Bad Timing

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. It was one year ago TO THIS DAY that I first found out about the transformation gas. It seemed perfectly harmless at first but as time went on my body parts started to transform, my legs changing shape, my toes growing together and getting harder, my body got shorter and covered in fur and my ears got real big along with my eyes and mouth and I slowly started turning into a pony. I moved out of my house where I got a guy to take care of me and now I'm living with him. The instructions originally said that the gas would take one year to complete but I don't think that's true because although I'm almost completely transformed I still have my hands and fingers so that probably isn't truntosehnththneucr annoteuntknste uenth ueosrc otuen bhtuenth uosnthueoh ntrcshoecrh
  3. The End.
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