"Sparkle Spanker 2000" ~Complete

Nov 19th, 2016
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  1. >"Darling trust me. We both know its Twilight's 'special research night' and mmmmaybe she asked us not to disturb her you and i both know she simply must see your new saddlebags I've thrown together."
  2. >Eagerly trotting a few paces in front of the apple pony Rarity looks back at her friend with a mischievous grin.
  3. >"And don't tell me your not the least bit curious why shes suddenly taken to banning everyone from the library every Friday night."
  4. >"I was content with her research excuse at first but its been months now and the way she send spikie wikey away?"
  5. >"How can she do research without her number one assistant hmm?"
  6. >"I say its suspicious and as her friends its up to us to make sure shes um safe? yes?"
  7. >The farmer looks unimpressed
  8. >"Rare if you want to spy on Twi you ain't gotta justify it to me"
  9. >"I admit myself a mite curious as to what she does in there myself so let's just go see her playing with her little toys so we can leave"
  10. >The unicorn gives a soft hmph at being seen through so easily
  11. >But then again she supposed Applejack is the element of honestly for a reason.
  12. >Well we'll just see whats going on once and for all then!
  13. >"Come along then applejack we have a friend to visit"
  14. >The two approach the castle a bit after sundown.
  15. >Rarity goes to knock but with spike spending the afternoon with the cutie mark crusaders the call goes unanswered.
  16. >"She even locked the door!"
  17. >"Applejack she never locks the castle what could she be doing in there?!?"
  18. >"Don't reckon i know Rares but if its locked we might as well leave her alone"
  19. >The fashionista laughs.
  20. >"Oh Applejack you can't be discouraged so easily."
  21. >Rarity reaches behind a nearby potted plant and pulls out the hidden key.
  22. >"As if i wouldn't have already had spikey tell me where they extra key is"
  23. >She grins in triumph as she quickly opens the door and the two slide inside
  24. >"I suppose we should look for her in the basement then if she really is playing with her little science toys"
  25. >The pair decent the stairs in silence, not even as they approach the door to Twilight lab do they hear the usual click buzz and hum of her various machines inside
  26. >"Now isn't that odd she's cast a silencing spell on the door..."
  27. >"Maybe we should just go Rares it looks like shes gone to a bit of trouble to not be bothered"
  28. >"Oh no no no Applejack not when were this close to the prize absolutely not!"
  29. >Rarity puts ear up to the keyhole her face screwing up in concentration.
  30. >Her eyes go wide and a blush quickly covers her face.
  31. >"Oh Applejack i knew we'd made the right decision to come check on her! Behold your friend Princess Twilight Sparkle!"
  32. >Rarity flings the door open and Applejack's mind grinds to a halt.
  33. >Why is Twilight bent over that contraption like that?
  34. >And why is her tail pinned to her back and all her hooves tied down?
  35. >All Applejack's questions are soon answered when a wooden hairbrush on a mechanical arm swings in and smacks right into twilight left flank hard causing the alicorn to squeal jump and whimper.
  36. >Only then does she notice the light red tint to Twilight's hindquarters and come to the same conclusion as rarity.
  37. >Twilight sparkle is getting a spanking.
  38. >You are only a few minutes into what has become your regular Friday night 'session' and damn if you aren't already regretting it
  39. >Not that you don't always regret strapping yourself into the sparkle spanker 2000 but that brush really feels heavy tonight against your poor purple rear
  40. >You know it knows whats best for you
  41. >Heck you build it to know whats best for you, using brain and body scans it determines how much you need and gives you just the right amount + a few to grow on
  42. >Sometimes you really regretted making it so accurate but theres no cut off switch for a reason so you'll be down here taking your lesson for at least another hour if last time was any indication
  43. >Ow that one really hurt! why do you do this to yourself???
  44. >You of course know the answer, because based on behavioral studies and strict documentation of your productivity a firm spanking once a week makes you more polite focused and productive.
  45. >Even knowing all that and after a few months doing this now you still blush just thinking about it much less when your actually having your flanks pounded.
  46. >Omg why did you pick such a heavy brush this is horrible!
  47. >You'll be needing another illusion spell after this to cover your abused backside.
  48. >If the town saw the state your little machine left you in you'd be a laughing stock.
  49. >The purple bottom princess they'd call you.
  50. >You can't even imagine what the princess would say.
  51. >Probably disown you then banish you and send the spanking machine to the place you were banished for an eternity of red flanks and oh god this hurts!
  52. >You squirm even though you know you'll never get free, it still helps to struggle somehow.
  53. >Your ear perks up, was that a hoofstep? you locked the door and spike is gone so how could it be?
  54. >A hard spank quickly distracts you from your distraction and you squeal in pain.
  55. >The machine cares not for your concerns and continues blistering your bottom til you hear behind you
  56. >"Your friend princess Twilight Sparkle!"
  58. Rarity
  59. -------------
  60. >The Bell family is no stranger to spanked fillies
  61. >Your mother delivered quite a few punishments to your own white flank as well as still gets after sweetie from time to time.
