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  1. Character Sheet
  2. ---------------
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  6. Party Members
  7. -------------------
  9. (note that some former party members are listed; not all are necessarily with the main character at any given time)
  11. - Abigail Fang - The niece of the Archmage of Archon, Yi Fang. She is a talented Spirit mage. 20 years old.
  13. Her magical skill encompasses limited gliding, offensive spirit projectiles, a strong magic barrier, and a vast number of summons. She isn't experienced, but holds the raw magical power and stamina that marks her family.
  15. - Sir Donovan Flint - A knight of Dobshire, the capital of Arland, and fourth son of the lord and ruler of Arland. Wears adamantium half-plate and wields a two-handed longsword enchanted strongly with the wind element. He also wears a magical cape that repels magic, especially that of the Shadow element. 29 years old.
  17. Sir Flint is an exceptional fighter; his skill is built from hard work and experience. He can enchant his blade with light magic to give it a powerful cutting edge, possibly his most useful skill. He can also make a small light and shoot a weak projectile of light magic. He is capable of healing, but it's an unrefined skill and drains him greatly.
  19. - Joey - A young boy from Jacob's Field, now Sir Flint's squire. No particular magical talent. Wears leather armor and wields a shortsword. 16 years old.
  21. - Auriel Lightchosen - Formerly a powerful angel of the Ringed City, now one of the leaders of Haven. Wears heavy plate steel and wields a sword and a wide, round buckler. Her magic isn't what it used to be, but her experience makes up for the loss in power. Hundreds of years of battle and political maneuverings make her a shrewd and charismatic leader. 732 years old.
  23. Sword for sword, Auriel is a match for anyone in Venia. Her spells aren't powerful, but are varied and useful, ranging from straightforward attacks to distractions based on light and sound. She is an exceptional healer.
  25. - Obis Vin - The exiled Prince of Kan Abar. He wears steel-adamantium plate armor and wields a ram-headed shield and a sword. He has no particular magical talent, but possesses a powerfully enchanted cape that can completely hide his presence. 32 years old.
  27. Obis is a skilled swordsman. He is well-educated and well-rounded, possessing a deep knowledge of Venia's politics and history. His time with the orcs in Tarun Gakth made him a proficient tracker and hunter. More than anything, he is a survivor.
  29. - Ila Marril - Formerly enslaved by the ring city, she is a shadow mage trained in espionage and hand-to-hand combat, and now helps to lead Haven. She wears light leather armor and wields a punching dagger. 26 years old.
  31. Ila isn't as powerful in a straight-up fight, but she rarely charges straight on. Her power lies in magical deception combined with her agility and speed.
  33. - Freja Blackwater - The daughter of the infamous pirate Vidar Blackwater. The Blackwater family has long passed down a rare combination of Wind and Spirit magics, and for several generations have served the princes of Kan-Abar as privateers. She wields two enchanted blades that extend out from her vambraces, and wears heavy leather armor with enchanted adamantium plates. 23 years old.
  35. Freja is skilled with her short blades, closing the gap to her foes and making quick work of them with swift flurries of strikes. She is capable of limited flight, and knows a few offensive wind spells. Her strongest skill is a set of unique summoned creatures developed by the Blackwater family.
  37. - Lien Adavan - An ancient sage from a country that no longer exists; Hecate's greatest and most loyal general. He didn't entirely trust Erebus's plan, and, as a backup measure, went along with the Goddess of Spirit when she entombed herself. His time as a lich weakened him significantly, but his knowledge and experience are exceptional.
  39. Adavan's strengths are his cunning and foresight, as well as his powerful mind magic, the knowledge of which was lost in the years following the elementomachy. He can bind, cripple, confuse, and distract enemies, instill fear and panic, and even crush a foe's mind outright. Given time, he can examine and alter memories themselves.
