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  1. August 23 [04:54 PM]   Tatyana Kotov gives that pale booty a little squeeze. "Why don't you twirl around and strip for me. Show off my pretty little prize?"
  3. August 23 [04:56 PM]   Melanie Wood bit her lower lip, flustering in the shame of those low rolls, but more so for what would come next.  She started stripping the outer layers of her attire, working her delicate fingers slowly over the thin top supporting her breasts.  She tilted her head back as those fingers dipped into the waistline of her thong, the domina pulling the fabric away, and running it down.  Her semihard cock and swaying nutsack swung free instantly, hanging between her thighs, and her rear cheeks were exposed to the elements.  "You know.. since you've won, you've still got the choice in your hands.  You could bend over and be the bottom-bitch tonight... ~"
  5. August 23 [05:02 PM]   Tatyana Kotov watched with a wide, beaming grin as her spoils began to unwrap themselves, that slender, pale figure coming into view as fabric was stripped from flesh. Tatyana set upon her prize with hunger, pressing herself up against the beauty's back, leaning in to rake her teeth along Melanie's neck with a playful nibble and rush of hot breath. Nipping at the woman's earlobe, Tatyana slurred in that silky smooth accent. "Mmn...why would I do that when I have something this..." she paused, her hand swinging down to clap against one of those plump cheeks, before her middle finger writhed between them. Without even a hint of restraint, that digit pushed and prodded, wrenching that snug little rim apart rather rudely, shallowly pumping into the dominant's taut fuckslot as she continued "...tight to enjoy all for myself~?" she giggled. Before pulling back only slightly, enough to let a glob of spit drip down between those fleshy globes, just in time to introduce a second finger~
  8. August 23 [05:12 PM]   Melanie Wood bit her lower lip, ivory teeth sinking into her juicy mouth as Tatyana strutted forward, pressing the firmness of her body across her exposed back.  Mel still felt the need to assert her dominance, but all that escaped her lips was a sultry moan as the winner ran her lips across the lower edges of her ear.  "Nh.. you're quite the seductive Domme, aren't you? Are you sure abo-mph!" She's cut off as she feels Tatyana's hands grip the corners of her pillowy rear, spreading them far to sneak in that wiggling digit.  She bellowed another moan, much higher in pitch, as her unsuspecting rear was spread around her swirling finger.  It had been a very long time since Mel had anything besides a pair of lips, or a slippery tongue poking at her pucker, but ashamedly her cock twitched excitedly between her legs.  Mel hiked her ass up, providing a good angle for Tatya to drool that gooey wad between her perky rear, giving her more access to jam that finger deeply in.  The loser even reached a hand back, doing her best to locate Tatyana's crotch, fingers firmly prodding at her package and stroking around her shaft, to entice her more.  "Nff, all right babe, but... do me hard then.  I can handle it.~"
  10. August 23 [05:17 PM]   Tatyana Kotov grinned at the woman's words "So you think~" she murmured, her free hand sliding up to weave through those brunette locks along the back of Melanie's scalp, before gripping rather firmly. With a rather forceful shove, Tatyana would hopefully send prize forward with enough strength to send her to her knees. The Russian was quick to undo her fly, sliding down the zipper on her denim shorts, and setting things in motion with a little shove. Taking the steps toward her prostrated 'lover' would see those bottoms shimmying down with every motion, leaving that hulking, hole-wrecking slab of dominant meat to bob and sway as she approached, kicking those shorts aside. Lowering herself into something of a squat, Taty slapped a hand on each of those plump cheeks, letting another dollop of spit drop down onto that exposed ring, before shuffling her feet. With one planted squarely on either side of Melanie's hips, the gambler steadied herself with one hand on the woman's lower back, the other anchoring that massive fuckspire as she prodded it's tip to that puckering hole. Bearing down, Tatyana wasted no time in wrenching the loser's fuckhole apart, gritting her teeth through the tightness as she managed to cram that burgeoning crown into the silken vice in one smooth stroke...with little regard for how the bitch felt about it. She did ask for hard, after all~