  62. >That being said the full grown alicorn flank in front of you helplessly taking the full wrath of a heavy wooden hairbrush is an instant endless source of amusement.
  63. >If you'd known this was what twilight was doing you'd have never let her live it down, and now that you know you shan't.
  64. >Applejack seems to still be in a daze watching the purple mare in front of her take it so you take it upon yourself to break the ice
  65. >"My my Twilight i never even suspected you'd be into something like this"
  66. >As soon as you opened the door Twilight had gone rigid and was just now finally trying to turn her head to look back over her abused flanks to see who had caught her in her secret shame
  67. >Her eyes go wide in terror seeing your smug smile and lingering gaze on her still being spanked hiney.
  68. >At least until the next brush spank lands and her head snaps back forward in a squeal.
  69. >My lord that's cute!
  70. >"I uh if you need some alone time Twi we'll just leave..."
  71. >Your compatriot stammers covering her face with her hat. looks like Twilight isn't the only one embarrassed.
  72. >"No no Applejack look how she set up her little machine to face her flank towards the door, and didn't even lock the basement? I suspect this might just be part of it for her..."
  73. >"No! No! No! Girls please don't OWWW!"
  74. >Whatever Twilight was going to say was cut off by more firm application of the brush to her still reddening backside.
  75. >"Please don't what Twilight? leave?"
  76. >You practically purr, as a cheshire grin spreads across your muzzle.
  77. >It's taking everything you have not to fall on the floor laughing at the absurdity of the situation.
  79. >It seems her little machine has little care for letting Twilight talk as it lands again and again on her raised seat.
  80. >"Leave? but Twilight were just here checking on you!"
  81. >You put on a fake pout but you guess the effort is wasted since the only think facing towards you that belongs to Twilight is her bottom.
  82. >Applejack has her put hat back on and is now watching as the machine does its work.
  83. >"What do you think Applejack? Would it be right to leave a friend in the clutches of such a dangerous device without us here to make sure shes safe?"
  84. >"It's clear shes not comfortable but that seems to be by design if this name is to be believed"
  85. >Twilight instantly regretted writing 'sparkle spanker 2000' on the side of her machine now.
  86. >"Well i do reckon its our duty to make sure its not gonna do any permanent damage..."
  87. >"I know a thing or two about spankings on account of having to deal with Applebloom so i figured the principles are the same even for an alicorn"
  88. >She chuckles as twilight lets out a fresh scream as the machine gives her several rapid fire spanks in a row before stopping and withdrawing the brush into itself.
  89. >"Oh my that looked effective. Is it done Twilight?"
  90. >Twilight just whimpers knowing its no where near done and soon the other two girls see why.
  91. >Out of the machine comes another arm this time instead of with a hairbrush with a very large paddle on the end.
  92. >Applejack whistles
  93. >"I reckon that'll get the point across, you sure know how to build this stuff Twi"
  94. >Given a few moments respite before the paddle starts in on her now red flanks Twilight looks back at her friends, her face blushing as red as her seat
  95. >"Please girls im sorry you had to find out like this but please please just leave i can't turn it off!"
  96. >You snicker behind a hoof
  97. >"A machine you can't turn off? Really twilight this seems like your fault and i must admit this is quite the show"
  98. >"Please Rarity this is humiliating please!"
  99. >Twilight's further protests are cut off as the paddle rises into the air and comes crashing into her flank
  100. >Who knew she could squeal that loud?
  102. Twilight
  103. -------
  104. >Not to sound like rarity but this is THE WORSE POSSIBLE THING!
  105. >You hear the paddling swinging through the air again and try to brace yourself
  107. >Nothing you could do could prepare you for that!
  108. >Oh sweet celestia why had the machine pulled out the paddle so early?!? it was usually saved for the very end???
  109. >Did it take the distraction of thinking about AJ and Rarity instead of it as some kind of sign of disrespect?
  110. >You did program it to monitor your thoughts to be sure you were paying attention to your lesson but you never expected to have an audience while it was thrashing your poor hindquarters!
  111. >You have to do something!
  112. >You know there's no way you can turn it off, otherwise it would never get anything done, but there has to be something!
  113. >Maybe you can talk Applejack into taking mercy on you?
  114. >"AJ AJ please the mana crystal you have to AHHHHHH!"
  115. >Seems the machine does not like that idea as it gives you several rapid fire paddle swats in a row.
  116. >AJ just winces as it gives you your extra spanks for suggesting a way out.
  117. "Sorry Twi i figure your alicorn backside is tough enough and like Rares said you did put yourself up to this. Way i see it you just gotta take your just deserts."
  118. >She casually shrugs as the paddle slams into your flanks again prompting high pitch squeal and the beginnings of some tears.
  119. >Even with your alicorn durability the machine has never let you up without a good cry and some blistered red flanks and you know tonight will be no different if not worse for all your defiance.
  120. >Rarity takes the chance to chime in
  121. "Really Twilight trying to escape your proper discipline i'm disappointed in you."
