MGE Side III De Ryua Current

Aug 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Your enveloping lust, haa... it’s truly wonderful...❤ So much so I kissed this swollen cock without thinking...❤
  2. Actually, I want to crawl my tongue along it and taste it, but if I take it into my mouth, I’ll be unable to talk...❤
  4. After the Great Songstress ended the war with her song, Dé Ryúa was returned to its original people, as well as the slaves, poor, Diana’s shipbuilding engineers, Order soldiers and so on.
  5. There were some that decided to return to their hometowns, but some remained, and together with the sea folk that joined them, it was decided to rebuild a new Dé Ryúa where humans and monsters can live together.
  7. ...Oh? What’s with that strange face?
  8. I see, are you wondering how it went from that to the red-light district it is today?
  9. That’s because there was a big change of heart in the humans of the island, and especially the sea folk❤
  11. Some of the workers that were brought to the island were brought here because they were told Dé Ryúa is a marine paradise.
  12. And then they had to endure a long and bitter life of abstinence, so everyone desperately desired things that were fun or felt good. In other words, they were absurdly hungry for entertainment and pleasure❤
  13. For that reason, just like the sea folk had made their songs of the future a reality, they decided to make the rumors of a preposterous paradise true with this new Dé Ryúa.
  14. Of course, just that wasn’t enough❤
  15. In order to create pleasure, men and women must have sex and become one❤
  16. Indeed, the sea folk changed their mindset even more than the humans.
  17. At first, they had tried slowly getting along with humans and making them their husbands, right?
  18. Even when Dé Ryúa was invaded, after they confirmed the islanders were safe, they believed in the humans and trusted them to their own fate.
  19. However, the result was that tragedy. The disaster that befell Dé Ryúa was an awful, awful fate. I think it was due to a number of things overlapping.
  20. The sea folk knew that the people of Dé Ryúa, Diana, and The Order weren’t all such bad people, of course.
  21. However, it’s for this reason the sea folk felt truly regretful. They wondered why they hadn’t attacked the islanders and made them their husbands like monsters from the beginning, or why they hadn’t just boarded the Diana battleship when it invaded, and made all the men aboard husbands.
  22. They believed they were the reason the people of Dé Ryúa had such a rough time.
  24. We monsters, who seek out and live in pleasure, are very simple creatures...❤ However, humans are quite complicated, aren’t they? They actually all want to feel good, but various things get in the way, and they even go so far as throwing pleasure away from themselves.
  25. A society of such humans is very complicated, very grand, and very well done... and to that extent it’s also an extremely delicate and fickle thing... If there is a little bit of wickedness... If even a little malice seeps in... If it encounters evil, a world made of only humans will easily crumble.
  27. That’s how the sea folk arrived at the ideals of the Demons and Devils called “Extremists” in the Demon Lord’s army, saying things like “Because humans are such weak creatures, we must put them under the protection of monsters”, or “We must hurry up and unify the human and monster races”❤
  28. However, even if their way of thinking had changed, these girls were still gentle and devoted sea folk.
  29. After living on the island together with humans, they had become creatures intent on serving humans.
  30. Whenever the people of Dé Ryúa were tired from work, tired from life, felt like they were crushed or about to cry, the sea folk simply accepted them all.
  31. They hugged them close and stroked their heads as much as they desired, and spoiled them to their heart’s content.
  32. The lust and urges that boil up in a man, they received it all with their bodies...❤
  33. Oh? You’re worried about them are you...❤ But it’s fine, we’re lewd and obscene monsters❤
  34. By our husband’s will, at our husband’s convenience, regardless of time or place, when he wants to do it, he may pour in his desires every time... There is no happiness or pleasure greater than to become a vessel like that❤ It’s not a painful thing❤
  35. Those that were bound to sea folk became constantly spoiled by them, clung onto by them, hugging them, and making love with them after they finished working. Seeing that, more and more men desired to be tied to the sea folk.
  36. Meanwhile, the men couldn’t stand just being at home, and it became normal for them to go around with their sea folk wives.
  37. Even in plain sight, without fear of being seen, they bring each other close, and sometimes as if showing off, they grope each other’s bodies, and make out...❤ And if you peek into a back alley, you can see the figure of a man getting his swollen cock sucked by a monster, probably because they suddenly got horny...❤
  38. As if in reaction to their time in prison, it seems the men began to seek out pleasure more and more❤
  40. On the other hand, the human women felt a sense of impending crisis at the wonderfully devoted, and eternally beautiful sea folk.
