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  2. GRP | Utakino: Hello sir?
  3. GRP | Utakino is now Online.
  4. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Yes?
  5. GRP | Utakino: Hmmm, i hope you now the Name GmodNetworks.net Its under Patent.
  6. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Thats great, I don't own GmodNetworks.net
  7. GRP | Utakino: I got contacted.
  8. GRP | Utakino: Owner of GmodNetwork
  9. GRP | Utakino: Its on your Profiel.
  10. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I own GmodNetwork.net
  11. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Not GmodNetworks.net
  12. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: And also, your domain that you got contacted of is unregistered.
  13. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Gmod-Networks.net is registered.
  14. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: My domain is not near that, removing a s and a -.
  15. GRP | Utakino: Hmmm i hop you now if you not change it than i must come with a Laway.
  16. GRP | Utakino: You cant make remove 1 word from my Patent and say its Okay.
  17. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: May I see this patent?
  18. GRP | Utakino: I get a contacted.
  19. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You can't place a patent in the United States of America unless its a physical item or digital product.
  20. GRP | Utakino: Hmmm, im From Germany.
  21. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I don't follow Germany law.
  22. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: And there aren't universal laws.
  23. GRP | Utakino: Hmmm, if you use .net
  24. GRP | Utakino: than you follow Germany Laws.
  25. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: No I don't.
  26. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: .net is a network, as of connected people.
  27. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: .net has no affliation with any specific place on Earth.
  28. GRP | Utakino: Right.
  29. GRP | Utakino: So, Patent is Patent, if you make a Patent in Germany or in the USA.
  30. GRP | Utakino: You cant Edit the Name!
  31. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I know my laws, I graduated from Harvard University in the United States of America and I know the law.
  32. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: And I know that I do not need to follow Germany law if I am not in Germany.
  33. GRP | Utakino: http://www.grp-community.net
  34. GRP | Utakino: http://gmod-networks.net/
  35. GRP | Utakino: Aha wait
  36. GRP | Utakino: Gmod-networks.de
  37. GRP | Utakino: There are 2 Domains.
  38. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Nor can you sue me for copyright infringement, as my domain is clearly different, and my domain is registered for a 2013-2014 copyright of the United States Copyright Office, and its also protected under the United States Copyright Act of 1976.
  39. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I do not follow your law, and I do not need to listen to anything you say, as there is nothing here that would make a valid case.
  40. GRP | Utakino: I was contacted that you use Gmod Networks.
  41. GRP | Utakino: Network*
  42. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I do not.
  43. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I use GmodNetwork.net
  44. GRP | Utakino: Yes i got a Letter.
  45. GRP | Utakino: And than i Search.
  46. GRP | Utakino: You think im adding you randomly?
  47. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I do not need to listen to anything you say law-wise, and you also cannot charge me for using this domain, as it is registered in the United States, not Germany.
  48. GRP | Utakino: No.
  49. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I am not going to listen to you, as I cannot be charged in a different country when I am not violating U.S. law.
  50. GRP | Utakino: Patent is used everywhere in Japan, England, USA, Germany, then we must stop complaining.
  51. GRP | Utakino: And you can Pay me Money.
  52. GRP | Utakino: Much Money.
  53. GRP | Utakino: Esay.
  54. GRP | Utakino: Better for me.
  55. GRP | Utakino: Bad for You.
  56. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I am not going to pay you anything.
  57. GRP | Utakino: You see.
  58. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: For all I know, your lying.
  59. GRP | Utakino: Pay or Jailed.
  60. GRP | Utakino: So.
  61. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Extortion?
  62. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I'll file a lawsuit on you right now for extortion.
  63. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You are violating U.S. law, following the blackmailing and extortion law.
  64. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I am not going to pay you anything, and you can bring it up with the President of the United States, leader of the National Executive Branch, Chief Citizen, Chief of Party, Commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, and Chief Legislator, if you want to try anything.
  65. GRP | Utakino: Hallo Lukas Guter.
  67. Das Patent was sie auf Gmod-Networks Aufgelegt haben wurde gerade unter der Domain
  68. Gmod-Network.net Gefunden ich weise sie drauf hin denn inhaber zu kontaktieren.
  69. Es kann auch ein Missverständnis geben!
  71. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen
  72. Thomas Rabbe
  75. Gesendet:
  76. Köln, KöhlnerdomStraße 14
  77. GRP | Utakino: This is the Letter.
  78. GRP | Utakino: If you cant Understant.
  79. GRP | Utakino: Its German
  80. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Picture of this document?
  81. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I can read german.
  82. GRP | Utakino: I make Later a Picture if you want.
  83. GRP | Utakino: But its not for you Unfair?
  84. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You can make one now.
  85. GRP | Utakino: I dont have many time.
  86. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Than our conversation is over, and nothing is going to be changed as I am not violating U.S. law.
  87. GRP | Utakino: I give you a Info over this.
  88. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You aren't going to give me anything, I am not going to listen to you.
  89. GRP | Utakino: Than can you pay me.
  90. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I am not going to pay you anything, your patent is invalid, your website is not copyrighted, and I am not violating law.
  91. GRP | Utakino: ... Patent=Copyrighted.
  92. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: No.
  93. GRP | Utakino: ...
  94. GRP | Utakino: If i make Patent on my Name, can you take this name
  95. GRP | Utakino: gg
  96. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Yes.
  97. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: As you can't copyright or patent it.
  98. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: As Valve, the owner of this program, wouldn't allowed a inside copyright/.
  99. GRP | Utakino: Why...
  100. GRP | Utakino: Why do you steal names?
  101. GRP | Utakino: ...
  102. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I did not steal your name.
  103. GRP | Utakino: I mean GmodNetwork.net
  104. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I had no knowledge of your website, yet I am not violating law.
  105. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: So nothing is stopping me.
  106. GRP | Utakino: But this is Shit..
  107. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: It may seem that way.
  108. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I wish you a fair day, and I hope you have a great life
  109. GRP | Utakino: Wait.
  110. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Goodbye.
  111. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: What?
  112. GRP | Utakino: 1 Minute.
  113. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: No.
  114. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You tell me now or I am going to go.
  115. GRP | Utakino: Please
  116. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: If your wasting my time, I will be very mad.
  117. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: You are running over 1 minute.
  118. GRP | Utakino: Yes i now
  119. GRP | Utakino: but wait
  120. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I do not have time to listen to your crap about how I am violating germany law, which I don't follow.
  121. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I do not have time for this.
  122. GRP | Utakino has changed their name to Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html.
  123. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html: Than so ;)
  124. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: I don't really care?
  125. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5]: Goodbye.
  126. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html is now Offline.
  127. Cube™ [GmodNetwork.net] [html5] has changed their name to Cube™.
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