  122. >You look back and your heart drops as you see shes holding your notebook labeled 'Effects of corporal punishment on subject twilight sparkle'
  123. >"No Rarity AHHH dont read OWWW that please EHHH!"
  124. >Rarity either does not hear you or ignores you as she flips through your findings
  125. "Why just look your paperwork productivity is up 79% on Saturday mornings. I think we all know the cause of that now now don't we?"
  126. >Rarity snickers and continues perusing your findings on how good spankings are for you.
  127. >At this point you think your close to dying from embarrassment if death by spanking doesn't happen first.
  128. >The tears are running down your face now but its only been maybe 15 minutes total so you have little hope of it being over anytime soon.
  129. >AJ chuckles as Rarity continues reading your reports out loud.
  130. "Ah look there's even compliments she received on what a delight she was shortly after a 'session'. These are good reports Twilight i guess i can understand why your well...
  131. >Rarity looks up at the paddle still tanning your flanks, tail held high bottom getting bright red at this point.
  132. "Shall we say so dedicated to the cause."
  133. >AJ whistles as the machine gives you several fast ones again getting a loud scream and some embarrassing begging out of you.
  135. >"I reckon your bottoms as red as an apple family apple Twi. Reminds me of Applebloom when shes gets it in her head to starts sassing off. Just you know a bit bigger."
  136. >She chuckles to herself like its all no big deal.
  137. >All you can do is lay there and pant during the probably short break.
  138. >it usually gives you one when your about half way though your session, but to be honestly your really hoping this time its all over.
  139. >"Girls please you've gotta stop it there's a crystal on the back"
  140. >As soon as the words escape your mouth you regret them.
  141. >The long paddle wielding arm pops back out of the machine before you can even blink.
  142. >You squeal as your tail is painfully yanked up higher into the air and the paddle lands hard on your flanks.
  144. >Your mind is on fire but you know its mad about your attempted escape and you know only one thing will calm it down.
  146. >The clip holding your tail abruptly lets go and you fall a few inches back to the bench with a small "oof"
  147. >Seems you pleased the device as it stops beating your bottom and puts the dreaded paddle away.
  148. >Your still tied down firmly but at least the spanking of a lifetime has stopped...
  149. >Well maybe the spanking of a weekend if you were honest with yourself... it had done worse in the past...
  150. >You crane your neck and look back over your shoulder at your abused bottom.
  151. >You could swear there was some smoke rising from it but surely that was all in your head.
  152. >Rarity has put the notebook down and approaches your backside for an up close inspection.
  153. "My my Twilight it sure has done a number on you, is it done?"
  154. >She rubs a hoof on one of your cheeks in sympathy.
  155. "So hot! Surely you've learned your lesson dear?"
  156. >You blush as she rubs your cheek and just whimper pathetically, you strongly doubt its over after all.
  157. "Why it's been going at your bottom for at least 20 minutes, compared to last week that umm lets see..."
  158. >Rarity's grab the notebook in her magic and opens it to the most recent date.
  159. >Her eyes go wide as she sees the data from last weeks session.
  160. "An hour?!? Twilight sparkle what ever did you do??"
  161. >"alicorns are um well..."
  162. "They are what dear?"
  163. >"We're very tough. All the data points towards a very long session being required to leave lasting results. On page 49 you can see a direct correlation between spanking duration and behavioral improvement. My average session is an hour sometimes more depending on my umm attitude."
  164. "Hmm and i suspect your 'attitude' has not been good this session with all your attempts to turn it off."
  165. >Rarity muses, as if on cue the machine rumbles and two arms extend from each side.
  166. >Both arms are armed with long handled wooden bath brushes.
  167. >You whimper as rarity quickly moves out of the way and one positions itself on each cheek and begins lightly rubbing.
  168. >You fight back the tears.
  169. >"No Rarity it has not... AHHH!"
  171. Applejack
  172. ---------
  173. >The twin bath brushes spank Twilight's now apple colored bottom twice as fast as the paddle did.
  174. >One landing as the other rises has Twilight letting out a near constant stream of squealing begging and crying.
  176. >Now your willing to admit it was pretty funny to watch for the first few minutes when you two had just got here but after seeing her take so much already you were starting to feel a mite bad for her.
  177. >Twilight's horn sparks around her inhibitor ring in a feeble attempt to free herself with magic.
  178. >Her wings strain against the straps and her whole body squirm what little it can as the minutes go on and on in a constant prolonged spanking.
  179. >After the first 5 minutes with the two brushes the tears start flowing again and by 10 theres a right sad puddle beneath her little bench.
  180. >Still the machine shows no sign of slowing down keeping up a steady pace from one cheek to the next and keeping up twilight's constant stream of shouts.
  181. >"Uhh Rarity this thing does know what its doing right?"
  182. "Well..."
  183. >Rarity cocks her head to the side and studies the agonized show Twilight was putting on for them.
  184. "I admit i was unaware a mares bottom could turn that color... But if her journal is to be believed this is nothing shes not used too..."
