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  1. thong
  2. [7:41:26 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: brian
  3. [7:41:29 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: what the fuck is wrong with z3
  4. [7:41:38 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: greifing my survival house?
  5. [7:41:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: stealing factions?
  6. [7:41:48 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: pasting shit over other peoples homes in creative?
  7. [7:41:57 PM] Thong Nguyen: its anarchy
  8. [7:42:01 PM] Thong Nguyen: ol
  9. [7:42:05 PM] Thong Nguyen: z3 and tuany raided u
  10. [7:42:17 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: what they did isnt lgeit then
  11. [7:42:22 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i was over 3k blocks from spawn
  12. [7:42:28 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: he didnt get here legitly
  13. [7:42:30 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: therefore greif
  14. [7:42:38 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and stealing a faction?
  15. [7:42:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: explain that one
  16. [7:42:51 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: explain him pasting over peoples homes in creative?
  17. [7:42:55 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: normally im fine with his bullshit
  18. [7:42:58 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: but hes gone to far
  19. [7:43:07 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: hes made several people quit and ive taken the blame for it
  20. [7:43:11 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: now its just bullshit
  21. [7:43:37 PM] Thong Nguyen: he said your home wasnt legit too
  22. [7:43:40 PM] Thong Nguyen: so he griefed..
  23. [7:43:44 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: bullshit
  24. [7:43:51 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: the only thing not legit there was the animal farm
  25. [7:43:57 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i told him to WE it out then
  26. [7:44:00 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and he blantly said no
  27. [7:44:19 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: that entire house was legit
  28. [7:44:23 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and most of it i didnt even build
  29. [7:44:31 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and the fact that it was 3k blocks from the anarchy spawn
  30. [7:44:34 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: he didnt get there legitly
  31. [7:44:41 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so that means he greifed
  32. [7:44:46 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: "oh greifing is allowed"
  33. [7:44:49 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: not when you use admin commaned.
  34. [7:45:12 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: ive got 2 members in-game saying z3 stole there factions
  35. [7:45:21 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: death said fuck it im quitting and left
  36. [7:45:25 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: the other one logged off before i got on
  37. [7:45:42 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and ONTOP of all this bullshit he got rid of a good 4-5 buildings in creative that i was blamed for
  38. [7:45:45 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i aint taken this shit anymore
  39. [7:46:08 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: how "legit" is it to steal a anarchy faction
  40. [7:46:10 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: makehimself owner
  41. [7:46:15 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: kick all the members?
  42. [7:46:24 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: id prefer TJ over Z3 atm
  43. [7:46:25 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: anyday
  44. [7:47:02 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: basically
  45. [7:47:03 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: what he did
  46. [7:47:06 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i can tp to anyone in anarchy
  47. [7:47:08 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: greif them
  48. [7:47:10 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and then tp to the next
  49. [7:47:12 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: thats all he did
  50. [7:47:21 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: if thats legal then im going to be having some fun on this server
  51. [7:47:28 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and its obv he used fly for my mob farm
  52. [7:47:36 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you cant get to the top without making a tower - no towers
  53. [7:47:45 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you can try to swim up btu you drown before you get to the top
  54. [7:47:56 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so either way he used admin commands to greif with i know for fucking sure isnt legit
  55. [7:48:35 PM] Thong Nguyen: yeh he found out it wasnnt legit after it was griefed
  56. [7:48:38 PM] Thong Nguyen: i mean
  57. [7:48:41 PM] Thong Nguyen: he found out it was legit
  58. [7:48:48 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so he could have fucking undone himself
  59. [7:48:49 PM] Thong Nguyen: he didnt know u could bring stuff to anarchy
  60. [7:48:52 PM] Thong Nguyen: till roll back
  61. [7:49:04 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: ...
  62. [7:49:06 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: he knew damn well
  63. [7:49:14 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: he had been moving items over from his survival to his anarchy house
  64. [7:49:18 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so dont try to make up a bullshit lie
  65. [7:49:20 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i know for a fact he knew
  66. [7:49:28 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i helped him move fucking items to his mushroom island
  67. [7:49:42 PM] Thong Nguyen: k
  68. [7:49:54 PM] Thong Nguyen: get on
  69. [7:49:57 PM] Thong Nguyen: so i can rollback
  70. [7:50:08 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: theres no need for me to get on?
  71. [7:50:13 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: just rollback z3 and tuan
  72. [7:50:19 PM] Thong Nguyen: i need to find the house..
  73. [7:50:23 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i cant get to the fucking house
  74. [7:50:25 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: he stole my faction
  75. [7:50:26 PM] Thong Nguyen: so i can see
  76. [7:50:34 PM] Thong Nguyen: what ws it
  77. [7:50:41 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: Fascists
  78. [8:02:30 PM] Thong Nguyen: most of it was worldedit
  79. [8:02:35 PM] Thong Nguyen: cant rollback all
  80. [8:02:38 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: No it wasnt thong
  81. [8:02:42 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: You were there with me and tuany
  82. [8:02:47 PM] Thong Nguyen: yeh
  83. [8:02:49 PM] Thong Nguyen: super picked
  84. [8:02:49 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: You even helped
  85. [8:02:53 PM] Thong Nguyen: i didnt break
  86. [8:02:56 PM] Thong Nguyen: i just watched
  87. [8:03:01 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: I didnt superpick any of it but some of the leaves in the trees
  88. [8:03:20 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: oh so you used more admin commands on something that was supposed to be legit?
