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Dec 4th, 2016
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  1. Hi, years have gone by since I made my source development public and after some time went private again. Therefore some people will remember me.
  3. Over the years I have continued to work on it, the result is astonishing compared to the other available repacks/sources in the MapleStory private server community.
  5. One reason is the language and the other, the code that has been written.
  7. In terms of memory usage especially and also performance, C++ has a much better potential than Java, atleast that is my experience and opinion.
  9. I have always focused more on "internal stuff" as I call it, which means memory usage, performance, code style, library usage, language standard and so on rather than on maplestory features, therefore this source is not yet fully complete in terms of MS features, for example, some skills (especially for pirates) are not done yet and PQs are mostly missing yet.
  11. Now this isn't just a one-time release, but instead, I am now taking my development to the public.
  12. I have practically finished my "internal work" on it, and I focus more on MS features now.
  14. Also, I am planning to update it on a branch (means a second development project) to v.83.
  15. Therefore, there will be 2 public development projects: v0.62, as existing already, and coming in some time v0.83 too.
  17. The internal features/specialties include:
  19. - WZ Loading (the source loads data from .wz files directly)
  20. - extreme low memory usage (after server start, it consumes 22 MB memory with all wz data loaded already in v0.62)
  21. - high performance and it's fast (server start, which includes loading all data from the .wz files, needs less than a minute)
  22. - modern and good networking, timers, sql and other code
  23. - up-to-date code standard (C++14)
  24. - up-to-date tool (Visual Studio 2015)
  25. - up-to-date mysql (MySQL 5.7)
  26. - up-to-date libraries (latest asio (exists also as boost.asio) and poco)
  27. - no lag or dc issues
  29. The MS-Features include:
  31. - standard stuff:
  32. login, chatting, partys, buddys, guilds, messenger, trading, mobs, cashshop, pets, scrolling, hired merchants, megaphones, chalkboards and more are working
  33. - GMS-like Fredrick npc (I mention this because afaik no other v0.62 source has this)
  34. - most skills work
  36. The custom-Features include:
  38. - GM Shops
  39. (custom features were not important to me, atleast yet)
  40. Imporant notes:
  42. * My source is not split into the traditional worldserver/channelserver/loginserver(/cashshop server) scheme.
  43. It is one server, which accepts and handles connections.
  44. It supports having up to 20 channels ofcourse, which work at login and ingame normally.
  45. Multiple worlds are not supported (yet).
  47. * Also, npcs etc. are added in the source code directly, no scripting engine is used.
  49. In my oppinion these choices have more advantages, but also for this, I welcome other oppinions which will be considered.
  51. Planned features:
  53. - full skills
  54. - full cpq
  55. - other pqs too
  56. - maybe guild alliance, guild bbs, marriages, rings, skillbooks
  57. - and more
  59. Also a v0.83 branch is planned.
  61. There are some known bugs, but nothing critical. I will work on them anyways.
  62. Also, there are, as noted, some missing features, that I will defenitly work on and add as soon as possible.
  64. I wrote this source from scratch over the years.
  65. I have rarely checked Vana, which was/is an interesting project, but I have not copied code over from it or such.
  67. The source includes information on what is needed for it, and how it has to be set up.
  69. Still, I write it here again and I will help anyone who has issues and wants help.
  70. For that purpose, decide yourself if you want to PM me or write here.
  72. What is needed:
  74. Visual Studio
  75. MySQL
  76. ...
  78. Suggestions of any kind are welcome.
  80. I want to thank everyone who has in the past supported me and my project.
  81. I feel honored that countless people have over time requested my source, after it has already been made private again.
  83. Note to Kimberly (MapleLegends owner) and PrinceReborn (MapleRoyals owner): I know you will read this and I know you will ... as you realize that finally a good v0.62 source becomes available, but please wait until the MS-features are complete before trying to use it to host your servers. :')
  85. (the following part is about mapleroyals and directed to princereborn)
  87. The MapleRoyals players have suffered for a long time over your crappy ass source,
  88. just take a look at their support section on the forums (it's their biggest) - always gives me good laughs to see it.
  90. But stop it already with your lies. Your claim that you are creating a v0.83 source from scratch is 100% false which I will prove now.
  92. Proof:
  94. 1. Your current source has major/critical bugs, which would prevent any serious developer from using it for a public project. Just to reference the posts on your forum:
  96. * fredrick lost items
  97. * zakum/horntail/krexel dc/lost items -> refund/rewarp request
  98. * (as you admit yourself in your v0.83 post): lag issues
  99. * huge dc issues
  101. If someone can code, that person can fix those issues, atleast some of them.
  102. But over multiple years, nothing was fixed at all.
  103. If someone can write a source for v0.83 from scratch, he/she could just fix or even (partically) re-write the existing.
  105. 2. It makes no sense to write a source from scratch instead of fixing bugs or re-writing some code.
  106. Now for some reason, someone still might want to write it from scratch, but then, it makes no sense to choose a different version than the existing.
  108. 3. for v0.83 exist repacks like MoopleDEV, which are far better than what mapleroyals is using right now. Compared to the overall quality of the code/repacks/sources in MS, kevin has done quite a good job. Still mine is better than his. (no offense)
  110. so it's obvious that this is the reason why mapleroyals chooses v0.83, even though they want their content to stay v0.62: they can't code at all, therefore they need
  112. 4. in an update log, they wrote "xx".
  113. If they were writing a source from scratch, that couldn't be, as they knew from beginning they don't want this. This alone proves, that they simply took some repack like MoopleDEV or maplesolaxia, as until the release of mine, for v0.62, there was no really good basis to begin with, but for v0.83, there is more to choose from and that is being actively developed. As they took v0.83 they had to remove for example auto ap from the code as they didn't want that.
  115. 5. again: someone who can't fix major bugs for years, cannot code a source from scratch.
  118. Greetings
  120. Buya
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