  185. >As if to prove her wrong Twilight lets out an even louder wail than shes been doing.
  187. >Rarity winces
  188. "I admit though it is getting a bit hard to watch though..."
  189. >After a solid 10 minutes of tending to its mistress's flanks the machine finally decides to stop and once again retracts the cruel arms.
  191. Rarity
  192. ----------
  193. >"Twilight Is there anything we can well do?"
  194. >The panting alicorn looks at Rarity with red and teary eyes.
  195. "There's... oh god my flanks... there's some controls in the back... calibration crystals... don't remove them!"
  196. >Twilight looks up at the machine in fear of another punishment spanking but it seems to have ignored her.
  197. "You can maybe turn it down... if i tell you to turn it off its just going to go off on me again but please turn it down!"
  198. >"Well darling you know i'd love to but well im not quite the mage you are, are you sure i can handle it?"
  199. "It's very simple its just an intensity crystal just drain a little mana from the red one"
  200. >As if sensing trouble the machine rumbles to life again, this time a large wooden paddle drilled with a dozen holes emerges
  201. >Twilight's eyes widen in fear as the implement is placed against her backside.
  202. "Hurry Rarity hurry please!"
  203. >You rush to the back panel and pop it open, the insides are devilishly complex full of hundreds of tiny crystals you can't make heads or tails of.
  204. >"Darling which one did you say it was?"
  205. >Speaking of tails Twilight is getting her spanked now.
  207. >"Right right the red one..."
  208. >There are literally dozens of red ones, you pick a random one and remove a bit of charge from it
  209. >The machine slows for a second before bursting into a frenzy spanking 3 times as fast as it was before!
  210. "Consarn it Rarity what did you do its beating the flanks off her!"
  211. >"I told you two i didn't know anything about all this arcane machinery!"
  212. >You undo your first adjustment and try another crystal.
  213. >The machine once again slows but this time decides to painfully pick twilight way up into the air by her tail before continuing is embarrassing duty
  215. >"Would you two stop yelling at me i'm trying my best back here!"
  216. >Trying one last crystal the machine finally stops.
  217. >"There see easy!"
  218. >That is until you hear Twilight's terrified voice on the other side
  219. "No no its supposed to be experimental! Rarity what did you do?!? I can't i'm not ready!"
  220. >You peek around the machine to see what can only be described as a large wheel covered with a half dozen rubber straps labeled "Auto strapper 3000" hanging over twilight fiery bottom
  221. >Speaking of Twilight's bottom oh my that hurts just to look at!
  222. >But you digress as the wheel starts to spin up to speed you see the source of your friend distress, that thing is going to fry her already crispy flanks.
  223. >"You know Applejack i think this may be a problem"
  224. "Ya think?"
  225. >You look back guilty as the high speed spinning straps lower themselves towards Twilight's awaiting cheeks.
  226. >Ok so maybe this was partly your fault but it was her idea.
  227. >Even going back to tinker with the crystals finds them covered in a newly raised protective magical shield, clearly the machine has had enough of your interfering.
  228. >And that's when the spanking monstrosity reaches Twilight's perkily presented bottom.
  229. >In her defense she lasted a whole 3 seconds before exploding into a bawling mess as her flank was treated to a rather painful looking half dozen spanks a second.
  230. >You find yourself covering your ears and notice applejack does the same as Twilight's poor hindquarters are put to the test. alicorn durability verses top grade arcanotech disciplinary technology.
  231. >Looks like the flank is losing fast to be honest.
  232. >Poor thing is going to need a drink with all the liquids shes losing through those tears.
  233. >Wow she sure can scream.
  234. >The machine seems to take sadistic pleasure in raising the whirling spanking death every few seconds only to slam it back down onto her obediently raised target.
  235. >AJ tried bucking the machine but unsurprisingly found magically reinforced wood and metal a bit too tough.
  236. >Twilight for her part couldn't exactly be blamed for not helping, she was a bit busy what with the squealing
  237. >Sweet Celesta the squealing
  238. >The machine continues is horrid work over the next 10 minutes giving Twilight's poor bottom minutes of thrashing at a time before raising the spinning spanking pain incarnate for a few seconds only to drop it right back down.
  239. >You must admit yourself impressed by the alicorn's durability, you're sure at this point you'd be black and blue or worse but her bottom simply gets redder and redder.
  240. >Granted at this point it rivaled Celestia's sun in brightness and could probably be used as a heat source on a cold winters night but she simply refused to bruise.
  241. >Trotting to her other side she's defiantly looking worse for the wear there too.
  242. >Her mane is everywhere, eyes bloodshot and streaming tears plus the snot oh gods the snot.
  243. >You try to clean up her with your handkerchief but her umm thrashing makes it difficult.
  244. >In an attempt to distract yourself from the terrible noise you decide to search her notebook a bit more.
  245. >You can't help but snicker when you turn the page and find it full of pictures of Twilight's flanks, oh what the colts would pay for this!
