Double Anti-Bingo Rules

Dessyreqt Dec 1st, 2011 3,170 Never
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  1. Players start off with a bingo board, such as this one:
  3. The board is chosen prior the start of the race, after all the participants have been determined. A circular order of assignment is created randomly. For example, Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 3 -> Player 1, meaning that Player 1 chooses Player 2 first row, Player 2 chooses Player 3's first row, and Player 3 chooses Player 1's first row. The rows are kept hidden, but once a player has chosen a row for his assigned player, that player readies up.
  5. When all the players are ready, the race will start. When RaceBot says "GO!" all players reveal the rows and to whom they are assigning. Then each player may begin playing, but must choose a second row to complete simultaneously with the first row. The goals of the second row may not conflict with the goals of the first row.
  7. The winner is the first player to complete all goals in both rows.
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