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My time in EG

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Dec 24th, 2021
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  1. I'll try to make this as short as possible and won't go into too many details even though there are a lot
  3. When I joined this team I came into it with the understanding that 1-2 changes needed to happen as told by the players I talked to that wanted me to join but I was yet to see how bad the issues in the team were to make a proper decision.
  4. Since I joined right before the player break I didn't get much data but I did see that at least 1 change had to happen in order for the team to be functional but unfortunately the player break happened.
  5. The players and the org agreed to make 1 change after the player break which would of happened but stanislaw ended up needing an extended mental health break which was unlucky timing since now I needed to fill in last minute as the person we were going to pickup was not an IGL.
  6. This lead to us waiting for his return for Blast to then make the change but his return was pushed back and now we would have to wait for him to return for the RMR in NA to try to make a change.
  7. By this point in the team after playing in it for 1.5 - 2 months I realized that at least 2 changes needed to be made but since it was too close to the RMR EG's goal was just to keep our RMR points and make the major even if we do badly till the end of the year.
  8. After reaching the 1 goal EG had set for us which was make the major we tried to use a sub for the major to maybe have a slightly better chance so we don't go 0-3 but that was also stopped as the understanding from EG was just to ride it out till the off season to make changes. We now have reached the off season and EG removes 3 players, I propose a roster with NAF as the center piece but that falls through for various reasons and I also inform EG at the same time that I do not want to coach anymore after my experience over the last half of the year.
  10. I will say one thing as I see the community roast certain players more then others for EG's donwfall but CeRq out of all the players in this team put in a ton of time to try and get out of his slump by watching demos, playing the most out of anyone, asking questions, doing 1 on 1 demo review etc.. but the reality is that it was pretty much impossible to play well in this team with how dysfunctional it was.
  11. There was a lot left out of this but I do hope my friends find their form again as it was sad to see what this team once was be turned into this that even our manager who was an LoL coach couldn't believe the shit that happened in this team.
  13. As for me I am looking to play again after my experience here I don't think I'd coach again unless I had some GM power to make changes to the roster.
  14. My contract ends on January 14th, 2022. You can contact me @daps or @derrick_truong for any opportunities!
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