  246. >"Well applejack based on these pictures i suppose shes had worse."
  247. >You show the pictures of the bruised and blistered alicorn bottom to you friend.
  248. "Reckon so but its still a mite hard to watch it just keep going at her though, how longs it been?"
  249. >"Since we got here about 45 minutes so hopefully it will take pity on her soon."
  250. >You wince as Twilight attempts to find such pity as the spinning straps are dropped back onto her cutely awaiting cheeks again.
  251. >Applejack pulls down her hat and looks away.
  252. "I ain't sure how she takes it i reckon it'd have spanked me to death at this point."
  253. >"The blessing and curse of being an alicorn i suppose."
  254. >You cant help but imagine your own seat black and blue in the grips of the horrible machine and shiver then smile.
  255. >"Though i must say as horrible as it must be to be our naughty little twilight watching isn't so bad after all"
  256. "Rares!"
  257. >"Oh please Applejack the polite thing would have been to leave half an hour ago, you know were both here for the show."
  258. >You look back at your screaming friend and smile.
  259. >"Shes always had a very nice flank. Nothing wrong with seeing it in action so to speak."
  260. >If twilight hears your complement shes too busy having her bottom beat to respond,
  261. "Thats right cold of you Rares i was here to support her, sounds to me like you should be next."
  262. >You put your hoof to your chest in mock offense
  263. >"Applejack i am here to support our naughty bratty adorable friend too i even tried to help make it easier on her!"
  264. "You made it worse"
  265. >"Well i said tried."
  266. >The now familiar prayers to celestia and sound of rubber on hindquarters at last stops as the aptly named 'Auto strapper 3000" retreats from is victim.
  267. >You trot over to your friend and place a reassuring hoof on her back, or maybe it was her bottom. Nothing wrong with a quick feel right?
  268. >She spends several minutes continuing to cry, you do the friendly thing and rub her sore bottom for her. That helps right? Oh my its so warm!
  269. >"Twilight? Twilight im sorry i couldn't get back to the controls i fear i made everything worse."
  270. "you *sniff* you tried rarity..."
  271. >The poor dear wiggles her bottom as you rub it, how cute! I wonder if she realizes shes even doing it.
  272. >"I do hope its done tormenting you it seems like this ordeal has lasted forever"
  273. "Probably... probably just a cool down... just the hand or something..."
  274. >"Oh you poor thing i can't imagine how you must feel, i think it would have broken my bottom by now i must say."
  275. "No no its um its calibrated to scan your body and know how much you can take. It would hurt but do no real damage..."
  276. >You grin wickedly as she makes no comment about your hoof, you could get used to rubbing spanked princess flank. Maybe you'll come here every Friday night."
  277. >The machine rumbles and you see several large hands extend outwards.
  278. >Just as you move to leave one grabs you.
  279. >Uh oh.
  280. >You tug on the hand trying to move out of the way but it firmly holds your hoof.
  281. "Umm twilight?"
  282. >She turns her head and looks puzzled.
  283. "Huh maybe it mistook your hoof for mine? No no thats not right it checks magical signatures..."
  284. >As twilight muses 3 more hands reach out and grab your other limbs as well as one around your torso.
  285. >"TWILIGHT!??!"
  286. >You start to squirm as you're bodily picked up high into the air.
  287. >"Twilight whats it going?!!?"
  288. >Your question is answered as it roughly drops you onto the padded seat twilight was bent over.
  289. >Twilight is of course still strapped to the seat.
  290. >It has dropped you right on top of twilight with you now straddling her.
  291. >She lets out a soft 'oof'.
  292. >You know your not that heavy but thats not the point.
  293. >You start to panic as the straps that were holding her down quickly come undone and instead wrap around both of your limbs and bodies.
  294. >It's dropped you a bit forward so your not directly on top of her, you soon realize why as it spreads your legs wider.
  295. >From this position both your and her bottoms are accessible for well you know what.
  296. >Thats when you realize your about to get spanked.
  297. >Thats when you panic.
  298. >"Twilight why is it doing this make it stop!!! Applejack save me!"
  299. >Applejack just stares at the two of you wide eyed for a minute then kinda chuckled.
  300. "This does seems kinda deserved Rares."
  301. >The traitor! She would pay but right now you were more worried about the hairbrush rubbing against your alabaster derriere.
  302. >"No no no it can't do this i haven't been spanked in years!"
  303. >The machine either did not care or took this as a challenge because it took that moment to start in on your backside with the brush.
  305. >The sting is worse than you remember and you squirm the little you can.
  306. >You soon find yourself bouncing up and down in time with the painful spanks.
  307. >This was not how today was supposed to go.
  308. >How are you ever going to sit down again.
  309. >Dear luna celestia someone save me!
  310. >OW well your going to have to OW wear a dress for OWWW a while OWWWWWWW!
  311. >The brush makes steady progress warming your bottom despite all your kicking and squealing.
  312. >You feel a bit bad about crushing Twilight with all your squirming but shes only getting a hand spanking so frankly she can deal with it.
