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  1. @everyone
  2. Following an intervention by Kyoko, Princess Grace, Sunt, D, and Angel I feel I must apologize to all of you for any emotional manipulation I have inadvertently done to any of you. It was never my intention or desire to harm anyone or cause any false pretenses.
  4. I created this place after a day in which I saw Kyoko saying certain things that absolutely appalled and terrified me. Previous in that day I had discussed with a certain friend whether Kyoko hated them or not and our talks lead me through the circumstances of my leaving Kyoko.
  6. It was those talks that lead me to realize I was not truly comfortable in Glamour Casino anymore. If things had not spun out the way they did in the politics tab, I likely would have simply accepted this feeling and hid it deep down so I could retain my social network.
  8. Instead, I saw Kyoko advocate for Mass Shootings, defend the bombing of civilians as a valid act, and declare that the only thing from keeping her committing a shooting herself is cowardice.
  10. These things do not fully encompass the context of the writing or her intended meanings, though at the time I believed they did.
  12. I apologize if my misunderstanding of this further context has harmed anyone.
  14. When I saw what I did I felt it was time to leave. To make a change for myself. This place was made in a desperate wish to not be alone, and to retain some if any of my social network.
  16. Again. I apologize fully and truly for any harm I have caused.
  18. I will be taking some time to reflect on my next decisions.
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