  42. --Servants-- (1/10)
  43. Adavan
  45. --Chosen-- (2/3)
  46. Abigail
  47. Ila
  49. --Arbiter-- (0/1)
  51. -----------------
  52. Shards of Erebus
  53. -----------------
  55. Shards of Erebus:
  56. -none-
  58. New Shards:
  59. (Retribution) - Physical Attacks and Abilities
  60. (Maker) - Spirit, Water, Earth, and Summoning Magic
  61. (Silence) - Stealth and Illusions
  62. (Peace) - Defense and Anti-Magic
  63. (Breeze) - Speed and Agility
  64. (Hammer) - Special Attack
  65. (Ardor) - Consumption
  66. {Resolve} - Shadow Magic
  67. {Humanity} - ?
  69. Shards grant powerful situational abilities. Given a shard that matches a particular situation (listed above), they can be used after player rolls to bolster the chances of success. Generally, the more a shard must compensate for a bad roll, the more power it has to use.
  71. Shard Scale: Broken < Fragile < Weak < Normal < Strong < Empowered < Resonant
  73. Shards which are 'normal' or stronger give passive bonuses. When a shard falls to 'weak' or below, you lose passive bonuses. Empowered shards grant stronger passive bonuses. Bonuses are related to a shard's nature.
  75. Broken - Unable to be used.
  76. Fragile - About to break, but power could still be forced out if needed. Possible backfire.
  77. Weak - Could make the difference in a pinch. Small chance of backfire. Loss of passive shard bonuses.
  78. Normal - The shard is at normal strength. No chance of backfire.
  79. Strong - The shard is charged with dark power, and can make a large difference in battle.
  80. Empowered - The shard is fully empowered, and can easily turn the tide of battle, if the timing is right. Maxed passive bonuses.
  81. Resonant - (special)
  83. --------------
  84. Learned Abilities
  85. --------------
  87. Magic Power: Level 5
  88. - Steady mana regeneration in dark areas, to a maximum of 2/3 mana capacity (50 mana). Slow mana regeneration in lighted areas.
  90. Resistances:
  92. Ailment - Immune
  93. Shadow - Extreme
  94. Spirit - Strong
  95. Earth - Strong
  96. Water - Mighty
  97. Wind - Good
  98. Lightning - Ok
  99. Fire - Weak
  100. Light - Vulnerable
  102. Scale:
  103. Deadly - Extremely Vulnerable - Vulnerable - Very Weak - Weak - Slightly Weak - Neutral - Ok - Good - Strong - Mighty - Extreme - Insane - Immune
  105. --------------
  106. Active (intent-use abilities that don't require mana)
  107. --------------
  109. Consume - Devour the latent energy of enemies and magical artifacts to add to your own power and restore your health.
  111. Toxic Smog - Unleash a toxic gas from your skin. (60% chance to poison enemy. More effective at close range. Can harm allies that are too close)
  113. Sleep Gas - Release a sleep-inducing gas to knock out your foes. The gas is potent, but isn't very useful in battle, or against powerful enemies.
  115. Glide - Your aura allows you to glide, dropping safely from large heights or covering large distances if starting from a high position. Gliding is always stealthier than flying.
  117. Flight - Spread wings of darkness to soar through the air. Carrying capacity is based on physical strength.
  119. Supersonic - Fly at supersonic speeds. You'll move extremely fast, but suffer a large penalty to stealth and magic stealth. Takes 1 turn to activate.
  121. Mimic - Take on the vague form of things you've seen. Won't stand up to close examination, but works well in the dark.
  123. Snuff - You shadow can put out the lights it touches.
  125. Blink - Sight-range teleportation. (Cannot blink through walls, through the ground, into places you can't see, etc. 5-turn cooldown in battle. Auto-cooldown if battle ends. You can only Blink yourself and inanimate objects on your person. Max range 1/4 mile or 0.4 kilometers)
  127. Fast Blink - You can unleash a flurry of sight-range teleports, baffling and confusing your enemies. (exceptional dodge buff for two turns; opens additional movement and escape options. Costs 6 mana. Negates enemy initiative. 5-turn cooldown.)
