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  1. The tool needed will be a credit card checker it will allow users to upload a .txt file containing card info it will use that info to fill!/orderProcess/ first the tool will navigate to the payment page. It will need to load the site and then pick a RANDOM location and select that location. It will then need to select a later time for pick up. Have it pick the following day.  Next, have the tool select a beverage to add item then check out.
  3. The tool will need to parse the data correctly to collect the Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code (CVV), Billing ZIP Code to fill out and receive the result. Thier are two outcomes one the card is dead move to next card. 2 the card is live, and we receive an order confirmation page. If card is good, the program will save it to a new.txt where it will save all good cards. The following is not checked so it can be random Card Holder Name, Email Address, Contact Phone Number.
  5. Sample .txt
  7. sample 1
  8. 379622159261001|06/18|9504|Vernell Hollingsworth|||||USA|||||||||   -Valid
  9. 379639389942002|05/18|4612|Pam Haldeman|||||USA|||||||||    -Valid
  10. 4147400111698377|04/22|697|Deborah B Forsblom|||OH|43209|USA|||||||||  -Unchecked
  11. 4447962336752328|12/19|383|Abbas Resen|3666 E dublin granville rd|WESTERVILLE|OH|43081|USA|6147364570||||||||   -Unchecked
  12. 4400666085341663|06/19|084|Debbie Owen|337 Quilly Lane|COLUMBUS|OH|43215|USA|||||||||   -Invalid    Refunded
  14. Sample 2
  16. Blair   Irvine  VISA    4147202075218279    581     05/2018     2424 Lariat Meadows Dr.         Eugene  Oregon      Oregon  97401       5415562708 +INFO     United States   NOT CHECKED
  17. Carla   Scott   VISA    4147202239712084    726     01/2019     481 W. Kirk Dr.         Queen Valley    Arizona         Arizona     85118-9788      972-347-2547 +INFO     United States   NOT CHECKED
  18. Evan    Callahan    VISA    4147202071301715    402     10/2018     119 Norrington Drive        Pittsburgh  Pennsylvania        Pennsylvania    15236       412+537+3841 +INFO     United States   NOT CHECKED
  19. Sue     Etkind  VISA    4147202068247988    231     05/2018     PO Box 684      Grantham    New Hampshire   New Hampshire       03750       617-792-6367 +INFO   United States   NOT CHECKED
  20. Gregg   Mancino     VISA    4147202029354279    767     12/2018     2103 Pomerton Rd.       Wall    NJ  NJ      07719  +INFO    United States   NOT CHECKED
  21. Patricia    Lutz    VISA    4428135471922872    655     09/2019     10248RammRd         Whitehouse  Ohio        Ohio    43571       419+877+5045 +INFO     United States   NOT CHECKED
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