Sexual Teacher - 59

Jun 2nd, 2020
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~ Seonsaeng-nim / (Sexual) Teacher / 선생님 ~

Chapter - 59

MC is taking off his clothes while asking to FMC if he can stick his penis inside her.. She accepts, sex begins.
She is moaning loudly while he's thinking how the teacher he always dreamed of is finally accepting him without any resistance and wonders if she wanted to have sex with him from the start too.. FMC thinks it's amazing to feel MC's rock hard dick inside her.. They both confess their love to each other and how they dreamed about this day..

MC starts to stroke her clitoris with his finger making FMC shows a strong reaction. She asks him where he learned this and he asks her if it's really important to know. He makes up a lie saying he learned this stuff by watching porn, she obviously doesn't believe him.

He makes her go on all four and she asks him if he isn't to talented for his age.. How he looks too experienced.. She wants the truth and MC tells her he practiced a lot to please her.. FMC is happy to learn this and goes all out asking for more.. He speeds up his game by hammering in a doggy position.. He says how he's teaching his Teacher with his dick and loves it.. He puts two fingers inside her mouth, she's surprised by this action but quickly sucks them.

They keep fucking.. FMC is now on the top, riding with all her might MC, he grabs her tits and start to fondle them thinking how this shy teacher is now riding him willingly.. They exchange a lewd kiss while making love. MC thinks how he never felt something like this.. How it's like his brain is melting.

They keep going until both of them reach climax.. FMC asks him to call her by her name and to let out everything inside her.. Creampie and FMC doing the ahegao..

To be continued..
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