  313. >Oh what you would give you trade her hand for your brush!
  315. >Perhaps hearing your plea the machine stops and you bodily collapse on top of your friend pushing her head down into the bench beneath you.
  316. >"Sorry..."
  317. >You mutter as she squirm underneath you.
  318. >"Its your blasted machine though so i blame you for this..."
  319. "Well maybe if you hadn't broken into my house!"
  320. >"Oh excuse us for being worried about you!"
  321. "So worried you couldn't leave when you'd been watching me suffer half an hour already!?!"
  322. >"We were trying to be supportive!"
  323. "Well now i the one supporting you!"
  324. >She squirms as if trying to throw you off her back
  325. "You know what i'm glad its spanking you! You deserve this Rarity!"
  326. >You gasp in actual shock, how dare she!
  327. >"Oh please little Miss Im so naughty i made myself a spanking machine!"
  328. "What i do in my own house is my business!"
  329. >"Well then im glad its spanking you too you little brat i guess some little alicorns deserve it!"
  330. "I know i deserve it i dont need you making it worse though!"
  331. >"Well i'm a grown mare who does not need this yet here i am!"
  332. "The machine knows whats best for you Rarity you deserve this spanking as much as me!"
  333. >The machine in question had had enough bickering and rumbles to life bringing the hairbrush to rarities flank and the hand to Twilights'
  334. >"Ugh give her the brush not me!"
  335. >To your surprise the machine switches targets moving the hand to your backside.
  336. "What??! No brush her!"
  337. >The machine goes back to rubbing you with the cold wood of the brush.
  338. >"No her!"
  339. >this goes back and forth for several minutes until the machine stops and brings out two paddles.
  340. >Whoops.
  342. Applejack
  343. ---------
  344. >Be applejack.
  345. >Have some popcorn.
  346. >What? It's not like either of those two were going anywhere and you got hungry, you're sure twilight won't mind.
  347. >Speaking of Twilight poor things back to bawling up a storm.
  348. >Just when she thought she'd get some nice pats and be done her and Rarity and to act like bratty little fillies to one another.
  349. >You suppose its deserved but boy howdy you're not sure how shes going to show those flanks in public for a few days at least.
  350. >No one will find it odd if Rarity wears some kind of fancy dress but Twilight doesn't normally dress up like that.
  351. >Suppose shes got some sorta magic or something if you haven't noticed it before now.
  352. >You pop more popcorn in your mouth as the paddles beat both girls hides.
  353. >Twilight sees to be handling it with a bit more dignity than Rarity despite how long shes been getting whipped today.
  354. >Earth pony stamina ain't nothing to laugh at, you bet Rarity wishes she had some of it right now in fact.
  355. >Its hard to tell who's howling what but you hear lots of mentions of celestia as well as the word sorry so you get the point one way or another.
  356. >"Boy Rarity you sure do go from white to red fast."
  357. "Well thank you OWWW for noticing dear AHHHH Applejack EHHHH!!!!"
  358. >You look at the clock, they've been howling for near 10 minutes.
  359. >Rarities tushy almost matches Twilight's already in terms of raw redness, you bet if you showed bigmac he'd mistake em for an apple and eat them right up.
  360. >The more you think about that statement the more wrong it sounds.
  361. >"Heh hard not to notice with it all up in the air like that, guess you know how Twi felt now"
  362. "Yes yes OH MY laugh it OWWW up!"
  363. >Twilight grumbles from her place under Rarity.
  364. "Not fun having someone watch is it?..."
  365. "OWWW I'd say not OH CELESTIA!"
  366. >You wonder what the sun princess would say if she saw her ex student / fellow princess and an element of harmony like this.
  367. >You also wonder if Twi has more popcorn.
  369. Twilight
  370. ---------------
  371. >You'd never tell her this but Rarity is heavy.
  372. >Like really heavy and all her thrashing around isn't helping.
  373. >You know shes a unicorn but does she have to squirm and squeal so much right in your ear just from a few minutes of paddling.
  374. >Maybe your perspective on whats a lot of spankings is a bit skewed though with all the bare flank beatings you've got in the past few months.
  375. >You just wish she'd quit crying into your mane.
  376. >You also wish you WERE NOT BEING PADDLED!
  377. >It was so close to over and you just had to argue with her and here you are again and FUCK FUCK FUCK YOUR FLANKS!!!
  378. >The machine stops for a second then gives you 10 rapid fire swats for the language, you are very quickly reminded it can read thoughts.
  380. >You can't imagine being in more pain as your spankings rapidly and painfully approaches the hour mark.
  381. >Normally it would be winding down by now just giving you lights pats as you cooled off but because of RARITY you're here taking a full force red flank pounding.
  382. >Your normal illusion spell might not cut it this time no way you'll be able to sit down for at least 2 or 3 days.
  383. >And oh sweet celestia you have that summit with Celestia on Sunday!
  384. >How are you going to sit through something like that without her noticing your fried flanks?!?!
