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  1. ĠaȑȑiċkŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : His tongue slide from inside of of her pussy still vibrating against the soft delicious velvet folds of her pussy slowly reaching her clit once more before sucking gently upon it while teasing it with the tip of his vibrating tongue urging her to release what her body was trying to hold back. . but he wasn't making it easy for her, his hands sliding back up to her breast and squeezing her breast firmly.<C>
  3. ĠaȑȑiċkŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : He would look up into her eyes watching the way her body responds to every action his mouth was giving her body attention.,E>
  5. Ԑꭆɩᴤ♥ŁɛϺⱺꭆтɛ : Eris' entire body trembled in response to the play of Garrick's lips and tongue. "... Garrick ..." she moaned, the fingers tangled in his hair tensing and pulling as she tried to pull him away from her center. It really wasn't fair that he was so good with his tongue.  And the way he suckled on her clit?! Arching her back a little more, Eris cried out as the burst of sensation pushed her over the edge. She hadn't been ready to cum yet. This was supposed to be hard for him, not hard for her! She wanted him to work at convincing her to bare his child(ren). Obviously he'd spent plenty of time getting to know the ins and outs of what set his tiny little wife off. Even as he continued to torment her with his mouth, the honeyed rush of her orgasm no doubt covering his lips and nose now, Eris shock with little after shocks of pleasure and tried to breath through the pleasure. As it was, she had to cross her ankles at his shoulder blades to keep herself seated on his shoulders. (c
  7. Ԑꭆɩᴤ♥ŁɛϺⱺꭆтɛ : And he wasn't done!! Meeting those blue spiraled eyes with her icy ones, she grinned, even though she was panting. "Is that all you've got, husband?" Her tone laced with desire and holding a purring quality about it.
  9. ĠaȑȑiċkŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : Looking up at her and shaking his head to tell her no before the soft vibration's went from soft and gently to very hard and in a pulsing pattern that seemed to only get stronger the more his tongue continued to tease her little clit yes her juices had covered his lips and most o his face did he care not in the slightest. no he caused him to work harder his lips moving to envelope her entire pussy while his tongue went about spelling the word no against the velvet folds of her <C>
  11. ĠaȑȑiċkŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : Why was he going to give up just cause she came, no that wasn't this man's style, nails raking down her chest <E>
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