EE- Product Detail

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  1. <script>
  2. window.dataLayer  = window.dataLayer || [];
  3. window.dataLayer.push({
  4.     'event': 'eec.productDetail',       // name of an event. In this case, always stays as eec.productDetail
  5.     'ecommerce': {                      // ecommerce object. This is the essential part of tracking.
  6.  New EE data must always be pushed to this object
  7.         'detail': {                     // name of an action. In this case, always stays as detail
  8.           'actionField': {'list': 'Category-Results'},    // optional. if this event happened in a certain list, pass its name with this key
  9.           'products': [{
  10.             'name': ' Mighty Mo&#174',  // name of a product that is currently viewed. Always include it.
  11.             'id': '25645386',           // id of a product. Always include it.
  12.             'price': '1116.59',          // price of a product
  13.             'brand': 'Ortronics (Legrand)',         // brand/vendor of a product
  14.             'category': 'Network Racks and Cabinets',  // category of a product
  15.             'variant': 'Silver'         // product variant. If there are no variants, exclude this key from the dataLayer.push
  16.            }]
  17.          }
  18.     }
  19. });
  20. </script>
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