist air, pulsating with his circulation, as she steamed.
  19. Suddenly she slapped him. The loud noise rang through the echoing baths, but still he did not rise. She scuttled over to his legs, drew back her arm, and punched the Master, hitting him in the base of the dick with the knuckes of her supinated fist. Still nothing. How sweet must that dream be, for him to stay asleep. Finally it hit her - the best way to ruin Master's day. She stood up, removed first her apron, then her ankle-length skirt, then her knee-length bloomers. She loomed above him in only a dress shirt drawn tight with a dark blue corset and her socks and shoes.
  21. The maid stepped above his waist and lowered herself onto his erection. She guided him into herself, licking her lips with both anticipation and glee at the rude awakening that would await him. She could barely imagine it, that snotty piece of shit's face as he realized he was inside his maid. If none of those high-class ladies was good enough for him, he'd surely be devastated at such an indiscretion. It was be his first time, for that matter. Losing his virginity to the hired help would be the worst shame imaginable.
  23. She enveloped him with a quick slam of her hips. The soft, downy feathers poking out of her cuffs caressed Master's naked chest as she rode him like an animal. Master quickly began to moan and mutter in his sleep. "Gmph... I love you..." Who was it in his dream, she again wondered. Her breasts strained against the fight fabric as she rocked on top of him. "Margareta..." She perked at the mention of her name. The grinned - perhaps she was there to ruin his juvenile fun even in his dreams. He screamed out just as he was brough to orgasm: "I love you, Margareta...!"
  27. Her face sank as the sperm flooded into her. What...? Why...? Was he serious? Did he just want to fuck her? She shook on top of him. This loathsome gnome, in love with her? How utterly disgusting. Tears welled in her eyes, she sniffled, and watched Master begin to awaken through a haze of tears. She drew her hand back and slapped him again. Now Master yelped in pain - he was finally awake. He looked around himself and found himself naked on the bathroom tiles, straddled by the maid.
  29. "I hate you..." Her tears fell on his chest. "You're big, disgusting bully and I wish you would just die, Mastah!" He stared up at her with wide eyes, still drowsy, not really understanding the situation. "So you say you love me, Mastah...?" He could only nod. "Would you do anything for me, Mastah...?" He nodded again and swallowed. She rose to her feet, her face an expressionless mask, and stepped forward to straddle his face.
  31. "It's dripping, Mastah. What are you going to do?" His semen lazily flowed out of her, forming a tiny globule that then fell on his forehead. "Suck on your own seed, you... You..." She struggled to find the words to insult him thoroughly enough. He cut him off. "I will! I will do anything, just please marry me!" She spread her lips with her slender fingers as he watched, transfixed by the sight.
  33. "But I loathe you, Mastah. Are you fine with that? Do you want to marry someone who doesn't love you?" He looked up at her with pleading eyes. "I do! Please! I don't want anyone else! I just want you to stay with me until I die!" She squatted down to grab him by the hair. "But Mastah..." She pulled. "I don't want to marry a bad person like you." Her tears had dried, and a steely bluish-gray gaze looked down on him. "Please, Margareta! I'll become a good person and marry you! I promise!" She grinned and licked her lips. "I shall have to hold you to that, Mastah~..." The semen continued to dibble onto his jaw.
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