  129. Focus - With a burst of concentration, you can significantly improve your detection of both the mundane and magical, but you also drastically increase the risk of giving yourself away. (think sonic ping)
  131. Deep Focus - Long-range focus with heightened detection and scouting ability, but with a correspondingly higher chance of revealing yourself.
  133. Berserk - Ignore your defenses and strike all around you in a vicious physical assault. Difficult to determine friend from foe. Minimum duration two turns. No other abilities can be used while berserk.
  135. Darkness Within - You are the immovable rock and the unstoppable force. Your berserk is exaggerated in all aspects (except for defense penalty, which doesn't get any worse). Minimum duration of four turns, no other abilities.
  137. Shadow Eater - Eat an enemy's shadow for a small heal. Their shadow will regenerate over the course of a day. However, things might turn sour if they notice their shadow is missing...
  139. Doom Aura - Puts out all lights in an area at once. Large penalty to dodge if used during battle.
  141. Compress - By sacrificing strength and defense, you can compress yourself and your aura to the size of a small mouse, greatly increasing dodge and physical and magical stealth. Warning: requires a turn to activate and deactivate.
  143. Schattenkrieg - Wrap yourself in your aura and fly toward the enemy, becoming a living missile of darkness. Major bonus to physical attack and armor piercing. Optional: spend 5 mana to add additional shadow attack power. Chance for self-damage based on attack strength and target defense strength. Can stack with berserk, but self-damage is then guaranteed.
  145. Analyze - You pause and concentrate on your surroundings, gaining an acute awareness of tricks and traps. Alt: In battle, reveal enemy weaknesses, or other useful information. Takes 1 turn, and may force defense or dodge check.
  147. Teleportation - Teleport between any mana pools that have been previously touched. Alt: You may establish one portal anchor at a location of your choosing. Afterward, a portal to the anchor can be opened at any time. It takes 2 turns to open in battle, and it takes two turns to close. This skill is easily countered by enemy magic and is best used outside of conflict.
  149. --------------------
  150. Spells (and other abilities that DO use mana)
  151. --------------------
  153. Shadow Strike - Strike the foe with needles of darkness. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)
  155. Shadow Assault - Launch a flurry of shadowy projectiles at the enemy. (base power 4. Costs 4 mana. Can hit multiple enemies)
  157. Shadow Beam - A concentrated beam of shadow power. Attacks faster than shadow strike/assault, and is more precise. (Costs 6 mana; 6 base damage)
  159. Shadow Blast - A wide, short blast of shadow magic. (Costs 7 mana. 7 base damage at close range) Damage decreases rapidly at longer ranges. Can hit multiple enemies.
  161. Shadow Bomb - A bomb of shadow magic. Takes time to arrive at target, but delivers widespread destruction. (costs 8 mana. 8 base power)
  163. Ray of Darkness - Super-condensed shadow magic shoots from you in a ray of darkness. Costs 10 mana; 10 base attack. Extremely accurate even at long ranges. Can hit through enemies.
  165. Cone of Destruction: Unleash a powerful destructive cone of shadow magic. (Costs 10 mana. 10 base attack at close range) The most inaccurate shadow attack, but can hit multiple enemies. Bonus at extremely close range.
  167. Nightflare - Disrupt target spell or enchantment. (costs 2 mana)
  169. Nightblaze - Cancel enchantments and spells in an area around you. Success and range based on mana spent. (Spend 4 to 10 mana. Radius: 30 feet. Additional 20 feet per mana. Alternate: Spend 10 mana to attempt to cancel any one single spell in sight-range with a greatly enhanced success rate)
  171. Shadowmeld - Magic-based stealth. Pay any amount of mana. Physical and magical stealth increases based on how much mana was spent until stealth is broken. Can be used to re-stealth mid-battle.