  89. [8:03:30 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: excuse me?
  90. [8:03:35 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you flew, you tped, you superpickaxed?
  91. [8:03:39 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: You told me you used creative to get items
  92. [8:03:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i told you what was notlegit
  93. [8:03:45 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and i said go ahead and delete them
  94. [8:03:51 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: the only thing non-legit was that animal farm and the mobfarm
  95. [8:03:53 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: Everything was non legit besides the sugar cane
  96. [8:03:54 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i told you that
  97. [8:03:59 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: bullshit
  98. [8:04:08 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you can ask lolz and the other faction member i had
  99. [8:04:18 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: we built the house, the trees, the cactus+sugarcane together
  100. [8:04:31 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: only thing on that island that wasnt legit was the animalfarm and mbofarm
  101. [8:04:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i told you that straight up and said delete them if you want
  102. [8:04:45 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and you just tped away
  103. [8:05:06 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and the fact that you still griefed it AFTER you used 3 admin commands was a straight up greif
  104. [8:05:08 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: stealing my faction
  105. [8:05:10 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: What about the chests full of coal
  106. [8:05:11 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: stealing deaths faction?
  107. [8:05:14 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: all mined
  108. [8:05:16 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: go check my fucking mine
  109. [8:05:24 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: Mined a chest of coal
  110. [8:05:26 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i have a shitload of cobble+dirt
  111. [8:05:28 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and broken tools
  112. [8:05:28 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: in the 2 days you were on the island
  113. [8:05:34 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: 4days*
  114. [8:05:46 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: go check the fucking mine
  115. [8:05:52 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i had branched out a good 250x250
  116. [8:06:02 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: 2 chestbox's of cobblestone
  117. [8:06:05 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: started dropping them after that
  118. [8:06:13 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so if you wanna play the non-legit shit with me i can backup what i say
  119. [8:06:18 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you can just keep trying to protect your ass
  120. [9:30:29 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: yeh he found out it wasnnt legit after it was griefed
  121. i mean
  122. he found out it was legit
  123. [9:30:37 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: total endgame
  124. [9:30:38 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: right there
  125. [9:31:01 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: I didnt superpick any of it but some of the leaves in the trees
  126. [9:31:04 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: using admin commands
  127. [9:31:10 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: Whoa
  128. [9:31:11 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: using fly to destroy more of the spawn
  129. [9:31:15 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: 30 leaves
  130. [9:31:29 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: 30 leaves you shouldnt have used superpickaxe in the first place
  131. [9:31:34 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: thats like fucking TJ right there
  132. [9:31:36 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: oh its fine
  133. [9:31:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: i can use admin commands beacuse its only 30 leaves
  134. [9:31:44 PM] Andrew DeCenzo: 20 mooshrooms you shoudlnt have spawned in the first place
  135. [9:31:49 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: 5
  136. [9:31:50 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: mooshrooms
  137. [9:31:51 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: fuckign 4
  138. [9:31:53 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: 5*
  139. [9:31:57 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and i addmited it was non legit
  140. [9:32:00 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: that and the mob farm
  141. [9:32:05 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: and i told you go ahead and take it away
  142. [9:32:06 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: we it out
  143. [9:32:09 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: but you just tp away
  144. [9:32:14 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so oohhh
  145. [9:32:18 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you chose not to get rid of it
  146. [9:32:20 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: so thats on your ass
  147. [9:32:26 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: you cant play the card"your place aint legit"
  148. [9:34:35 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: whats the matter?
  149. [9:34:51 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: ive given you 9 reasons why you fucked up bad and you can only stick the the "oh your island wasnt legit"?
  150. [9:35:35 PM] *** Andrew DeCenzo has left ***
  151. [9:35:38 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: [7:48 PM] Thong Nguyen:
  153. <<< yeh he found out it wasnnt legit after it was griefed
  154. i mean
  155. he found out it was legit[7:48 PM] Thong Nguyen:
  157. <<< he didnt know u could bring stuff to anarchy[8:02 PM] Thong Nguyen:
  159. <<< most of it was worldedit
  160. [9:35:38 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: yeah
  161. [9:35:40 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: exactly faggot
  162. [9:35:55 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: thong go ahead and demote me to N00B or whatever the fuck you want
  163. [9:36:14 PM] °×«๑šéíʞøøñ๑»×°: once i get z3 demoted for all the shit ive taken from him and taken the blame for him from the past week im quitting the server
  164. Thong Nguyen
  165. Andrew DeCenzo
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