Share GF - 33

Oct 3rd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Share Girlfriend ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
[N/A] (MC) Part Timer FMC's Boyfriend
Yu Jin (FMC) Office Worker MC's Girlfriend
Eun Ha (FMC²) Hostess Single
[N/A] (Boss) Chief Married
Eun Sook (Milf) Owner Married
Kim (Gman) Pimp Single

Chapter - 33

Boss's Office FMC x Boss

FMC shouts at Boss, telling him that he's fucking crazy and to stop making fun of people.. She leaves the office, he says that's the price she has to pay and to stop being cocky with him because she's only a little bitch.

Cafe Gman x Investigator

Gman is smoking inside the Cafe, one of the waiters tells him that it's a 'no smoking area'.. Gman tells him to fuck off and thinks that the guy in Seoul are really fearful.. A masked guy appears and asks Gman if he's Mr.Kim.. He tells him that he found one of his target and need more time for the other he asks Gman to confirm the identity of the girl before paying him.
He tells him that he only found her picture and business card, Gman is happy because he already found one of the two and makes fun about FMC being already at a "Representative" position and asks himself what she did to have the job.
The masked guy tells him that he doesn't have her address but he will find it in no time.

Host bar FMC² x Pimp x Old Geezer x Waiter

FMC² comes at her workplace and gives her boss some cigarettes telling him how it's 5000 won, he tells her that his cigarettes only cost 4500 and she tells him 500 more for the errand..
She tells him that she will change her clothes.. She leaves, he looks at her thinking that she adapts really well at the job and doesn't know if it's a good things or not..

Old geezer asks the waiter to find Yu Jin for him (FMC² use FMC's name as her nickname) the guy tells him that she's already with another guest..

Another room, FMC² is with a poor guy, he gropes her ass apologizing because he has no money and asks for free service, she leaves the room and go to the one with the old geezer..

She is surprised seeing him here again and she's a bit pissed about that.. Old man gropes FMC² and hugs her..
Old geezer tells her he's happy because she's here and tells her to take it easy.. Waiter enters in the room, the old guy gives him 100,000 Won for keeping his mouth shut and to not let anyone enter in the room, Oldman starts doing shit to FMC², she screams asking for help and yelling him to STOP.. Waiter leave the room, he hears the screams of Eun Ha and sighs how that Old Man is a fucker..

To be continued..
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