  173. Shade - Create an illusory projection of yourself to confuse enemies. (dodge buff. Costs 1 mana)
  175. Multishade - Create several illusory copies of yourself, reducing the chance you’ll be hit and intimidating enemies. More effective against groups than Shade. (costs 3 mana)
  177. Army of Darkness - Create a screeching illusory cacophony of projections, spirits, and monsters. Shades can now follow slightly more complex commands (follow enemy, follow me, simple list of instructions, etc) (Costs 5 mana)
  179. Void Ring - annihilate the area around you and warp it directly into the nether. Costs 20 mana. If immediate destruction is resisted, 15 base magic attack. Max range 10 feet; hits all targets in range.
  181. Eclipse - Forcibly assert the power of darkness to eclipse the sun itself for 2-5 turns, covering a miles-wide area centered on the user. Negates Shadow resistance of all enemies, doubles Shadow magic power, and halves the mana cost of Shadow Magic spells while active. Costs 25 mana, or half current mana, whichever is greater. Only useable once per day.
  183. Gaping Maw - Your jaws crush and warp what you chew directly into the Nether. (costs 4 mana. Buff to strength, large buff to armor piercing. Close range only. If combined with successful consumption attempt, you don't take the extra turn to consume)
  185. Shadow Totem - Form an automatic magic turret from rock and shadow that fires shadow assaults. Will attack closest enemy within range. With Machina Loqui, can be programmed to focus fire on selected targets. Lasts until destroyed,or ten minutes pass. (costs 12 mana) Totems hardwired to mana pools can last indefinitely. Old totems can be 'recharged' before they die for 4 mana.
  187. Pocket - Forge a pocket within the nether that only you can access. The size of the pocket is determined by magic power level (3^lvl meters cubed. For example, pocket with magic level 2 = 9 meters cubed of space) You can reach the pocket at any time, assuming your magic is functional. Each object placed within or withdrawn from the pocket costs you 1 mana, independent of the size of the object. The pocket has no gravity, but starts filled with air, so living creatures could survive there. However, long periods in the nether are not good for the health of living things. You cannot transport yourself to your pocket.
  189. ----
  190. Spirit
  191. ----
  193. Spirit Whip - Lash the enemy with a whip of spirit magic. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)
  195. Spirit Lash - Lash out with multiple strikes of spirit magic. (mana cost: 4. base power 4. Takes best of 5 rolls rather than 3)
  197. Bind - Trap an enemy in ropes of spirit magic. May spend 1 to 10 mana (determines strength).
  199. Fear - Stun and disrupt foes nearby with a spiritual blast of magic. Weaker enemies may flee. (3 mana to cast)
  201. Confuse - Target may randomly flee, damage self, or attack allies. (5 mana)
  203. Terror - Spend 4 to 14 mana. Unleash the true horror of darkness unknowable. Stun or disrupt target enemy, and other enemies around you in a large radius. Weaker enemies may flee.
  205. Mind Crush - A brutal spirit magic attack directly into the mind of your foe. (costs 10 mana. base power 10)
  207. Dream Walk - Walk amongst the world of dreams. Can be used for long-distance communication, or to invade the minds of foes and gather information. But be careful - the dreamer has great power in his own dream, you might not be the only one to walk amongst them. (5 mana)
  209. Spirit Siphon - Spend 5 to 15 mana. If successful, does minor Spirit damage, and gain 50% chance to drain all mana from enemy (guaranteed at least 1 mana gained this way). (note that the 50% chance and "all mana" denote base values, which vary depending on battle conditions and the target)
  211. ----
  212. Water
  213. ----
  215. Water Strike - A pressurized blast of water imbued with magical force. (2 base power. Costs 2 mana)
  217. Ice Strike - Attack the enemy with a flurry of ice. (4 base damage. costs 4 mana. Can hit multiple enemies)
  219. Frostbite - The power of frost. Freeze doors shut; create slick floors; turn enemies into popsicles. Can be used as a shield to help negate heat-based attacks. (8 mana. Note: may be resisted if used directly on enemy mage)
  221. Dark Blizzard - Summon a furious hail of ice crystals hardened and sharpened by shadow magic to engulf your foes. (costs 14 mana. 6 base power. Ranged area of effect. Moderate base attack with large chances to stun, disrupt, and freeze enemies)
  223. Surge - Form a powerful wave of water to manipulate the field of battle and disrupt enemies (5 mana)
  225. Tidal Force - Tidal Force - Call upon the power of a huge wave to flood a wide area. Unlike Surge, this requires an immediate water source (10 mana)