  41. The women, seeking out a beauty that wouldn’t lose to the sea folk, and a means of making a man’s heart theirs, asked the monster merchants that passed through the city at the time for advice.
  42. The merchants, as if just waiting to say it, gave them the option of becoming monsters.
  44. It seems the women weren’t all that scared of becoming monsters. You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s a woman’s instinct to pursue youth and beauty...❤
  45. Since humans are beings who originally are limited on the pleasure they can feel, the women that became monsters... became completely entranced by the pleasure obtained by a monster that is joined with her husband❤
  46. The women began behaving just as lewdly as the sea folk, and spent their time joined with their husbands❤
  47. Indeed, in this way the humans drowned themselves in the sea folk, and completely sunk to the depths of corruption...❤
  48. In the words the Church used to bind the people of Dé Ryúa: “Pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters”, it seems they were quite right weren’t they?❤
  50. And thus, the city of amusement and pleasure, the red-light district where anyone can drown in pleasure, “Dé Ryúa”, was born.
  51. Come, our boat has arrived❤ You let out a lot while I was talking, but can you still stand and walk?
  53. As you can see, the city has changed like this, into a dark monster realm enveloped in darkness.
  54. Filled with lusty sea folk like us, the sea here is now completely full of Lord Poseidon’s power.
  55. So, when the high waves and whirlpools this island is famous for get bad, boats that are swallowed or swept up by the waves are safely invited to our Dé Ryúa, without sinking the boat or drowning people❤ Like the boat you just boarded❤
  57. This city is a pleasure quarter where the light from mana or the neon lights gathered from Saida obscenely illuminate the eternal darkness...❤
  58. A very naughty atmosphere coils around you... Do you understand?❤ Ufufu~❤ Please hurry and accept it❤
  59. Take a good look around you, the countless poles set up all over the city stretching up to the sky... The bewitching Nereid dancers dancing around them as if swimming❤ This area isn’t filled with water, but those girls can still swim through the air using those poles.
  60. What do you think of Dé Ryúa’s specialty attraction, the pole dancers?❤
  62. Those girls are the very lasciviousness of this city incarnate, each and every one trained carefully by me❤ By just gently stroking your body, they can make you feel so good you’ll reach climax, just like I am now...❤
  63. As I’m sure you can see from the way you’re staring at them, these dancers are nothing but extremely lewd and dirty girls...❤
  64. If you come to this city, you can choose your favorite girl from the Nereid that swim through the air and seduce you❤
  65. If they are chosen and entwine their bodies with yours, these girls are no longer slaves to the poles, but to you❤
  66. Once that’s happened, you are free to decide yourself how to use the girl that is now yours❤
  67. They’re even happy to seize a pole on the spot and be violently ravaged from behind❤ They’d also be delighted to suck you off whenever you want while you wander around the city❤ If you want to, there’s no problem taking them home and making them your eternal plaything❤
  69. We show dreams of joy and pleasure to the men that visit this city❤ However, be careful... that dream never ends with one night. It’s an eternal dream from which you’ll never awaken❤
  70. For monsters, love and lust are one and the same, they want you because they love you, and the more they love you, the more they want it❤
  71. The more you drown in us and spew out your desire, the more we drown in and love you❤
  72. And so, with our excessive love, we always try to grope, suck, and join with your swollen cock❤
  73. And should you decide not to do us, make no mistake, we will rape you❤ That’s what it’s like to get even a little involved with a monster...❤
  74. If you step foot in the swamp, even if it’s just a step, you will sink... and never rise up❤
  75. It’s already too late for you❤
  76. Because as soon as I took my hand away from stroking your cock, you gazed at me with such lonely eyes❤ It’s alright, I’ve fallen into the same cage and swamp as you, so we’ll never be separated❤
  78. Fufu❤ My benefactor once said “If you’re a monster female, you’ll somehow just know who your destined partner is”, but it seems to be true❤
  79. As if swallowed up by a whirlpool, my body began naturally crawling along yours, and started stroking your swollen cock❤ My heart felt no doubts about serving you, and becoming your slave❤
  80. You’ve buried your face in my chest as if drawn to it, and ejaculated into my hands over and over again❤ You came to this island by boat and got swallowed up by a whirlpool, and came here just as I happened to be passing by, yes...❤
  82. You won’t need to call any other girls❤
  83. I am clad in the corruption and immorality of Dé Ryúa itself... a mere servant, who fell as a vessel of your desires...❤
  84. I will have you enjoy all of Dé Ryúa...❤
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