18/02/2016 - KTOS P.1

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  1. 18/02/2016 - KTOS Part.1
  3. ※ This patch has been broken down into 3 separate posts. Please read them all!
  4. Part 1: (Current)
  5. Part 2:
  6. Part 3:
  8. Hello, Saviors
  10. Thank you for being so patient with this maintenance.
  11. We'll know give you some information regarding the 18/02/2016 Update.
  13. The following bugs have been fixed!
  15. 1. If the spacing is entered in a note of a produced item, the items link break out.
  16. 2. Bracelet items were showing lower values on character information window than what the items stated.
  17. 3. Fixed the bug where [Ice Wall] was dropping wood when hit by a Dievdirby's [Carve] attack.
  18. 4. Fixed problem where occasionally cubes were not being used.
  19. 5. Fixed the problem where planting crops in the guild area would not appear unless they were in a corner.
  20. - the previous 'Invisible'crops should now appear after this change.
  21. 6. Fixed an issue where you could not be  attacked in a Duel with Wizards.
  22. 7. When a character died at Nuoridin Falls The[Revive at a nearby location ] spot has been changed.
  23. 8. Fixed the sometimes disjointed position of the chat balloon that appears over the characters head when chatting.
  24. 9. Fixed the issue where guild/party unread message counts were displaying together.
  25. 10. When talking to Guild Towers, it will no longer cause illustrations from previous NPCS to float in.
  26. 11. Quest: [Escaping Deception (4)] In the boss battle with King Liverwort, the boss would intermittently pause unintentionally.
  27. 12. Quest: [The Unknown Soldier] 한풀이 트랙 시작 후 캐릭터 이동 시 임의 장소로 순간이동 되는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  28. 13. Quest: [Curse of Sloth - Abyss] The Quest UI not appearing upon completion will be corrected.
  29. 14. Quest: [Curse of Sloth - Curse] The Quest UI not appearing upon completion will be corrected.
  30. 15. Quest:[Saltisster's Ambush]progression was not possible.
  32. 16. Quest: [Journey to find me (4) ] When the Quest was given up, and Hauberk recalled the player, the problem with players invincibility has been corrected.
  33. 17. [Siaulai Mission] When characters were in the 3rd stage, the problem where monsters didn't attack the torch has been fixed.
  34. 18. Fixed a problem where Mission related UI Information remained after exiting from a Mission Map.
  35. 19. During a mission, the stage progress will appear in a window. ( Just Beneath the Quest-Track list )
  36. 20. Various controller errors have been fixed.
  37. - When in Rest mode UI and inputting with a different device, the UI display was not updating.
  38. - When using Keyboard and inputting with the Joypad, fixed a problem where the UI would change to the Joypad layout.
  39. - When using Joypad and inputting with a keyboard, fixed a problem where the the UI would change to the Keyboard layout .
  40. - Fixed a problem where the mouse was being used in the Automatic UI Mode.
  41. - Quickly Sitting/Standing with a joy-pad Caused the UI to disappear.
  42. - When changing from Rest mode to Combat mode, the UI not changing (from rest to combat) has been corrected.
  47. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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