  385. >If Celestia finds out about this you'll die of embarrassment before she puts you over her lap and spank you herself just like she did back when you lived at the castle.
  386. >You can't take the sun hoof again not on a seat this sore!
  387. >Your thoughts are interrupted by Rarity screaming right in your ear, she must have thought something naughty as well as its going rapid fire on her flanks and her tears are landing right on your face.
  388. >You wonder how long its been since she had her white backside beat like this but feel now isnt the time to ask.
  389. >If you open your mouth all thats going to come our are sobs.
  390. >Oh god when does it stop?!?
  392. Rarity
  393. -----------
  394. >Damn that Twilight Sparkle!
  395. >You grit you teeth as the machine really lays into your flanks! its almost as if it heard you!
  396. >OUCH This is all her fault! Once i get out of here i'm going to spank her bratty bottom myself!
  397. >I'll take mothers brush to her til shes calling me mama!
  398. >MMMMM AHHHH if i survive my own session with her evil machine that is!!!
  399. >The only thing that makes this just a bit better is feeling Twilight bounce around underneath you as shes spanked as well.
  400. >Yes thats right cry you horrid mare! AHHH HOW DOES IT KNOW!?!?
  402. "it reacts to OWWW bratty thoughts Rarity MMMMMMM!!"
  403. >Twilight is interrupted as the heat turns up on her flanks again.
  404. >Bratty thoughts indeed spank her machine spank her!
  405. >Instead it turns up the heat on you, now your both getting it at double speed and bawling like fillies.
  408. >After what feels like an eternity the spanks slow and finally stop, you once again collapse on top of your friend/enemy in exhaustion.
  409. "You two finally learn your lessons?"
  410. >Applejack decides to helpfully chime in, you turn your head and find her and Pinkie Pie eating popcorn and relaxing in a pair of comfy looking beach chairs.
  411. >Wait Pinkie Pie???
  412. >"Ugh Applejack why is Pinkie Pie here?"
  413. "Don't ask me she just showed up, you know how she is"
  414. "Oh oh ask me ask me i know!"
  415. >Pinkie waves her hoof up high as if asking permission.
  416. >"Fine Pinkie Pie why are you here..."
  417. "Well my tail started twitching and my hoof was a bit itchy so i knew that meant someone was getting a special naughty spanking time but it was my left hoof so i knew it was a close friend so i followed the twitcheyness to the castle and i could hear you from all the way upstairs so i came down and you and Twilight are both getting your flankies spanked and its soooooooo red and applejack had popcorn and your so cute when your bottoms burning so i stayed!"
  418. >"Of course..."
  419. >Twilight mumbles something beneath you so lift yourself up a bit and off of well her head.
  420. "Well i'm glad everyone knows now..."
  421. "Aw dont feel bad twi twi lots of ponies need a good spankie every now and then and you even built a machine to do it for you thats great!"
  422. "Yeah i feel so responsible right now..."
  423. >You tense as the machine moves, gods what now?
  424. >Before you know it you feel the straps remove themselves from you and Twilight's legs a firm hand grip you around your waist.
  425. >It picks you up with comical ease making you feel a bit like a filly then another reaches under you and picks up Twilight.
  426. >She breaths a sigh of relief as it places her down beside the bench on all four hooves.
  427. >After about an hour strapped down her balance is a bit off but with some help from AJ and Pinkie she manages to stay upright.
  428. "Oh sweet celestia its finally over"
  429. >She winces a little as she walks over to a nearby mirror and turns around to inspect her flank.
  430. "Looks mighty bad Twi"
  431. "I'll be feeling it for a few days to be sure..."
  432. >If it were up to you she'd get even more!
  433. >Magic lights up her horn and a small fridge in the corner of the room opens and floats over an ice pack.
  434. >With a sigh of relief Twilight applies it to her brutally beaten bottom then walks over to a nearby couch and lays on her stomach.
  435. >"Well this has been quite the experience but umm why is it not putting me down?"
  436. >As if to answer your question the machine starts to move but instead of putting you down where it put Twilight it lowers you towards the bench again.
  437. >Merciful luna's teats its putting you back!??
  438. >"Twilight Twilight?!?!"
  439. >Twilight looks surprised for a moment then a small smile crosses her face.
  440. "Looks like it's not done with you Rarity."
  441. >"Not done?!?! Twilight you stop this thing right now!"
  442. "Its your own attitude getting you back up there, theres nothing i can do"
  443. >You land on the bench and feel the straps pin you down.
  444. >You gulp loudly, not again!
  446. Twilight
  447. -----------
  448. >Its not that your happy to see rarities tail get lifted back up, you feel bad for her really you do!
  449. >It can't be helped though the machine is impartial if she deserves more she deserves more. Right?
  450. >In fact you'll take a page from her book and lend your 'support' to her, by watching and snickering and maybe taking pictures for the research journal.
  451. >You float your camera over.
  452. >Yes for research.
  453. >You are sure to take a few shots from every angle, the hairbrush has already started back in on her exposed rear so she barley even notices through the haze of pain shes in.