  12. August 23 [05:25 PM]   Melanie Wood tilted her head, a devilish grin forming on her lips as she grew accustomed to her role as the bottom bitch for the evening.  But it grew rough quick, as she'd find herself tossed toward the floor.  She'd end up even lower than her knees, Mel needing to extend her hands down to plop herself on all fours.  But Mel took it farther, hiking her exposed rear higher in the air, and making her face intimately cozy with the floor.  "Go on babe, I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't curious about what you've got packed in those sexy shorts of yours.  Come on and let it ouu-ohhh."  Mel's voice trailed, her expression of confidence shifted as she laid witness to the titanic pillar of dickmeat Tatyana just freed.  "I need to learn to tone down my dirty talk." she admitted, as she started having second feelings, towards being rutted out by a dick that big.  It was too late to go back now; she had already lost her challenge _twice_, and had the balls to ask for it rough.  At least she'd feel another slippery wad of mouthbatter splash between her cheeks, soaking her pucker, but the brunette quivered as her asspillows were firmly swatted and gripped. "Ngh!"  Soon Mel felt that threatening cocktip prodding at her pucker, before Tatyana beared down hard and forced her taut ring to pry apart, using harsh force to slam her meaty tip in a sudden slide of pure vigor. "Oh shit, fuck!" Mel buried her face further along the floor, as she felt her asscunt ache around the wide girth of the winner's domineering dick.
  14. August 23 [05:30 PM]   Tatyana Kotov let out a low, lusty groan once she had found purchase in the snug, clamping rim of the loser's asscunt. She paused, giving Melanie a bit of time to adjust to the sheer size of that girthy, goliathan fucklog...though really, it was more for her own sake than anything. That ass was tight, and it was going to take a bit of work coring out her girl's guts. Thankfully, Tatyana was suited to the task; adjusting her stance slightly, the ruski shuffled forward a bit, getting a proper, downward angle on that ass as she began to pop her hips. Out, and in, out, and in...the slow, back and forth, push and pull of a too-big-dick trying to dig a little bit deeper. Slowly and surely, Tatyana managed to pry that bitchpussy apart, opening up the snug, velvety backdoor one painfully tight millimeter as a time. " must not lose very often~" she teased, if only to rub it in. Every time the gambler met resistance, those toned, powerful hips were drawn back just slightly, enough to get a bit of a run-up-punch into those guts. Before long, Tatyana was steadily sawing the bull's asspussy open, half of that fat, throbbing pillar sinking in to the cored out colon with each and every stroke, and yet so much more to go. She wouldn't be satisfied until she felt that poor pucker hugging the base of her dommebusting pole, after all~
  16. August 23 [05:39 PM]   Melanie Wood felt her body heat up, sweat already trickling down the course of her pale body as she struggled to adjust to the size and girth of Tatyana's enormous bitchbreaker.  But despite the overwhelming size of her huge dick tunneling down into her taut asspipe, there was something pleasurable to be found with the pain.  Mel wasn't sure if it was the weight against her prostate; it had been so long since anyone even dared to get close to that gland, but it made her work her own hips backwards, sliding them in rhythm with Tatyana's downward thrust. "F-fuck that hurts! But, like, don't stop Tatyana! Show me how to stretch this fagcunt wider.~"  Between her legs, Mel's own untouched dick started to soften, flopping more freely in the air with each strike of Tatyana's hips against her losing asspipe.   But the tip of her dick started to run, that translucent prenut flowing freely and running down her thigh, slowly towards the floor.  "Shiit, babe, I think your dick is going to make me nut early! Ngh!" Mel breathed heavily, audibly panting against the cold grime of the floor, as the winner's bitchwrecking pillar slammed deeper into her stretching asspussy, practically reshaping her guts into the form of her own pounding dick.
