Cold Edge Anon Part 23

Jun 1st, 2014
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  1. > Eventually, she dries her eyes, and lets go.
  2. > You remember doing something like this when you were magic-drunk, so it shouldn't be hard to do it sober.
  3. > Henshin! Icy wardrobe go!
  4. > Ice sprouts and weaves around you, loosely imitating the jacket in Frozen's memory, then shrinking down to conform to your skin.
  5. > The gloves come soon after, although you feel like calling them socks would be just as accurate.
  6. > As might be expected, the jacket isn't black, but white like the driven snow, or maybe heavily textured ice.
  7. "How do I look?"
  8. > Frozen does her walk around, and smacks your butt.
  9. "Hey!"
  10. > When you can see her again, she's smirking.
  11. "Looks good. It's a shame I won't get to muss it up. Discord is knocking."
  12. > You check, and yes, there he is, politely knocking on the door. Will wonders never cease?
  13. > You give your wife a peck on the lips, but she grabs your head and gives you some tongue.
  14. > When she breaks off, you are breathing heavily, and a little flushed.
  15. > She walks away, and hits you with her tail.
  16. "Have fun with the princesses."
  17. > You bit your lower lip.
  18. > Dat waifu.
  19. "As you wish."
  20. > With that, you go to the front door.
  21. > Discord whisks you away almost immediately, with space going Vermicious Knids.
  22. > You end up in a fancy waiting room, and Discord motions to the door.
  23. "They're waiting inside, you lucky bastard."
  24. > Does that mean what you think it means?
  25. > You open the door, your heart beating rapidly.
  26. > The room is dimly lit by candles, and the princesses are seated at a relatively small dining table, maybe six feet in diameter.
  27. > Celestia notices you first.
  28. "Ah, Anonymous, do come in. And thank you, Discord, for your exemplary service."
  29. > You sit down at the table, about equidistant from both princesses.
  30. > You are surprised to note that you recognize most of the food at the table.
  31. > Pizza, lasagna, egg rolls, biscuits and gravy, and some other comfort food.
  32. > You send a questioning glance Luna's way.
  33. > She nods, then tilts her head towards Celestia.
  34. > You turn to her, and she says,
  35. "Let's begin. How are you liking being a pony, Anonymous?"
  36. "Ah..."
  37. > The princesses start loading food onto their plates, and you do the same.
  38. "It's very nice. I've met so many good friends in the short time I've been here."
  39. > Celestia smiles.
  40. "And some that are more than friends, or so I hear. Would you like to give that relationship report?"
  41. > Sweatman.jpg
  42. > She's still smiling.
  43. > Luna is not meeting your eyes.
  44. > You... You're going to do this.
  45. "Dear Princess Celestia,"
  46. > You pause, and she nods pleasantly.
  47. > You continue, a blush rising.
  48. "Today I learned how to talk to my wife in her native language, and found out a little more about her. As ever, I am in awe of Frozen Hart, and mystified and delighted by how she likes to set me up with other females.
  49. Your faithful parole officer,
  50. Anonymous."
  51. > Celestia chuckles.
  52. "Females, Anonymous? Why did you not say mares?"
  53. "Well, you have to include dragons."
  54. > Amusement glitters in her eyes.
  55. "Of course, how could I forget about the dragons?
  56. > You take advantage of a lull in the conversation to eat.
  57. > Oh how you've missed this food.
  58. > Celestia idly swishes her glass of wine, or maybe juice.
  59. " You may have noticed some others who were not always ponies. Have you wondered why that is?"
  60. > You pause, swallowing a mouthful of food.
  61. "I hadn't really given it much thought. I just assumed it's some sort of reincarnation thing."
  62. "It's a little more precise than that. This is indeed an afterlife of sorts, for those who never found their purpose in their previous one."
  63. > Ouch.
  64. > But true enough.
  65. > Something in your expression must have betrayed your thoughts.
  66. > Luna speaks for the first time
  67. "Think it not a judgment upon thee, fair Anonymous. A bee doth find it's purpose in it's first flower, and a cat in its first hunt. For such as thee, thy time rudderless is necessary, that ye may find thy destined shore."
  68. "Thanks, Luna, that does put it in a better light."
  69. > She smiles, and looks down at her plate.
  70. > Come to think of it,
  71. > You check your flank.
  72. > It's blank, which is only a little surprising.
  73. > Celestia clears her throat.
  74. "It is rather odd, that you should take a brand, before earning a mark of your own. Do you know the significance of your branding?"
  75. > You stop staring at your butt, and turn back to the conversation.
  76. "Marriage for time and eternity, unless I miss my guess."
