miss bird skip

redslash Mar 25th, 2016 (edited) 137 Never
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  1. Opening for MISSED Bird Skip:
  2.   do Bird Escape, do not fight!
  4. Summary: couple extra attacks, same Nagas
  6. [0x73]
  7. Roly Rider x 3
  8.    Crono atk MIDDLE (X-Right-X)
  9.    hold X (L crit, C atk, L atk & C atk)
  10.       > end can also be C atk & L crit, works too
  12. [0xb8]
  13. Roly Rider x 2
  14.    just hold X (Crono crit, Lucca atk, Crono atk)
  16. [0xec]
  17. Naga-ettes
  18.    (exact same fight, except no crit)
  19.    >>> set Crono to Cyclone!
  21. [0x2c]
  22. Hench & Diablos
  23.    (left enemy attacks) Frog & Crono attack RIGHT
  24.    (let Frog's turn come up) Lucca Firewhirl, Frog crit
  25.       >Henches need to get close (both side guys step down off the stairs after the middle guy), but you still gotta be fast. Frog's turn coming up is sorta the sweet spot
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