Zombie Shenenigans in Equestria : Carrots

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  1. >You are Rarity, and you are trying to measure Anonymous for some new clothes
  2. "Will you stay still Anonymous? Its hard enough to measure you without magic, its even harder if you keep shuffling around."
  4. >Its a shame Twilight cant use a translation spell on him, it would make understanding him much easier.
  5. >He certainly has lots of energy though. For the two days he has been in Ponyville, he has yet to stop for much more than a few minutes, and he hasn't eaten anything, much to everypony's concern.
  6. >After an intense ten minute struggle, you finally have all the measurements you need, and show him out the door.
  7. >You immediately run to your creativity room, and let the creative juices flow through you and your magic.
  11. >You are Carrot Top, and you market cart just got stuck in a muddy rut.
  12. >Looking around, you see no-pony able to help you.
  14. >Turning, you see that Anonymous thing Applejack and Twilight found.
  15. "Excuse me, but could you help me get my cart out of this ditch?"
  16. >He doesn't respond, but continues shuffling towards your cart, before stopping right behind it.
  18. >He turns around, and starts moving away, when you notice his shirt has snagged on your cart.
  19. >Slowly, you see it slide out, until with a final squish, it comes free, and so does his shirt.
  20. "Thank you very much Anonymous. If you stop by later, I can give you a few free carrots if you want."
  21. >He doesn't reply, but continues on his merry way.
  22. >Several hours later...
  23. >Market closing time is just around the corner, when you see Anonymous shuffling by.
  24. "Hey, Anonymous, thanks again for the help. Here let me get those carrots I offered you."
  25. >Pulling out a bag you had set aside, filled with some of your best carrots of the harvest, you bring it around and pass it to Anonymous, who  snags it in one of those things on its forelimbs.
  26. >In actuality all that happened is it got snagged on its fingers.
  27. >"Gruurgh"
  28. "You are quite welcome. Take care now."
  29. >Again, he shuffles off, and you return to packing up your cart.
  32. >You are Pinkie Pie and you are in trouble
  33. >Not just normal trouble, like sooper dooper trouble,kindoflikewhenyouwerelittleandyousnuckoutatnighttogetpartystuffandthenyourdadcaughtyouandmadeyoudoextraworklikerunningtherockmillandcleaningtherocksandpolishinghispenisandpilingtherocksand...
  34. >Oh hey, theres Anonymous.
  35. "HI ANONYMOUS! Whatcha doin?"
  36. >"Ghhhhuuuuurrhhh!"
  37. "Neat, oh, shoot I forgot I gotta go get carrots! The cakes have a big order and we are short a bushel, and everythings closing and if i dont get the carrots they will be in big trouble and..."
  38. >"URRGH"
  39. >He swings his arms, and a bag drops at your hooves.
  40. "Hey, Anonymous, you dropped this."
  41. >Picking up the bag, you see a bounty of orange carrots.
  42. >Loking back up, you see Anonymous has started off in a direction again.
  43. "Are these for me?"
  44. >"RRRRGHHHHH!"
  45. >You bounce over, and wrap your hoves around his leg in a hug.
  46. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! I will make sure your welcoming party is the bestest one in the history of welcoming parties."
  47. >You bounce off back to Sugarcube Corner to help the Cakes finish their order.
  51. You are Twilight Sparkle, and you just got a letter back from the princess regarding Anonymous.
  52. >She was going to examine him when she comes for her royal visit in a few days.
  53. "SPIKE!"
  54. >Your purple scribe comes running down at your calls and salutes
  55. >"What do you require Twilight?"
  56. "I need you to help me find the librarys books on ancient human."
  57. >"Alright."
  58. >You and him begin searching, until you hear a knock at the door and a groan.
  59. "Is that you Anonymous?"
  61. >As you open the doors, he shuffles inside.
  62. "We are looking for books on Ancient humans, in hopes of finding something about you."
  63. >He just shuffles around, and you resume your search.
  65. >*WHUMP*
  66. >The sound of Anonymous hitting a bookshelf makes you turn around, and you see a small book that was sitting above one of the shelfs fall down next to him.
  67. >He turns, and starts shuffling in another direction, before turning again and heading for the door.
  68. >Levitating over the book, you see the title *Humans- A guide*
  69. "Hey, thanks Anonymous."
  70. >"GRRRUUUHHH!"
  71. >Flipping open the book, one of the first things you read is "Humans were a species withou magic, inherent or otherwise. By proxy, they were immune to outside sources of magic."
  72. "That explains why I couldn't use a translation spell on him."
  73. >Continuing into the book, you study the mysterys of the human mind and body.
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