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  2. |@EXCUSE ME was that a threat was it do i have to cut a bitch huh⊢@|
  4. |@that's what i thought ihihi you mad⊢@|
  6. Your name is Makhai Thebos and you are NOT putting up with this shit. And why should you? You're the future EMPRESS for crying out loud! Plus, you're the youngest so far to survive the initial assassination attempt. Of course, this has made you even more of a COCKY LITTLE BITCH, but you're not exactly one who cares about others opinions.
  8. Ever since you were a grub, others have told you that were special. You were put on a pedistal, told that you had the ability to change all of troll society if you wanted... not to mention, what /she/ told you. Your lovely lusus, who sung to you in your sleep and called blood, was a wonderful influence on you. After learning the basics of combat (and ditching the traditional trident for an.... unconventional shieldKind), you took to the empress's usual job of slaughtering whatever you could to feed your lusus and qwell her temper. Unfortunatly, you approached this task with... GUSTO, and ended up wiping out the area around your hive. Combinding this with the fact that no seadwellers DARE to approach you, you have had to... change your tactics.
  10. And by "change your tactics", you mean ride a chariot pulled by enslaved lusii (you're not picky- if you find one that can pull it will pull until you find a better one) and slaughter whatever you find.
  12. You're not a popular empress-to-be.
  14. Not that you really CARE! You have no desire to fill any QUARDRENTS. You've never loathed someone enough to keep them alive, and the only pity you feel is towards those who actually think they can change you. You are an unshakeable ROCK in the sea of emotions, yes indeed! There's no way that you could just be obscenly sheltered. If anything, you're suprisingly ambliviant to the CASTE system-- after all, you're above all of them anyways, so there's really no need to differenciate.
  16. Besides KILLING, you lack any real hobbies to speak of. You do enjoy RACES, and other tests of skill, but... those are usually related to killing anyways. You are determined to not change in this regard; Having any other distractions would be FOOLISH.
  18. Your trolltag is brusqueJingoist and you |@proudly ride your chariot into battle⊢@|
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