  227. Heal - Spend either 2, 4, or 6 mana to heal a target 4, 7, or 10 HP, respectively.
  229. Great Heal - Heal a target 20 HP (12 mana)
  231. Water Recovery - While in or near water, you have enhanced regeneration speed and can regenerate to full health. Requires larger natural bodies of water or deep wells. Must be mostly submerged.
  233. Purify - Spend 3 Mana: 100% chance to heal 1 ailment on target. Spend 6 mana: 85% chance to heal all target's ailments. Spend 9 mana: heal all of a target's ailments and the ailments of all those you are physically touching.
  235. ----
  236. Earth
  237. ----
  239. Earthforge - Reshape and move the earth and stone. Mana spend determines power level. Must spend 6 mana to launch a projectile of earth. (2, 4, or 6 mana)
  241. Harden - Grant a temporary physical defense boost to an object. Does not work directly on individuals. (3 mana)
  243. Sharpen - Sharpen an object, temporarily enhancing its cutting and slicing power. (3 mana)
  245. Adamantize - Grants two turns of extreme durability and density to target object or individual. Adamantized objects are much, much heavier. Adamantized people cannot move, unless other magics or enchantments are assisting them. (5 mana)
  247. Erode - Reduce the target's physical attack for 3-5 turns. (4, 8, or 17 mana. Higher tiers increase effectiveness)
  249. Corrode - Reduce the target's physical defense for 3-5 turns. (4, 8, or 17 mana. Higher tiers increase effectiveness)
  251. Decay - Reduce the target's magical attack power for 3-5 turns. (5, 11, or 22 mana. Higher tiers increased effectiveness)
  253. Construct - Create an earthen golem assistant with a tiny power core. It isn't very intelligent, and can follow only simple orders, such as "move that boulder" or "protect this person". Otherwise, it will default to being your bodyguard. It shares earth/shadow elements. Golems last until defeated, but only 1 can be controlled at a time. (4 mana)
  255. Automaton - Given materials, you can create a stronger golem of made of metals. With Machina Loqui, it can be programmed to take more complex orders, and will resist takeover attempts. Lasts until destroyed. (8 mana)
  257. Machina Vita - The greatest and strongest of golems made of a blend of aluminum and adamantium. They are capable of independent earth magic, and are highly intelligent. With Machina Loqui, they will resist takeover attempts. (15 mana)
  259. ----------------
  260. Special - Plot-related or otherwise special unlockable abilities. Some require raw EXP to activate.
  261. ----------------
  263. Titanic - You grow titanic in size, doubling your physical strength and defense. You cannot use any other abilities while Titanic (aside from berserk). It would be a bad idea to do this indoors, or around allies. Forgoes all stealth. Can stack with berserk. Lasts up to five turns. Size minimum 20 feet tall, 7 feet wide. Maximum is double those dimensions. (5 EXP)
  265. Dark Wave - Unleash a mighty shockwave of Shadow centered on you. Low offensive power, but high knockback. (3 or 8 experience, 50 foot or half-mile radius, respectively).
  267. Pool of Darkness - Spend 15 experience points to create a Shadow element mana pool. Cannot be performed in battle. Mana pools can recharge your mana indefinitely, and may be useful for other things as well...
  269. Experience Burn - convert raw, untapped power into mana. 1 EXP per 4 mana. Any amount can be spent, but can only be used once per day.
