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  1. Steel Dragon
  2. Dragon Family
  3. Disposition: Gloomy, Territorial
  4. Diet: Ore and minerals, essence.
  6. These reclusive monsters possess massive bodies easily distinguished by their long horns and armored heads. They spend the majority of their long lives deep underground and thus most do not even know what a man looks like aside from their father. They spend their days digging through solid bedrock with their powerful claws looking for ore and other minerals to eat. Their harsh lifestyle leads to their bodies becoming especially sturdy even among dragons making them nigh impervious to any form of physical attack.
  8. When angered these monsters become rampaging goliaths capable of trampling even the most fortified castle into dust. The only way to stop these behemoths is to court them. As a result of their solitude, their skills in romance are poorly developed leading to confusion when spotting a man they like. At first they may charge the man in a display of territorial dominance. Most men when confronted with such a raging beast would flee or if foolish enough, be trampled to death trying to defend themselves. Although such occurrences are rare. However they are weak to romantic gestures and will likely flee in fear or melt into a molten heat should a man be brave enough to stand his ground and maintain eye contact. Even if the man does not express interest and she flees she will spend the next few months thinking about the encounter until their desire for him becomes unbearable. Leading to the man eventually being hunted down, swallowed by the earth, and ravished enough to shatter bedrock.
  10. Unless excited or otherwise instructed they are actually gentle giants in bed. For fear of harming their beloved husband they will take great care to ensure the mating is slow and controlled lest the untimely drop of their hefty hips shatter bone. Like many other dragons though they can be convinced to let the man take the lead with enough coaxing and will try their hardest not to let even the smallest peep escape their lips or otherwise lose control of their desires. Any man daring enough to push their wife into anything further may find his body and mind shattered by the sheer force of the love making.
  12. The tunnel systems they excavate in pursuit of food are extensive and maze-like, but home to countless "unpalatable" ores such as gold that attract greedy adventurers and miners alike. For this reason discarded shafts are also home to many other monsters who lie in wait. It is not uncommon for entire underground towns to form around a steel dragon. A steel dragon's den is also quite cozy with furniture typically carved from solid stone as an accommodation to their husbands. Though they may have to be taught how to cook for a human, one can expect to live a quiet yet fulfilling life with these delicate flowers.
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