Unity Scientist's Autopsy

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  1. This is truly amazing. Soldiers of Crystal Company brought back several unusual creatures. Three were sent to Canterlot to be studied there by the royal scientists, while one was left here for the scientists of the Unity Co-Operative Foundation to study in collaboration with scientists representing the Embassy. This creature appears to be a pony-like life-form, and quite possibly was once of a pony state. However, there are many differences in the structure of this creature than that of a normal pony.
  3. In the initial investigation of this creature, it is discovered to have a cellular structure akin to that of ponies. Before any possible decomposition can take place, I am taking down the statistics of this subject.
  5. -Statistics of Subject A:
  7. Height: 6.17 feet
  8. Weight: 509 lbs.
  9. Gender: Indeterminate
  10. Skin Color: Predominantly gray with blots of green under the lab's lighting system. Uncertain if this is from decay or exposure to the elements in the jungle. Note: the skin is extremely tough with respect to scalpels. It is also interesting to note that not one strand of fur exists on these creatures. Their skin is leathery and appears to have adapted to protecting the body in ways that fur normally would.
  12. Mass breakdown:
  13.     Muscle Mass: 77.41%
  14.     Bone Mass: 10.23%
  15.     Fat Mass: 3.02%
  16.     Tissue Mass: 9.34%
  18. Cellular Structure:
  19.     Cells undergo cellular division at an increased rate. Mitosis occurs at a rate 15% quicker than that of normal ponies.
  20.     Cellular structure appears to be highly similar to ponies.
  22. Genetic structure shows a strong correlation between the subject and ponies. With the high concentration of powerfully magical relics in the region, I believe that it's a possible mutation induced by magic remnant from eras past.
  24. DNA strands appear very complete. All recessive genes from ailments appear to be eradicated from the system.
  25. The RNA strands appear to have been manipulated to allow for a greater transmission of signals.
  27. -Initial Hypothesis:
  28. Based on the increased size of the neural transmitters and synaptic receivers, I would hypothesize that the subject had acute reflexes and hightened senses. Based on the reports the mercenaries gave of the area in which the subject was recovered (jungle full of hostile wildlife, little sunlight, low-lying ground unsuitable for agriculture), it is a wonder the subject survived as long as it did. Cause of death is rather obvious, considering the circumstances.
  30. Despite the possibility of residual or direct magic being the cause of the physical differences between this creature and normal ponies, spell scans reveal a remarkable complete lack of background magic in the subject's physiology. This is perhaps the starkest contrast to all of pony kind, who's bodies depend on magic to sustain normal life. I am running more tests to determine the possible reason why these creatures are able to survive like this. Perhaps it will point to how they transformed into this state as well.
  32. -Results from Tests Conducted upon Subject A:
  33. Visual Inspection:
  34.     -Black powder and alchemical powder burns near the areas of gunshot wounds. Probable cause of death. Wound tracks reveal that the tissue is rather elastic and doesn't show damage outside of the crush cavity caused by direct contact with the bullets. Most of the bullets did not manage to penetrate deeply enough to reach vital organs (likely because of the subject's thick and resiliant skin along with the vital organs being much deeper in the body because of the large amounts of muscle tissue and mass). Of all the wounds, only three hit vitals: One penetrated the heart, one penetrated the lungs, and one penetrated a kidney. Based on reports and muscle contortion, none of the injuries resulted in immediate incapacitation or death. This suggests a high resistance to ballistic trauma.
  36.     -The subject also sustained lacerations and stab wounds to the midsection. One of these could have been the blow that actually incapacitated the creature, causing enough blood loss to force the body to shut down. Based on the amount of blood the creature seems to have the capacity to hold, however, I calculate that even if the heart was completely destroyed it would have enough blood pumping already to sustain normal function for at least 30 seconds.
  38. -Test Results:
  39.     Overall Magic Count: 0
  40.     Rabies test: Clean
  41.     Hydrocloric Gas: Clean
  42.     Poison Joke: Clean
  43.     Sulphuric Content: .02%
  44.     Traces of Phase Shifting Magic: 0
  46. Final Hypothesis and Notes:
  47. What is truly astonishing is the lack of magic present in the subject's system. This is currently not explainable. There is not one normal creature on Equus that doesn't have some connection with and dependence on the background magic that surrounds, penetrates, and sustains the life-forms of this world. I am hesitant to claim that these creatures are from a different planet (especially considering strong indications that they were at one time normal ponies), but whatever caused their current state is certainly nothing naturally occurring in the known world. What can be taken as a certainty is that something caused these former-ponies to change into this state. The subject has gained many of it's physical changes from the process. This would account for the enhanced muscle mass and bone structure. Additionally, the recessive genes which are commonly found in ponies have been manipulated in such a way as to bring about the best possible combination. While the process by which this happens is uncertain, it does have some severe side effects. Chief among them is sterility. The test subject would have been unable to reproduce with any creature, whether altered as this once-pony has been or not. Other side effects include the loss of fur and alteration of pigment of the epidermis. The life expectancy is increased by 10%. Based on scans of the brain matter, intellect has been decreased in this creature by 30%.
  49. I am making inquiries in regard to what types of technology, spells, and magic have been documented in the region surrounding Outer Hayven, including from long ago. There has been word that there was once an advanced civilization in the area millions of years before the dawn of Equestria. Up until this point I've put no stock in such claims, but I have begun following up on them, as I must explore every potential lead.
  51. So far, the only information I have been able to gather on this is from some discoveries made during the earlier days of Outer Hayven. There was a society of alien origin known only today as "The Forgotten Ones" who had incredibly advanced technology, both magic and conventional. Small teams of transients have made voyages to their ruined city, The Capital, and brought back samples indicating the nature of the civilization. Science was a cornerstone of their ways, and some of the products of their research are still relevant today. The nature of The Storm King's airships, for instance, was a result of re-purposed Forgotten Ones technology. The Aquestrians, which Equestria has begun forging closer ties to since an Ambassador has been appointed, seem to have a sort of reverence for "The Forgotten Ones" and have allowed us to study what little samples of their work they have.
  53. I can only speculate that locating and scavenging areas of importance to the Forgotten Ones might give some answers concerning these creatures' origins.
  55. Signed,
  56. Dr. Velvet Jewel
  57. Unity Co-operative Foundation
  58. Science Lab Division
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