  77. > Celestia wiggles her head in a "not quite" sort of gesture.
  78. "It is that, but it is also a mark on your soul, an empathic link between two lovers. It is said to increase the enjoyment of mutual activities. It has fallen into disuse, because the death of one can be very trying. A part of the soul, left open to the coldness of the grave."
  79. > Interesting. That would explain why Frozen is concerned about life expectancy.
  80. > ...
  81. "How many brands can a stallion accept?"
  82. > Celestia's eyebrows rise, but it is Luna who answers.
  83. "The tradition is two, but there is no upper limit that we know of."
  84. > Celestia gives you a knowing smile.
  85. "I've heard Discord's reports on your companions. How do you feel about being surrounded by mares, and dragons decades or even centuries older than you?"
  86. "Frankly, your majesty? It's kinda hot."
  87. > This sets off both princesses giggling behind their hooves.
  88. > They recover soon enough, and Celestia takes a sip of her juice.
  89. > She stands up, and says,
  90. "That was a most entertaining meal, Anonymous. We'll have to do it again sometime. "
  91. > You stand up as well, but she gestures for you to remain seated.
  92. "I have some duties to take care of, but do stay. My little sister has been dying to have you to herself."
  93. "Celestia! Thou promised!"
  94. > Luna protests.
  95. > Celestia ruffles her sister's mane.
  96. "It's just a tease, dearest. Farewell, Anonymous, Sister."
  97. > Then she teleports away.
  98. > Luna is left scowling, red with anger and embarrassment.
  100. > You eat in silence for a bit.
  101. > She attacks her lasagna fiercely, taking out some of her anger on her food.
  102. > When she is done, she wipes her lips with a napkin, and gazes shyly up at you.
  103. "Thou knowest how I feel about thee. What is thy response?"
  104. > She is too dang cute, but you have to take this seriously.
  105. "I honestly don't know."
  106. > Luna looks crestfallen.
  107. > You try to elaborate.
  108. "Not just about my feelings for you, but about your feelings for me. Is it just a sex thing? I know you've spent a lot of time in that section of my memories, and goodness knows that's a powerful subject."
  109. > Luna shakes her head.
  110. > You wait.
  111. "E'en in the depths of thy perversion, thy heart was filled with loneliness. Thou hast spent years in the shadow of thy sibling, and wast oft a watcher of others. For all that ye do treasure thy solitude, thou yearnest for company, for warm touches. These few days hath been the most joyful of thy memory."
  112. > She looks at you, vulnerable, yet proud.
  113. "I had thought to join thee, for thou hast what we both hath wanted for too long."
  114. > You stand up, and she does as well, hesitantly.
  115. > You walk to her side, and sit down.
  116. > She does as well, and you sense a bit of relief in her uncertainty.
  117. > You drape a leg across her withers, and lean towards her, so that your faces are cheek to cheek.
  118. > She slowly unfurls a wing across your back, which soon becomes pleasantly warm.
  119. > You sit like that for a little while, while you try to compose your answer.
  120. > You sigh.
  121. "You know, it's going to get complicated fast. "
  122. > You feel her cheek heat up.
  123. "Thou wilt find that immortals oft create their own problems, that the years pass by in pleasant variety."
  124. "As long as you know what you are getting into, I can hardly complain. About Frozen, though, "
  125. > You feel her tense up beside you.
  126. "She very supportive of you. "
  127. > She relaxes.
  128. > You wonder how long that will last.
  129. "But she will still insist on being at the top of the hierarchy."
  130. > Luna stands abruptly.
  131. "But we are the Princess of the Night!"
  132. > You raise your eyebrows at her.
  133. "This has nothing to do with social status, and everything to do with romantic prominence. She is my first wife, and I love her dearly. If she didn't approve of our courtship, I would respect that."
  134. > Luna turns around, and looks over her shoulder at you.
  135. "E'en if thou couldst praise the moon at will? Thou wouldst deny me?"
  136. > Dat RUMP.
  137. > Nevertheless,
  138. "Such are the excesses of royalty, I see."
  139. > Luna sits down on the opposite side of the table, scowling.
  140. "Thou hast evaded mine question, and had thy mockery. It falleth to thee, now, to persuade me to be thy... "
  141. > She blushes, and tries again.
  142. "Thy..."
  143. > That was softer.
  144. > She takes a steadying breath, then lets loose in the Royal Canterlot Voice.
  146. > Her eyes widen, and dart around, checking for listeners.
  147. > Meanwhile, you wait for your ears to stop ringing.
  148. > After a moment, she seems satisfied that she wasn't overheard, and gives you her best regal gaze.
  149. "Thou mayest begin."
  150. > Welp.
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