  18. August 23 [05:45 PM]   Tatyana Kotov basked in that praise; like music to her ears...and of course, encouragement. Not that Tatyana needed much! That ass was heavenly, as evidenced by the veritable torrent of seedy, syrupy pre-jizz oozing out into Melanie's bowels, aiding those long, hammering fuckstrokes as Tatyana continued her all out anal-assault. Before long, the Russian was hammering past the girl's prostate, desperate to cram every inch of that long, pale pillar up her prize's backdoor, and after quite a few long, ruthless minutes of pucker-pounding, that goal was in sight. Heavy, pendulous nuts came clapping against Melanie's taint, the very base of Tatyana's prick spreading out the angry, reddened rim of the loser's asshole as Tatyana finally managed to wedge herself balls deep in those guts. "" she grunted, victoriously. But even after all of that, the agonizing push and pull of those tender, inner walls...well, now the real fun began. Tatyana rose up on the balls of her feet, and pumped down. Long, deep strokes, each one dragging the entirety of that oversized fagwrecker outward, only to drop each and every inch of her dommebusting meat back into Melanie's guts. Again, and again, a steady, pounding rhythm developing as Tatyana began to work toward a stomach-bulging orgasm of her own, her fat, doughy ass cheeps clapping triumphantly with every ass-pancaking thrust, violently beating her balls off of the backs of Melanie's own as she laid claim to that barely-used asspussy with reckless abandon.
  20. August 23 [05:56 PM]   Melanie Wood tried her best to relax, both mentally and physically, as Tatyana drove her wreckening cockpillar further along the clenching sections of her tight asscunt.  Squeezing down only made things worse for the loser, increasing the hot friction and horrid tautness of her untrained asshole.  To help herself along, Mel reached both hands backwards, fingers clawing into the edges of her own asscheeks, each digit pressing in titanically in order to pry her rearpillows apart and expose more of her stretched rim apart.  Mel couldn't see, but as Tatyana drove in balls deep into her meager faghole, she swore she could feel her stomach distend, struggling to contain so many inches of girthy dickflesh.  Part of her thought about calling out for mercy... but her cocky nature still carried on as a bottomed loser, and she wanted to prove she could handle the Russian.  "Holyyy shit! How do most sissies handle your domme-dick? Seriosuly babe, you fuck so hard and so deep I'm going to go crazy HNG." Her last scream was at least muffled into the ground as Tatyana drove her bitchmaker back and forth like a pistoning machine in the depths of her fagpussy.  Mel thought she could hold out for longer, but as she felt her smoother sack mercilessly slammed by Tatyana's bigger nuttanks, she'd be sent over the edge.  A pool of slim, meager cum drooled from the tip of her still soft dickclit, gushing around her thighs, and pouring into the floor.  "S-shit, I'm cumming!  God Tatyana... breed my little asspipe with that fuckin' domme-ruining python! ♥"
  22. August 23 [06:03 PM]   Tatyana Kotov really didn't need to be told twice; especially not when the loser began to unload, that taut little fagpussy clamping down even more tightly than she thought possible. Tatyana tried to push through it, her hips still hammering, pounding, and pumping through each and every second of Melanie's shameful bitchgasm, reveling in the increased tension around that girthy behemoth of a cock. Grunting out, Tatyana let her hips slam down one last time, burying each and every inch of her meat to the root, her hips swirling in taut little circles as she threw her head back in a glorious, triumphant moan of bliss, and let loose. Thick, cloying ropes of tar-like ballbatter firing off one after another, her oversized shaft pulsing intensely as that heated warmth spread through Melanie's bowels in a seedy torrent. Melanie could feel those bloated nuts crammed against her own, pulsing and throbbing as they pumped their contents into the loser's asshole. It was well over a minute of continuous creaming, those gluey, salty ribbons spilling out in what had to be a pint of sloppy ballsnot bloating and churning up in the bitch's guts. Finally, Tatyana pried her cock from that gripping ring, and plopped down on her ass, breathing out in exertion. "Hnngh...fuck, babe, that was incredible.." she crooned, trying to catch her breath.
  24. August 23 [06:05 PM]   Melanie Wood: Holy shit babe... you really know how to wreck another dominant's lil' asspipe. That's amazing, I don't think I've run into another Domme that fucks like  that ♥
  25. August 23 [06:06 PM]   Tatyana Kotov: I'm glad you enjoyed it, cutie~
  26. August 23 [06:07 PM]   Melanie Wood: Mph.  This is our breaking point, right?  I'd love to send you a dirty bit back.. but for now... just picture yourself triumphantly relaxing while I would be slurping that cock clean. ~
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