  271. Hypersonic - Fly at ten times the speed of sound. Takes a turn to activate. Can only safely carry one person or equivalent weight while in this state. Damage, piercing and area of effect of Schattenkrieg scaled appropriately. Momentum is difficult to control. (2 EXP)
  273. Erasure - All chaotic matter and energy you touch is permanently and totally erased. Lasts 2 turns. Use caution. (10 EXP)
  275. Artifact - You may enchant any single object into a magical artifact of legendary power. This power can only be used three times. (10 EXP)
  277. Pestilence - Enemy physical strength is halved and all regeneration halted until they are touched by light magic. Applies to first target Shadow touches after activation. (7 exp)
  279. Hecate - Call out to the Goddess of Spirit. She'll appear to aid you, if she has the strength. If you wait longer before calling for her, she'll have had more time to gather her power, and be able to help more effectively for a longer duration.
  281. Waterborne (passive bonus)
  282. -You can swim as fast as you can run. Water presents no barrier to you.
  283. -You have a permanent passive bonus to water resistance.
  284. -Regeneration starts on the same turn injuries were inflicted.
  286. Purity of Order (passive bonus)
  287. - All allies that Shadow is in physical contact with share his invulnerability to ailments. Servants and higher ranks always have this, regardless of Shadow's presence.
  289. -----------------
  290. Summons
  291. -----------------
  293. Wisp - A shadowy wisp from the Nether. (2 base shadow attack). Costs 1 mana to summon, 1 mana per action. Never breaks your control; if you run out of mana, it will merely vanish. [Level 0, Shadow]
  295. Spirit - Summon an ethereal spirit from the nether. Stronger and more stealthy than a ghost, but weak to magic. (3 spirit attack. 1 mana per action) [level 2]
  297. Ghost - summon a ghost, a weak spirit condensed from the nether (2 spirit attack). Costs 2 mana to summon, 1 per action. [level 1, Ethereal]
  299. --------------------
  300. Notes on holdings and forces:
  301. --------------------
  303. The Airship Noiralev
  304. -----
  305. Hold:
  306. 100 steel helmets, shields, spears
  307. 5 sets of adamantium half-plate armor
  309. Repair:
  310. Engine is intact; rest of ship is pretty busted up. Weapons systems are slag, and the hull and shielding systems are heavily damaged. The jump drive is fried by your overcharge.
  312. Forces:
  313. -----
  314. Airship crew: 34 men and women - elite soldiers specially trained to operate airship systems
  316. Angels: 54 - powerful light mages that can easily soar through the sky
  318. Shadow Mages: 329 - shadow mages of varying strengths, trained as assassins, spies, and field support.
  320. Spirit Mages: 34 - Spirit mages that perform specialized tasks for the empire, including summoning, mental interrogation, and teleportation. Untrained for battle, but not defenseless.
  322. Known Mana Pools:
  324. Jacob's Field - entrance to Hecate's tomb - Spirit
  325. Palthair Mines - Magnock's Lair - Spirit
  326. Archon - Spirit District - Spirit
  327. Archon - Shadow District - Shadow
  328. Archon - Earth
  329. Archon - Water
  330. Haven - Shadow
  331. ???? - ???? - Shadow
  333. -----------------
  334. Relative Magic Power Levels:
  335. -----------------
  337. Godlike:
  339. The Black Lady
  340. Sandalphon
  341. Yi Fang
  343. The Highest:
  345. 1) Sandalphon
  346. 2) Lucifer
  347. 3) Metatron
  348. 4) Raphael
  349. 5) Auriel (before she lost her powers)
  350. 6) Anahita
  351. 7) Michael
  352. 8) Raziel
  353. 9) Gabriel
  354. 10) Penemue
  355. 11) Jophiel
  356. 12) Charmeine
  357. 13) Qaphsiel
  358. 14) Tyrael
  360. Powerful Mages:
  362. Duke Vellik
  363. Auriel
  364. Ila
  365. Cain
  366. Hamil
  367. Adavan
  368. Rogul (the orc that leads Refuge)
  369. Lesser Angels
  371. Middleing:
  373. Ring City Shadow Mages
  374. Archon Battle Mages
  375. Arland Mage-Knights
  376. Kan-Abar Abaerst (elite fire mages)
  377. Imperial Guild of Magic
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