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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. Make me a dog (Maybe a dog)
  2. Don't cry, don't cry Data
  3. And Yu can't die
  4. And I don't want Yu to die
  5. If Yu (Bu) dyed, it would be Nowwwww
  6. And I have to soak that
  7. Because Yu dyed
  8. And that means Your dead
  9. (Don't cry, don't cry)
  10. So you have to be here
  11. (Where am I? Where am I)
  12. Wow. (I flied.) [Maybe: Rope pr Wope)]
  13. I almost felt
  14. And We need some help
  15. Will you help [LW: I think the hotel has problems]
  16. We need to help big Josh go crazy.
  17. To Stick Him (Ray?)
  18. I made help to chew sticky
  19. To Go Out Of Here
  20. This is Terrible
  21. We can't get out of here,
  22. Cuz its too hot in the Lava. <Accept the Buji>
  23. So don't leave.
  24. Don't leaf.
  25. And you have to stay here (until too happy)
  26. (Where are we 2 Happy services)
  27. You have to stay here.
  28. And Yu can go.
  29. back to your (halves / house / habbits) in (40 / 20) minutes.
  30. AUh. In 10 minutes.
  31. We do have any Thing to get out of here.
  32. And I can't pull open . <BOOF!><<shit>> (Or: I can't put up with Bullshit)
  33. <<Fuck the modulator>><<With the modulator>>
  34. Any Thing That Hot
  35. Yeah. And (Chase / She's) my Ma Mother.
  36. and Shes for you to love her?
  37. And she loves my spiders.
  38. Shes my NECKLACE mother.
  39. <<*unknown language*???>
  40. <<*unknown language*???>
  41. Mama is.
  42. Yeah she is <Pluto / Bluto> of <ok / fucking / full>
  43. I hashed.
  44. I have a lot of (ob tea / op tea)
  45. <and we're saving it for a modulator so hot like all the endings that hurt)
  46. [We chatted with (Bulkter / Boktor / Bot / Both of them)]?
  47. I could. Out of here.
  48. But. Too Big.
  49. And I have my favorite (BOOK!! / BOOG / BUG)
  50. that's 2 clothes to get out of here.
  51. what are we gonna do to show expression?
  52. We need some help, but never Ear O
  53. Looks like a job. 4 Kids without Ear O.
  54. (Visik / Physics / Basic) without Ear O.
  55. But don't (overhit overheat / overheap) with (21 yu) (overwise: 21 hu / hue / hill / hip / modu / hear / boof)
  56. And I (made / need) some help to get out.
  57. This is crazy (BLUR / Wore / Worm / world) rah
  58. [[A Vote for <Driver's ass> <Driver's Ed> <Driver's S>]]
  59. and I need to get out of (hear / here)
  60. <<i have. a sister. is this him>>
  61. 3
  62. And I speak in English and I don't speak in Spanish.
  63. <<Left Turn>>
  64. You don't talk in Spanish, you talk in English.
  65. <<Now have Josh verify>>
  66. (Up. Up. Out. Ow. Owl.)
  67. (But) My Girl Friend (talk in it / chawlk in / chalk in / talkin)
  68. I. I. (get huggy / cant huggy / cant hug / can hug) and you can hug him. We can both hug (yu / that) [[That was stupid / that was vivid / that woman]]
  69. We can (boof hug / both hog / booth hot)
  70. [[that one is finish]]
  71. (But / Bought / Bot / Butt);
  72. But The Scope / Scobe Man Cheats OR: (Butt the Skull Man Teeth / But the Skull Man Key / Bought The Skull Man T / Skull Man)
  73. And we.
  74. And we have to go away. Got to get out of here.
  75. <<put on Mod U Lay Tar (or Less than D.R) OR (put on plastic DR)
  76. (I arrived)
  77. <<Josh is his Left favorite>>
  78. Lift up the blanket and just go out of here.
  79. Yes!
  80. (???unknown language???)
  81. Oops Oops Oops Oops. I got Trick.
  82. YOU need to get out of here.
  83. Yes!
  84. But we get to get out of (Mama's Room / Mama's Roof)
  85. I know.
  86. <<Holy Shit.>>
  87. Uh Oh.
  88. I dropped mama's <I don't
  89. <<6 months until I can get cash.>>
  90. When Get Josh gets (Hurst / HershedHershed / Hertz / Hurt / Hers / Cursed / Courage)
  91. <<It hurts. >>
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