Trait List

Oct 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Physical Traits:
  2. Animal Senses - Bonus detection radius
  3. Improved Animal Senses - Can spend an action to detect with specificity
  4. Low Light Vision - Can see in darkness
  5. EM Detection - can automatically sense machines or living things in a radius
  6. Echolocation - Spend an action to detect living things in a large radius and through walls
  8. Small Frame - mov penalty, harder to hit.
  9. Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human
  10. Alien Anatomy - Take reduced damage and carry an extra weapon. Armor restrictions
  11. Improved Alien Anatomy - Bonus CQC and toughness. Long instead of tall. Equip restrictions.
  12. Monstrous Body - High HP, DR, CQC damage, and speed. Large profile. Equip restrictions.
  13. Large Frame - Hp+, CQC+ but larger profile.
  14. Improved Monstrous Frame - Even higher HP DR CQC damage. Large profile, Equip restrictions.
  15. Armored Body - Improved DR and HP
  16. Improved Armored Body - Higher HP and very high DR
  17. Lustrous Coat - Bonus romance. Gain bonus funds when killed.
  18. Improved Lustrous Coat - Bonus Romance. Generates revenue. Bonus revenue when killed.
  19. Wooly - Generates periodic revenue, conditional cold resistance
  20. Marsupium - use item one additional time if exhaustible
  23. Improved Metabolism - Poison lasts half as long.
  24. Poison Immune - Immune to most poison
  25. Cold Resistance - resistant to environmental cold
  27. Leggy - bonus mov
  28. Extra Leggy - larger mov bonus
  29. Diggy Hole - can burrow in certain terrain.
  30. Improved Diggy Hole - can dig as a normal part of movement
  31. Swimmer - No move penalty in water
  32. Improved Swimmer - Bonus water mov, immune to gas. Land penalty
  33. Waterborn - bonus mov in water. Can't drown.
  34. Improved Waterborn - Bonus move, CQC, and harder to hit in water.
  35. Juggernaut - can interact to push/throw as part of move action.
  36. Improved Juggernaut - impacted objects go further and deal damage. Can break flimsy barriers
  37. Climber - Can scale most walls/etc.
  38. Improved Climber - can climb quickly and cling to walls
  39. Arboreal - Can jump long distances, scale surfaces, and takes reduced falling damage.
  40. Wriggler - Can move through vents and lowers the movement penalty from being prone.
  41. Improved Wriggler - Wriggling doesn't convey a movement penalty, and lowers prone movement penalty substantially.
  42. Light step - Greatly reduced falling damage, less likely to alert enemies from movement.
  43. Glider - immune to falling damage and can move horizontally when falling.
  44. Arm Wings - Can only use pistols. Can fly instead of moving normally. No falling damage. Armor restrictions. Bonus movement when flying.
  45. Wings - Wings sprout from this unit's back. Can fly instead of moving normally. No falling damage. Armor restrictions.
  46. Improved Wings - Can hover in place. Flying movement has no restrictions. No falling damage. Bonus movement when flying.
  47. Dive Bomber - Can make a devastating CQC attack leaping from a higher elevation
  49. Murder Noodle - gain CQC bonus against larger enemies. Harder to hit in CQC
  50. Foul Spray - for an action, adjacent enemy takes aim and calm penalties
  51. Improved Foul Spray - Action for range attack with large radius penalties
  52. Alarm Call - Spend an action to detect hidden/invisible enemies
  53. Trophilaxis - Can share a drug/food bonus with an adjacent ally
  54. Venomous - CQC inflicts high damage and poison
  55. Weaponized Body - High CQC and harder to hit in CQC
  56. Biolumens - Reduce the penalty in darkness for all allies. Enemies do not have a penalty to hit this unit
  57. Strong Beak - Can pry open doors and containers.
  59. Mental Traits:
  60. Pack Menatlity - Bonus to calm checks and accuracy when near allies, penalty when alone
  61. Improved Pack Mentality - This troop and all adjacent allies gain a bonus to Calm and Aim when allies are adjacent.
  62. Pack Leader - Allies with Animal Senses autocalm when adjacent
  63. Loyalty - gain calm and aim bonus when higher rank unit present, big penalty if ally is killed.
  64. Rampage - Injury and Fatal damage Excite as long as attacking. Penalty after.
  65. Curious - autodetect interact points
  66. Spite - Resists instant death/gibbing.
  67. Improved Spite - Resist instant death/gibbing. Chance to not be injured after mission
  68. Unstable - More likely to panic, but panic confers no penalty to hit.
  69. Stubborn - bonus to calm but sometimes doesn't listen.
  70. Bloodlust - Mutilate the corpse of a foe to become excited
  71. Stoic - Halved penalties from injury/panic. Less likely to panic
  72. Fearless - large enemies don't cause panic
  73. Boiling Rage - When panicked, gain a CQC bonus and approach enemies.
  74. Cold - injury or death of allies doesn't cause panic
  75. Monogamy - If on a mission with Lover, gain bonuses to aim, HP and calm. Love must be exclusive.
  76. Gregarious - Bonus to calm check when near allies. Harder to dislike, hard to dislike others
  77. Horrorkill - if this unit kills a nearby unit, drastically increased chance for that unit's allies to panic.
  78. Bird - Sometimes gain an extra action, sometimes doesn't listen.
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