Pony world

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this guy I knew about two years ago that was sucked into this video game called Kingdom Hearts 3 and he was playing as Sora and got to go on all these crazy wild adventures and stuff but then Disney made an agreement with Hasbro and put a My Little Pony world into the game and when Sora went to it he battled alongside the main six and defeated Nightmare Moon with them using his keyblade and stuff and he had such a fun time that he decided to stay because he liked being a pony and he had a ton of fun with all the ponies there in Equestria with him so he sent Goofy and Donald on their way to continue fighting the darkness or something like that but when they left they found that there was no more darkness to fight because Equestria was just so happy and cheerful that all the bad stuff went away so they came back and lived with Sora and they all had a wonderful time together and then you woke up because you realized that Disney and Hasbro probably wouldn't make a deal like that with each other and the idea of it was nothing but a dream.
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