The Stealth Changelog Continuation

The_XXI May 27th, 2017 (edited) 66 Never
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  3.     The Stealth - v2.2 - Ghostbusters Update
  5. - Greatly increased cop despawn distance to better emulate hidden evasions and cop investigation
  6. - Cleaned and fixed dispatch.meta
  7.    *Fixed the empty vehicle spawns at 4 and 5 stars (removed riot/army trucks, they aren't handled properly)
  8.    *Replaced boat spawns with vanilla ones to prevent crashes in some instances
  9.    *Balanced and diversified spawns at 4 and 5 stars, it's really neat I love it
  10.    *Added proper unmarked car spawns with detectives at 4 and 5 stars
  11.    *Fixed FIB spawns at 4 and 5 stars (new peds.ymt file makes FIB spawns handled as cop spawns, no more empty vehicles)
  12. - Thus, included new peds.ymt file (update.rpf\x64\data) changing FIB ped values from civilian to cop
  13.    *Provided a WOV compatible peds.ymt by default (seems stable with and without WOV installed, more versions of the file available)
  16.     The Stealth - v2.1a
  18. - Entirely rewritten relationship.dat, tension is here, but no more random hate
  21.     The Stealth - v2.1 - Ganon Is Dead Update
  23. - Toned down sound witnessing radius for explosions
  24. - Switched back all ammo capacity to vanilla amount
  25. - Fixed the utter mess that was relationship.dat
  26.    *Deers now flee
  27.    *FIB isn't hated by other forces
  30.     The Stealth - v2.0a
  32. - OIV Hotfix
  35.     The Stealth - v2.0
  37. * Updated my game to 944, old LUAs are all working fine, therefore I'm trying to update all the mods, RWG DLCs crashes the game at this very point
  38. - Tweaked cop spawning values when wanted to compensate for the far car sense range (vision cone)
  39. - Doubled sniper range, you can now hit every ped you see on screen
  40. - Provided Ripplers Realism for The Stealth (optional), except for AI & health files, aswell as some values for Carbine, Sniper, and Stun Gun (my 3 go-to weapons)
  41. - Therefore removing/replacing Refine Weapons & Gameplay
  42. - Tweaked yet again the evasion timers, I'm reaching a middle ground, soon I'll stop messing with those
  43. - Tweaked the number of cops spawning for 3 stars (tweaked 2 stars aswell back in v1.2 and forgot to mention it)
  44. - Decreased evasion timer for 1 star
  45. - Changed the accuracy for the snipers (the Franklin's bridge sniping heist part was unplayable)
  46. - Decreased Stungun damage time and hit force
  47. - For mission compatibility purposes, stun gun returned to default damage, and apparently electric damage is a kill by default
  48. - Added Streets of Rage Brawling and parts of Euphoria Ragdoll Overall, I realize it goes in pair with the damages data in The Stealth
  51.     The Stealth - v1.1
  53. - Doubled ammo for pistols, rifles, and snipers, tripled for uzis
  54. - Decreased sniperrifle values (recoil etc) to make rapid scope targeting quicker/easier
  55. - Fixed an issue where an empty car would be dispacthed when dialing the cops
  56. - Reduced timer for known position after being reported and going out of sight
  57. - Increased required evasion time for 1, 2, and 3 stars (don't even know if it does anything at this point)
  58. - Increased cop despawing distance to emulate a still on going search after you leave the area you disapeared in
  59. - Somehow and somewhat increased the on foot pursuit proficiency of cops
  62.     The Stealth - v1.0a
  64. - Longer evasion time (out-of-sight to 0 star) for 1 star
  65. - Fixed hearing range of non silenced firearms
  66. - Provided an optional (buggy) file, making all silenced bullet impacts completely silent, but making ~1/5 of witnesses not reacting to people dying around them (still haven't figured out why)
  69.     The Stealth - v1.0
  71. - Initial release of stealth only version of FTFR
  74.     Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1b
  76. - OIV hotfix
  79.     Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1a
  81. - Longer ambulance dispatch time
  82. - Pursuing cops (1 star) will wait longer before starting to shoot (2 star)
  83. - Longer evasion time (out-of-sight to 0 star) for 1 and 2 star
  84. - Added unmarked police car to traffic and police spawns
  87.     Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.1
  89. - Decreased ambulance dispatch time to emulate a better immersion after silencing peds
  90. - Perfected stealth attributes of melee kills/stun gun (only med/close range visual witnesses can be alerted)
  91. - Pinpointed how to make silencers completely silent (close range hearing) through scenariotriggers, unfortunately every config I tried was bugged, still progress I guess
  94.     Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v1.0
  96. - Initial release
  99.     Felony Project - Prerelease Polishhhhhh
  101. - Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars during out-of-sight timer
  102. - Fixed an issue with navcapabilities tied to slope pathfinding that caused some AI to ignore scenarios/pathfinding in some missions
  103. - Fixed some values within \tune that caused random crashes
  104. - Modified pedhealth to increase fist fight durability and change ped response to being shot
  105. - Troubleshot a bunch of files that caused weird behavior from peds
  106. - Decreased time-out timer (wanted to out of sight)
  107. - Increased amnesty timer (out of sight to not wanted)
  108. - Fixed some stability issues tied to wantedtuning.ymt
  109. - Fixed a problem between damages.meta and pedhealth.meta that prevented (knife) stealth kills
  110. - Ajusted stungun values, acts as suppressed (sound range), 6 sec recharge, 12 sec damage duration (stunned)
  113.     Felony Project - Alpha Testing
  115. - First comparison and selection of the original files (5 major mods involved + wallets)
  116. - Rebranded every file because it's extremely important to brand files that existed before you even thought of modding them, so people know it's YOU and only YOU who changed some values in a chunk of text
  117. - Got to know the files, took em on a date or two, went to the 3rd base pretty quick, got butterflies up my colon, though when I think of it, it could've been that kebhap from the other night
  118. - First fine-tunes and stability tests
  119. - Increased cop AI sense range and vision cone angle
  120. - Modified combatbehavior to increase efficiency of cops
  121. - Fine-tuned stuff here and there to test ped response to different events
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