  454. >That's a good face shot really captures the essence of corporal punishment.
  456. >Oh wow shes going to regret that.
  457. >A hand shoots out of the machine to the nearby bathroom, you know exactly what its going to get.
  458. >The sink runs briefly and it soon returns with a wet sudsy bar of soap.
  459. >The hand tries to put it in Rarities mouth but she closes it and shakes her head violently.
  460. >"Rarity you're really just going to make it worse..."
  461. >It's too late the hand holding her tail yanks hard and the brush gives her several violent smacks til her mouth flies open in a scream.
  462. >As soon as it does the bar of soap is shoved in and rubbed all over her mouth.
  463. >You can hear her gagging on the awful taste and know from experience how not fun that must be for her.
  464. >Celestia herself used to use the soap on you and the machine has been no different, seems Rarity is no stranger to the process as well now.
  465. >You walk around back to check her cheeks and wince seeing how red she is.
  466. >Without your alicorn durability her bottom is quickly being covered in bruises and blisters as the brush continues pounding her like the brat she is.
  467. >You take a quick pic. Difference in alicorn and unicorn spanking states could be your next chapter.
  468. >Too bad you can't capture this audio even with the soap that mare can really scream.
  469. >After 5 more minutes of full speed blistering brushings on Rarity's poor rear you start to get a bit worried.
  470. >Normally at this point it would start to slow down, at least that was your experience in the past.
  471. >Especially considering its non earth pony victim you really think it might be taking stuff a bit too far.
  472. >Rarities flanks are covered in bruises now she'll have a hard time sitting for at least as a week and the small lake of tears beneath her (though half are yours...) make you feel a bit bad.
  473. >You leave the couch and the show behind as you duck behind the machine to check what damage Rarity had done in her attempt to 'help' earlier.
  474. >The protective magical barrier is down so you can tinker with the control and see where she went wrong.
  475. >Spying the correct intensity crystal you would thought of all ponies Rarity would know true red from alabaster vermillion or burgundy, the crystals she did mess with.
  476. >Then again maybe she did and made your spanking worse on purpose...
  477. >You briefly consider giving her a taste of the 'auto strapper 3000' but looking at her previously white flanks you decide the damage might be a bit too extreme if you did.
  478. >Repairing all the damage the machine stops for a moment to reanalyze its 'subject'
  479. >Either just now realizing it was not spanking an alicorn anymore or just noticing how blistered she was it quickly retracts its arms and unlocks Rarity from the bench.
  480. >Ok so much for telling her it was just giving her what she deserved but no way your telling her any of this was a mistake, she still deserved it in your book.
  481. >She slides off the bench and literally collapses into the floor face first in the puddle of tears.
  482. >Wow ok she looked pathetic now you do feel bad.
  483. >But all you have to do is look at the state of your own rump to change your mind.
  484. >"Hope you learned your lesson Rarity"
  485. >You float over an ice pack and drop it right on her rump.
  486. >Her tiny squeak quickly changes into a relieved sigh as the cold sinks in.
  489. Rarity
  490. -------
  491. >This is a nice floor.
  492. >Even this nice cool wet patch.
  493. >Anything cool is heaven given how your flanks feel right now.
  494. >Twilight says something you frankly don't care about as she drops something on your rump.
  495. >The shock makes you jump but then relax as you realize its glorious glorious ice.
  496. >"Twilight..."
  497. >"Twilight how do you do this every week?..."
  498. >The dark purple bottomed pony turns to look at your from her high and mighty position of 'standing'
  499. >She thinks shes all that...
  500. >At least shes got an icepack held to her butt too.
  501. "You read the research Rarity it boots productivity i do it for equestria."
  502. >"Yes well equestria can bite my flank thats not worth it at all..."
  503. >She just shrugs and goes back to lay on the couch.
  504. "I didn't exactly ask you to come put yourself in the middle of all this so next time feel free to stay home and spank free"
  505. >Applejack and Pinkie just watch the bickering with a smile and more popcorn seemingly content to leave you two to your bickering.
  506. >"Believe me i shall, i want nothing to do with this evil device ever again!"
  507. >You stand and look at your poor flanks.
  508. >"Now how am i going to get home without someone seeing this? I look like bigmac from behind!"
  509. >Twilight's horn charges briefly and she shots a quick spell at your seat.
  510. >You were hoping the pain would go away but it seems to just cover the evidence.
  511. "Thats all i got my studies showed healing the damage made it less effective."
  512. >"I suppose it will have to do til i can get a dress of some sort"
  513. >You adjust the icepack to better cover the worse areas, the spell certainly does nothing to help the pain.
  514. "Well i hope we've all learned a valuable lesson about privacy today Rares. And um whatever it was your supposed to learn Twi."
  515. >Aj chuckles and hops up off her chair.
  516. "This has been fun but i gotta go get some work done, good luck with your flanks!"
  517. >She and Pinkie leave, you just stare daggers are twilight as you make a beeling for your relaxing bed.
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